Claybourne Cannabis Co. has been in the game since 2017 producing top-tier cannabis that customers at Tree Factory love. We pride ourselves in carrying some of California’s most sought-after brands, and we’ve found people go out of their way to find Claybourne. They produce various weed products ranging from top-shelf flower to infused preroll packs, kief-infused small buds, and classic bulk small buds. In Ventura County, you’re not going to find a better source for the freshest Claybourne products than Tree Factory Oxnard.

Tree Factory stocks Claybourne cannabis for its quality, consistency, and eco-friendly cultivation methods. Claybourne maximizes trichome preservation, ensuring top-notch flower by drying it in darkness, meticulously monitoring the curing process, and employing a minimal-touch hand-trimming technique. 

Their environmental commitment includes staggered grow room cycles, energy-efficient LED lights, and controlled humidity to reduce water usage. This dedication to excellence and sustainability makes Claybourne a top choice at our shop. If you’re on the hunt for a little more information on top-selling products from each category they sell, look no further. 

Allow us to guide you through all of the great products Claybourne produces such as their Gold Cuts, Frosted Flyers, Powerline, and Small Buds along with our own personal strain recommendations. Keep in mind product availability may vary, so it’s best to check our online menu for what’s in stock.

Claybourne Gold Cuts

At Tree Factory Oxnard, we proudly feature Claybourne’s Gold Cuts top-shelf cannabis flower. These Ultra Premium 8ths showcase exclusive genetics, handpicked from Claybourne’s in-house breeding program. Each strain undergoes meticulous indoor cultivation and minimal-touch hand-trimming to preserve maximum trichomes from harvest to jar. These are tried-and-true certified bangers, offering unique quality and exclusivity. Here are a few of our favorite Gold Cuts strains by Claybourne.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Cobra Kush (34.6% THC)

Cobra Kush asserts its dominance right from the start! This Gold Cut strain surpasses expectations with its robust blend of powerful gas, cake, and sweet undertones. Its dense and frosty structure presents an impressive specimen, promising a potent experience with each hit. Descending from Kush and GSC lineages, it boasts a flavor profile highlighted by vanilla, gas, and cake notes. Brace for a euphoric and profoundly relaxing body high that may induce a deep state of relaxation. Find Cobra Kush Gold Cuts by Claybourne at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Apples and Bananas (34.88% THC)

Apples and Bananas, a hybrid weed strain crafted from the fusion of Blue Power and Gelatti, caters to experienced cannabis consumers. It’s praised for potentially inducing feelings of happiness, euphoria, and upliftment. This strain is often sought after by those dealing with with anxiety, depression, and stress. Bred by Cookies and Compound Genetics, this strain offers flavors reminiscent of apple, pear, and tree fruit. Try Claybourne’s Apples and Bananas Gold Cuts weed at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

The Judge (37.6% THC)

Enter the domain of Claybourne’s strongest strain, The Judge, their highest-testing cut yet. This exclusive indica emits potent Chemdog and GMO fragrances upon unsealing, hinting at its intense nature. Derived from Chem Dog, this strain boasts a robust diesel aroma, complemented by a flavor profile evoking bitter coffee or rich plum notes, offering a distinct and unique encounter. A few hits of The Judge might be deviously intoxicating, demanding relaxation from the user almost instantly. Visit Tree Factory to find the freshest cuts of Claybourne’s The Judge strain.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Gas Plant (38% THC)

Gas Plant is a powerful strain emanating an intense gas aroma tinged with funk and citrus notes, complemented by sweet and floral undertones. These intense aromas stem from its parent strains: The Judge and Herer Hash Plant. This robust blend might deliver a potent high, combining deep relaxation with a stimulating potency that’s engaging and physically invigorating. With its lineage contributing to its distinct character, Gas Plant stands out with its profile boasting hints of gas, pine, and pure stinky funk. Try this extremely potent strain at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Private Stock Flower by Claybourne

Claybourne’s Private Stock is 100% indoor grown, traditional varieties of premium cannabis selections. Each strain features full cannabinoid and terpene profiles right on the package for the customer’s convenience and medicinal aid. These strains represent something truly special from Claybourne and should be copped as soon as they drop. Keep your eyes on our menu, socials, and new app for any and all drop updates.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Flyers Infused Prerolls & Packs by Claybourne

Explore the frosty wonder of Claybourne’s Frosted Flyers infused preroll packs, all available at Tree Factory! These half-gram prerolls are a taste sensation, crafted from THCa diamond-frosted, terpene-enhanced, premium indoor flower infused with liquid diamonds. Each Frosted Flyer carries intense potency and an explosion of flavors that persist down to the crutch. They come in a variety of strains, currently available in convenient 2-Packs (1g) for $20.59 plus tax and 5-Packs (2.5g) for $31.99 plus tax, delivering a premium experience with every puff. Below you’ll find some of our favorite Frosted Flyers infused preroll packs from Claybourne at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Banana OG Frosted Flyers Liquid Diamond Preroll 5pk (40.9% THC)

Banana OG is an indica-leaning hybrid strain well-known for its distinctly sweet and tropical banana-like aroma and flavor. This strain is a cross between OG Kush and Banana. A few puffs might induce a relaxing and euphoric high, often leading to feelings of happiness and tranquility. Its effects may help with stress relief and promoting relaxation without excessive sedation. If you’re looking for a great Claybourne Frosted Flyers pack to start with, we recommend Banana OG. Check our menu to see what’s available.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Blue Dream Frosted Flyers Diamond Infused Preroll 5pk (52% THC)

