Evidence is a well-known California cannabis brand with a powerful cause that we’re proud to carry at Tree Factory. Originally becoming popular for their affordable bags of weed, they’ve since added infused preroll packs, vapes, and more. Evidence disrupted the industry with their simple yet admirable mission: “We Grow Weed At A Prison To Help Get People Out Of Prison For Growing Weed.” Over 40,000 people are currently incarcerated for marijuana offenses. Evidence believes that as members of the cannabis industry, we must use our positions of power to elevate the voices of those imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes.

Evidence actively partners with the nationwide Last Prisoner Project, dedicating one dollar from each sold Evidence bag to support the cause. They source their products directly from the former prison where incarcerated individuals were held, employing former security personnel who now work at Evidence. The team tirelessly cultivates potent flower products outdoors on the grounds of their former private prison cultivation facility, ensuring accessibility and quality.

Evidence’s pioneering setup stands out in an industry that’s constantly evolving. They’ve actively secured their position in California, earning widespread acclaim from Tree Factory customers who adore their potent yet affordable products. Join us on a journey through their top-tier weed strains, tantalizing Prison Shortys infused preroll pack flavors, and their recently introduced vape varieties. Keep in mind that product availability may vary so check our online menu for what’s currently in stock.

Best Evidence Weed Strains

Evidence harnesses the power of the California sun to grow some of the state’s most reliably potent and accessible flower. Their cannabis flower typically ranges from 21-33% THC and comes in 8ths and 1/2oz bag options. The current Evidence weed roster is brimming with classics as well as new-school genetics that will perk the ears of any daily smoker. 8ths range in price from $15.99-16.47 plus tax. 1/2oz aka 14g bags are only $61.77 plus tax! Check out the best Evidence weed strains below.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Animal Mints (28.89% THC)

Animal Mints blends the creamy essence of Animal Cookies with GSC x Blue Power, boasting a robust THC content of 27%. This high potency suggests it’s particularly effective for alleviating severe stress. Known for its potentially invigorating effects, Animal Mints may evoke feelings of elation and anticipation. Its flavor profile combines a spicy tobacco undertone with lush hints of strawberry and mint, offering a unique sensory experience. Despite its small size, this sticky bud delivers a powerful impact, potentially uplifting you and igniting a surge of vibrant energy. Find Animal Mints weed by Evidence at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Clementine (29% THC)

Clementine, a fruit-infused flower, brims with the potential for an energetic boost. It results from the crossbreeding of Tangie and Lemon Skunk, delivering a tantalizing sour-sweet taste. Drawing potency from these robust strains, Clementine boasts a THC content hovering around 26%, showcasing both intense flavors and high potency. Among Evidence’s offerings, Clementine stands out for its potentially euphoric effects. Cultivated amidst Evidence’s rotation of hand-grown outdoor weed sourced from their prison, this fruity and invigorating strain embodies freshness. Try the Clementine strain by Evidence at Tree Factory next time we get a fresh drop.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Banana OG (28% THC)

Banana OG lives up to its name—a delightful fusion of Banana and OG Kush breeds this delectable flower. Its distinctiveness lies in a robust banana essence, a treasure for enthusiasts seeking vibrant flavors. Showcasing a sweeter flavor profile accompanied by an earthy aroma, Banana OG remains a favorite among flavor connoisseurs. Advocates of this strain often advise beginners to begin with low doses, given its potent nature. A powerhouse in effect, Banana OG might induce feelings of contentment and appetite. Discover the Banana OG strain by Evidence at Tree Factory.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Hella Jelly (30% THC)

Jelly Rancher, aka Helly Jelly, a sativa-dominant hybrid, originates from crossing Very Cherry and Notorious THC. This potent strain caters to seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Users report potentially experiencing sensations of happiness, euphoria and heightened focus. For medical marijuana users seeking relief from symptoms linked to anxiety, depression, and pain, Jelly Rancher might be perfect. Bred by the Humbolt Seed Company, this strain delights the palate with a medley of berry, strawberry, and citrus flavors. Try Hella Jelly by Evidence at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Juicy Fruit (33.89% THC)

Juicy Fruit, alternatively named “Juicy Fruit OG” or “Fruity Juice,” emerges from the hybridization of Afghani with Thai strains. Caution is advised for consumers due to its potentially enduring and dual-natured effects. While some reports indicate potential headaches and feelings of paranoia, this strain is also celebrated for its potential to ignite creativity. Its aroma is a delightful blend of tangy sweetness, offering hints of fruit punch, lemon, plums, and the tropical essence of a pina colada. Find out more about the Juicy Fruit strain by Evidence at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Mango Sherbet (28.5% THC)

Mango Sherbet, also recognized as Sunset Sherbet, emerges from the crossbreeding of a Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Typically inclined towards Indica, this strain boasts profoundly relaxing effects. Its appeal lies in a distinctly unique taste and aroma—an intriguing blend of tart, and sour citrus, contrary to its name suggesting a mango essence. Notably, Mango Sherbet distinguishes itself with bright, skunky notes reminiscent of Blue Cheese. A potentially effective remedy for sleeplessness and mood enhancement, find Mango Sherbet weed by Evidence at Tree Factory.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Nutter Budder (30.1% THC)

