If you live in Ventura County and love STIIIZY then you know that Tree Factory is the best STIIIZY store in the area. We go the extra mile to showcase this popular California cannabis brand to our community. This means we not only stock the biggest and best inventory of their products but also run some of the best deals in the state. To take an extra step further, we constantly produce new content on our site to better educate our clientele on every STIIIZY product.

STIIIZY burst onto the cannabis scene in 2017, quickly gaining recognition for its sleek and convenient vape pens and innovative Pod-based systems. Renowned for high-quality cannabis concentrates and cartridges, the brand prioritizes potency, purity, and user-friendly design. They have gone on to establish themselves as a go-to choice for vape, flower, edible, preroll, and concentrate enthusiasts.

There are a lot of factors that go into considering Tree Factory as the best STIIIZY store in Oxnard, Port Hueneme, and all of Ventura County. We’ll dive into several of the reasons the people of the 805 have given us this prestigious title along with some insight into our favorite STIIIZY products. At any time, feel free to peruse our online menu to see what fresh STIIIZY products we have in stock.

STIIIZY Disposable Vape Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Best STIIIZY Pod Selection In Central California

At Tree Factory, you’ll discover an unmatched array of STIIIZY flavors. Whether you desire classic strains or the freshest creations, our collection caters to all tastes. With options ranging from fruity delights to earthy undertones, our diverse flavor selection offers countless choices for your enjoyment. Check out our guide to the top 10 best STIIIZY Pods to learn more. Here are two of the most popular flavors we carry:


Strawnana, a highly sought-after hybrid strain, tantalizes with its delicious flavor profile. With a single hit, it gently uplifts mood and relaxes the body. Its mouthwatering taste results from the delightful blend of sweet strawberries and creamy bananas. Enthusiasts seeking a versatile and enjoyable cannabis encounter favor Strawnana. Explore our assortment of Strawnana STIIIZY Pods in .5g, 1g, and .5g LIIIL disposables, a hallmark flavor that we regularly stock as the best STIIIZY store.

Pineapple Runtz

Pineapple Runtz, a coveted hybrid strain, boasts a tropical flavor profile that’s highly sought after. Featuring dense, resin-packed buds, it offers a potentially balanced high, blending euphoria, creativity, and relaxation. Its sweet pineapple taste and fruity aroma make it a favored option among cannabis enthusiasts for a delightful daytime experience. Explore our assortment of Pineapple Runtz STIIIZY Pods available in .5g, 1g, and .5g LIIIL disposables.

Tree Factory Is Oxnard’s Cheapest And Fastest Weed Delivery Service

Biggest STIIIZY 40’s Selection at the Best STIIIZY Store

Tree Factory wouldn’t be the best STIIIZY store in Ventura County without the full array of 40’s infused products STIIIZY produces. Our customers passionately embrace this fresh line of infused prerolls, preroll packs, mini-blunts, and 2g blunts. All of these products are inherently rich in both potency and flavor. At Tree Factory, we stock an extensive selection of STIIIZY 40s products, ensuring you find precisely what you need, all at competitive prices. Discover the best STIIIZY 40s products in our complete guide, and check out two popular offerings below.

Purple Punch (41.1% THC)

Purple Punch, an indica-dominant strain, boasts fruity flavors and potentially intoxicating effects from its Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG lineage. High-THC levels might induce deep relaxation and euphoria, ideal for stress relief and insomnia. STIIIZY 40s Purple Punch preroll multi-packs and 1g infused prerolls are top-sellers at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Pink Acai (42.4% THC)

Pink Acai, a balanced hybrid bred from Pink Kush and Acai by STIIIZY, allures with its relaxing and euphoric effects. Widely favored by seasoned cannabis users, it’s chosen by medical patients seeking potential relief from stress, insomnia, and pain. This strain delivers a flavorful blend of berry, earthy, and floral notes. The flowery notes are characterized by the dominant myrcene terpene, which may offer added sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. STIIIZY 40s Pink Acai Infused Preroll Multi-Packs fly off the shelves at Tree Factory Oxnard, so check online for availability.