Blue Dream is a well-known and beloved hybrid strain, renowned for its potentially balancing effects. It might offer a gentle cerebral invigoration coupled with soothing body relaxation. With a sweet berry aroma and flavor, this strain is often favored for daytime use due to its potential to enhance mood, alleviate stress, and promote creative focus without inducing heavy sedation. Daytime smokers who miss the old days will love Blue Dream Frosted Flyers 5pks from Claybourne at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Grape Gasolina Frosted Flyers Liquid Diamond Preroll 5pk (45% THC)

Rev up your life with Grape Gasolina! This Indica-dominant strain might have you cruising low and slow, indulging in a euphoric body high that encourages relaxation and unwinding. Infused with a spicy mix of fruity and earthy notes, this strain delivers a burst of sweet grape flavor. Get ready to potentially kick back, relax, and park yourself in a state of tranquility with Grape Gasolina by Claybourne. Try this delicious Frosted Flyers Liquid Diamond preroll 5pk at Tree Factory and savor the flavor.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Mango Machine Frosted Flyers Liquid Diamond Preroll 5pk (45.8% THC)

Hop on for a ride with Claybourne’s Mango Machine strain. This hybrid strain might offer a finely tuned experience, providing balanced effects that energize and chill out your day. Feel the rush with a potential cerebral kick and a euphoric body buzz, perfect for navigating through daily activities. The terps give off a mango sweetness, infused with gas and OG undertones that persist to the crutch, potentially energizing you for your next adventure. Grab your Mango Machine Frosted Flyers Liquid Diamond preroll 5pks at Tree Factory in Oxnard.

Claybourne Powerline Small Buds & Kief

At Tree Factory, we’re thrilled to offer Claybourne’s Powerline, a new way to amplify your high. With Power Stacks and Power Packs, you’ll experience an added gram of kief with the Small Buds flower. The Power Pack features smaller buds along with a jar of kief, offering a canvas for creativity. Alternatively, the Power Stack presents a convenient blend of premium ground flower and extra kief, ensuring you’re always prepared for a top-notch roll. Diversify your smoking experience and elevate your sessions with Claybourne’s Powerline available at Tree Factory. Here are a couple of Powerline favorites from Claybourne we carry that might knock your socks off.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Kush Cake x Hybrid Kief Power Pack (33.7% THC)

Kush Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, recognized for its potentially relaxing and sedating effects. It typically boasts a sweet and earthy flavor profile with hints of vanilla and spice. This strain is known for potentially inducing a calming body high, making it a popular choice for those seeking relaxation and relief from stress or insomnia. Add a gram of Hybrid kief to the mix and you’ve got the recipe for a potentially powerful experience. Try Claybourne’s Kush Cake x Hybrif Kief Power Pack at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Black Triangle OG x Hybrid Kief Power Pack (33% THC)

Black Triangle OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain renowned for its potential mind-melting and calming effects. Its lineage stems from crossing Triangle Kush and ’88 G13 Hashplant, delivering a spicy, earthy aroma with notes of pine and fuel. This strain is celebrated for potentially inducing a deeply relaxing body high, often promoting sedation and helping alleviate pain or insomnia. Claybourne’s Black Triangle OG x Hybrid Kief Power Pack gives you an additional gram of kief to truly elevate your experience. Ask about this Claybourne classic at Tree Factory Oxnard on your next visit.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Classic Small Buds by Claybourne

At Tree Factory, find the prime destination for purchasing Claybourne’s Small Buds bulk flower in Ventura County. They offer the Original Small Bud Ounce, Half Ounce, and Quarter Ounce, featuring premium indoor-grown buds hand-trimmed and proudly displayed in a ‘no frills’ glass jar. Each jar actively showcases full cannabinoid and terpene profiles on the back, ensuring transparency about the product’s quality. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking larger quantities of top-tier bud at a reasonable price, Tree Factory actively stands out as the go-to source for Claybourne’s Small Buds bulk flower.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

Blueberry Pebbles Small Buds 14g (30.1% THC)

Blueberry Pebbles Small Buds by Claybourne combines the flavors of Fruity Pebble OG and Blueberry strains, offering a delightful taste and aroma reminiscent of a sweet bowl of berries. This strain might deliver a relaxing experience, providing users with mood-boosting effects and a serene sense of calm. If you’re buying in bulk, you can’t go wrong with Claybourne’s 14g Blueberry Pebbles Small Buds for only $123.54 plus tax. Stock up at Tree Factory Oxnard while supplies last.

Claybourne Co. Complete Brand Guide At Tree Factory Oxnard

GMO Premium Small Buds 14g (35% THC)

GMO, also known as Garlic Cookies or GMO Cookies, is an indica-leaning hybrid strain recognized for its pungent aroma reminiscent of garlic, onions, and diesel. This strain potentially provides a heavy-bodied high, inducing relaxation and easing physical discomfort. Users may experience a combination of euphoria and sedation, making it suitable for evening use or unwinding after a long day. Grab your GMO Small Buds by Claybourne in bulk at Tree Factory in Oxnard on the next drop.


Claybourne is one of our favorite top-shelf brands at Tree Factory, and our customers couldn’t agree more. They take the extra steps to ensure the highest quality and utmost safety which make them a preferred choice for several of our medical patients. Thank you for checking out our complete brand guide to the best Claybourne products at Tree Factory Oxnard. We hope you found your new favorite strain or product from this thoughtful brand. For all the newest brand guides, exclusive sales, and local event invites, download the Tree Factory app via the App Store or Google Play. We give you 100 points for FREE just for downloading the Tree Factory app!