Nutter Budder, a potentially soothing Hybrid strain, traces its roots to Peanut Butter Breath. This strain is renowned for its notably smooth and nutty flavor complemented by earthy and peanut butter aromas. For consumption, this potent strain might serve as an ideal choice for a pre-bedtime smoke. Users report potentially experiencing a mild combination of body and head highs, which effectively alleviate anxiety. A classic Evidence strain, try Nutter Budder weed at Tree Factory Oxnard while supplies last.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Pistachio (31% THC)

The Pistachio weed strain, also known as “Pistachio Gelato,” is a hybrid strain with a complex flavor profile reminiscent of its namesake nut. It’s believed to be a cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato #41 strains. This strain typically offers a combination of sweet and nutty flavors with hints of earthy undertones. Known for its potentially relaxing and euphoric effects, Pistachio might deliver a balanced high that may help with stress relief while allowing users to maintain mental clarity. Grab your bags of Pistachio weed by Evidence at Tree Factory Oxnard on the next drop.

Best Prison Shortys Infused Preroll Packs by Evidence

Evidence now produces an extremely potent line of infused pre-rolls called “Prison Shortys.” Their high-quality flower is paired with their live resin and diamonds to create one of the best pre-rolls on the market for the price. The same top-shelf evidence flower is used to craft strain-specific concentrates. That flower and those concentrates make a powerful pre-roll that is potent and perfectly sized. Each jar of Prison Shortys comes with 5 .7g pre-rolls for a total of 3.5G of infused power for only $31.19 plus tax.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Berry Pie (57.9% THC)

The Berry Pie weed strain is a hybrid known for its delightful mix of berry flavors and sweet, pastry-like aromas. It’s often created by crossing various berry-infused strains like Cherry Pie and Blueberry, resulting in a fruity and sometimes earthy taste. This strain is appreciated for its potentially relaxing effects that might help with stress relief. A few hits might also promote a sense of happiness and calmness without inducing sedation. Find Berry Pie Prison Shortys by Evidence at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Bubba Gum OG (57.9% THC)

Bubba Gum OG is a hybrid strain blending genetics from Bubba Kush and Bubble Gum. Known for its potentially powerful and relaxing effects, it might induce a calming body high that eases tension and stress. This strain typically offers a sweet and earthy flavor profile with hints of bubble gum sweetness, making it popular among those seeking potential relaxation without excessive sedation. Search for Bubba Gum OG Prison Shortys infused preroll packs by Evidence at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Grape Ape (58% THC)

Grape Ape, an indica-dominant strain originating from Afghani, Skunk, and Mendocino Purps genetics, boasts vibrant purple hues and a delightful grape-like scent and taste. Its potentially relaxing effects stem from its lineage, offering a soothing body high that aids in stress relief, pain management, and insomnia. This strain is a go-to for potentially inducing tranquility and contentedness, perfect for unwinding in the evening. Grab your favorite Grape Ape Prison Shortys infused preroll packs by Evidence at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Guava (55.1% THC)

The Guava strain, often referred to as Guava Kush, is an indica-dominant hybrid known for its tropical aroma and potent effects. It’s typically a cross between the Guava and Kush strains, offering a sweet, fruity flavor with hints of tropical guava. This strain might induce a relaxing body high, making it popular for easing stress, tension, and promoting a sense of calmness without sedation. Taste the tropics with Evidence’s Guava Prison Shortys infused preroll packs at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Peaches And Cream (58% THC)

The Peaches and Cream hybrid, a Skunk phenotype, delivers a flavor profile that mirrors its name. Emitting floral and citrus scents, it boasts a sweet, fruity taste tinged with a delicate spiciness. Initiating a potentially euphoric headiness, it ushers in creativity and uplifted spirits, rendering it a superb option for both concentrated tasks and post-work relaxation. Find Peaches and Cream Prison Shortys infused preroll packs at Tree Factory Oxnard on the next drop.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Watermelon Zkittles (60% THC)

Watermelon Zkittlez is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its sweet, fruity aroma reminiscent of fresh watermelon and tropical candy. It’s a cross between Watermelon and Zkittlez strains, offering a delicious flavor profile and potentially inducing a relaxed and euphoric high. This strain is favored for its potential to alleviate stress, enhance mood, and provide a calming experience without heavy sedation. Smoke the rainbow with Watermelon Zkittles Prison Shortys infused preroll packs found at Tree Factory.

Evidence Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard (UPDATED)

Evidence 1g Vape Cart Flavors

After captivating the California cannabis market with their low-cost, high-potency flower and infused preroll packs, Evidence has finally given us 1g vapes as well. Their new 1g vape carts feature the same strain-specific flavors as their Prison Shortys, and only cost $18.39 plus tax. You can find delicious, mouth-watering strains like Berry Pie, Guava, Grape Ape, Bubba Gum OG, Orange Sherbet, Peaches and Cream, and more. Each of these vapes boasts THC percentages of over 91%! Check out our menu and find your new favorite strain.


Tree Factory is the best place in Ventura County to find all of the freshest drops from Evidence. For the price, you won’t find any better 8ths, ½ ounces, infused preroll packs, or vapes in the state. Evidence combines great products with a powerful mission to bring attention to racial inequity in the cannabis industry. We hope that with brands like them at the forefront of California’s industry— we’ll see a more balanced and equitable future. Thanks for reading our complete guide to this forward-thinking weed brand.

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