Evidence is a new California cannabis brand with a powerful cause that we’re proud to carry at Tree Factory. They have disrupted the industry with their simple yet admirable mission: “We Grow Weed At A Prison To Help Get People Out Of Prison For Growing Weed.” Over 40,000 people are currently incarcerated for marijuana offenses. Evidence believes that as members of the cannabis industry we must use our positions of power to elevate the voices of those imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes.

Evidence is partnered with the nationwide Last Prisoner Project. One dollar from each Evidence bag sold goes to the Last Prisoner Project. They produce their product from the same prison that have previously held incarcerated individuals. Many of the security personnel that now work at Evidence were guards at the former private prison. Evidence works tirelessly to produce flower products that are accessible and potent. They grow all of their flower outdoors straight from their former private prison cultivation facility.

Their setup is extremely innovative in an ever-changing industry. Few cannabis brands are taking such a powerful stance on racial inequities in the industry. Not to mention their cannabis flower is very affordable and comes with noticeably high THC levels. Learn more about all of the best-selling flower from Evidence at Tree Factory below and visit our online menu to place an order for pickup or delivery.

Animal Mints

Animal Mints is a creamy mint combination of Animal Cookies and GSC x Blue Power. It is a higher THC strain running at a heady 27%. This might make it especially ideal for serious stress relief. Animal Mints is a potentially energizing strain that may leave you feeling upbeat and excited. Animal Mints has a spicy, tobacco taste that is complemented by lush strawberry and mint. This sticky little bud packs a punch leaving you potentially uplifted and buzzing with electric energy. Animal Mints is a name known across the industry and Evidence’ is no different. The cool, minty, and herbal smoke might fill you with creative energy.


Clementine is a fruit-flavored flower with a potential burst of energy. It is a cross between Tangie and Lemon Skunk that features a sour-sweet taste. Because it comes from two potent strains, Clementine has both intense flavors as well as a high THC content. You’ll find Evidence’s Clementine somewhere around 26% THC. Most enjoy Clementine for its potentially euphoric properties. This fruity and fresh strain is part of Evidence’s rotation of outdoor hand-grown weed from their prison. Clementine has a unique citrus taste and herbal spice. Its two main terpenes are terpinolene and caryophyllene which contribute to its delicious flavor profile.


Banana OG

Banana OG is just as the name suggests. A cross between Banana and OG Kush results in this delicious flower. It has a strong banana flavor that makes it a favorite of flavor chasers. This strain offers a sweeter flavor profile and an earthy aroma. Most people who enjoy Banana OG regularly recommend that beginners start low and slow. It is a powerhouse flower that might leave you hungry and happy. Although it has a heavy banana taste, it also has a tropical nose that reminds us of a creamy banana daiquiri.

Mango Sherbet

Mango Sherbet is also known as Sunset Sherbet. It is a cross between a Girl Scout Cookies female and Pink Panties male. This is typically an Indica leaning strain with ultra-relaxing effects. Mango Sherbet has a distinctly unique taste and aroma. Although the name suggests a mango flavor it comes across as a tart, sour citrus. You’ll also find the bright and skunky notes of Blue Cheese help set Mango Sherbet apart. Mango Sherbet is a potentially ideal strain for dealing with sleeplessness as well as uplifting mood. The combination of sour and citrus work well together to give you gassy and tart flavors every time.

Prison Shortys

Evidence now produces an extremely potent line of infused pre-rolls called “Prison Shortys.” Their high-quality flower is paired with their live resin and diamonds to create one of the best pre-rolls on the market. The same top-shelf evidence flower is used to craft strain-specific concentrates. That flower and those concentrates make a powerful pre-roll that is potent and perfectly sized. Each jar of Prison Shortys comes with 5 .7g pre-rolls for a total of 3.5G of infused goodness. The kief, flower, and concentrates are all handcrafted by the Evidence team. The defunct prison operates as Evidence’s home base for all things cannabis. They handle packaging, growing, manufacturing, and more from the same single source. You can find Shortys in strains like Grape Ape, Biscotti, and Berry Pie. Be on the lookout for these new and affordable infused pre-rolls.

Tree Factory is the best place in Ventura County to find all of the freshest drops from Evidence. For only $20 out the door, their eighths of outdoor cannabis flower are unbeatable in terms of low-cost and high potency. Evidence combines great products with a powerful mission to bring attention to racial inequity in the cannabis industry. We hope that with brands like them at the forefront of California’s industry— we’ll see a more balanced and equitable future.

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