Tree Factory Is The Best STIIIZY Store In Ventura County

Best STIIIZY Flower Bag Selection In Ventura County

STIIIZY has a ton of flower bags that cater to any budget and Tree Factory has the widest selection. One of the factors that go into our title of best STIIIZY store is easily our selection of STIIIZY weed bags. They completely reimagined their pre-packaged flower line, sporting three new tiers: White Label, Grey Label, and Black Label, each offering different quality levels and prices. STIIIZY now offers flower primarily in these three tiers, available in 3.5g and 7g mylar bags. Dive into our complete flower guide for the full scoop on all of the best flavors. Here are two of the most popular strains from STIIIZY’s new flower bags:

Grape Sorbet 

Grape Sorbet, a hybrid strain with a sweet grape aroma, offers balanced sativa and indica effects with potentially high THC levels. Experience may vary based on tolerance, dosage, and consumption method. Its distinct flavor combines grape and sweetness due to rich terpenes. STIIIZY’s Grape Sorbet Black Label Cannabis is available at Tree Factory in 3.5g and 7g mylar bags, while supplies last.

Bubblegum Gelato

Bubblegum Gelato, also known as BG Gelato, an indica-dominant hybrid from Gelato #45 and Indiana Bubblegum. Potential effects include relaxation, mood elevation, and increased appetite, with some medical users seeking potential relief from fatigue, arthritis, and stress. Bred by Backpack Boyz, it boasts a unique aroma dominated by Myrcene terpenes. Find STIIIZY Bubblegum Gelato Grey Label cannabis at Tree Factory in 3.5g and 7g bags while supplies last.

Tree Factory Is The Best STIIIZY Store In Ventura County

STIIIZY Dabs at Tree Factory: The Best STIIIZY Store

It’s no secret that STIIIZY has concentrates on lock as well, and customers at Tree Factory love the options they provide. One of the reasons we’re the best STIIIZY store in the area is definitely our selection of STIIIZY dabs. Whether you’re looking for premium live resin extracts or top-shelf live rosin jams, we have what you need. STIIIZY perfectly caters to any budget size with 1g live resin dabs for just $19.99 plus tax and live rosin dabs for only $27.99 plus tax. Here are some of the standout flavors we carry at Tree Factory: the best STIIIZY store.

Cherry Bomb Live Resin Diamonds (87.5% THC)

Cherry Bomb is an indica-dominant hybrid resulting from a cross between Cherry AK-47 and an unknown indica strain. Known for its sweet, fruity flavor with distinct cherry notes, it might induce a relaxed and euphoric high, potentially beneficial for stress relief and relaxation. Find Cherry Bomb Live Resin Diamonds by STIIIZY at Tree Factory for only $19.99 plus tax while supplies last.

Animal Mintz Live Rosin Jam (83.4% THC)

Animal Mint is a potent indica-leaning hybrid strain that’s a cross between Animal Cookies and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) with a hint of Blue Power. This strain is praised for its potential to offer a deeply relaxing and euphoric experience, making it suitable for alleviating stress and providing calmness. Animal Mintz typically showcases a complex flavor profile that includes a spicy, herbal taste complemented by notes of mint, berry, and a touch of earthiness. You can’t go wrong with Animal Mintz live rosin jam by STIIIZY at Tree Factory Oxnard, the most reliable STIIIZY store.


There’s a reason Tree Factory has become the best STIIIZY store in Ventura County, and it’s because of fans like you. We truly appreciate you taking the time to read through our guide to some of the best STIIIZY products available in California. Tree Factory offers delivery to all of Ventura County 6 days a week, and locally to Oxnard and Port Hueneme only on Sundays. If you want to stay in the loop with all of our new content, giveaways, exclusive sales, and local events, download the Tree Factory app! It’s available via the App Store and Google Play, and we give you 100 instant points just for downloading it. Join our family today!