Our Story

Making a difference in the community


Tree Factory is more than a cannabis brand—it’s our family’s legacy. As a minority-owned company with deep roots in the legacy market, hard work and community are in our blood. The Tree Factory brand began gaining momentum after our Co-Founders, two brothers, joined forces to make accessing cannabis more safe, secure, and affordable for Prop 215 patients and customers. Working tirelessly out of our garage in Oxnard, we focused on expanding our network by building authentic relationships. We came together with old school growers, industry professionals, and patients in the community—ultimately laying the groundwork for the brand you see today.

In November 2014, Tree Factory was officially licensed and became a pioneer as one of the first legal cannabis delivery services in Ventura County. After completing over 400,000 successful deliveries and prioritizing giving back to local charities, we earned our first milestone as Ventura County’s most trusted cannabis delivery service. Since then, Tree Factory has expanded into a full-fledged, vertically integrated family business with multiple dispensary locations and so much more on the way.

“Giving back to the community that raised me means the world to me. It’s priceless to be able to give back to the same people that helped me get to where I am today. ” – David Garcia, Co-Founder

In addition to our flagship dispensary, located at 437 W Channel Island Blvd in Port Hueneme, we are preparing to open our second dispensary location and education center at the Rose 2 Shopping Center in Oxnard. This unique location will set the standard for future developments in the area. It has been designed to showcase the culture of cannabis and the community of Oxnard that we all know and love.


Tree Factory has always been at the forefront of the industry, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. We are always looking for ways to enhance the cannabis experience for our customers and increase safe access to the best brands and products in the state.

We believe in education, world-class delivery services, customer safety, quality control, hands-on budtending, and streamlined ordering processes online.


We have partnered with some of California’s best cannabis farms and manufacturers which allows us to provide our customers with the highest-quality cannabis products at affordable prices. Each product is state-certified and lab-tested ensuring our customers always get safe cannabis products when they order through us.


Tree Factory is a recognized family-owned legal cannabis dispensary and delivery service that serves Ventura County. Locally owned and operated, Tree Factory is the product of hard work, teamwork, and dedication. We have a powerful and passionate team here at Tree Factory. We have brought in amazing talent who have helped us grow, learn and streamline operations. Our staff is comprised of locals and tailored to showcase the unique culture of Port Hueneme.

We are fortunate that our team members that started this journey with us continue to work by our side and play an important role in our organization. Together, we have become a family that works in conjunction to put our customers’ needs first.


At Tree Factory, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have built within our community. Since 2015, we have worked diligently to advocate for the communities in which we serve. From education to hands-on service, our team is proud to be so involved with our local communities.

Tree Factory is focused on helpings Ventura County’s youth, woman farm workers and military veterans. We have partnered PAL, City Corps, and DRAGG, Santa to the Sea, Linderes Campesinas, and Mission fish working to address our shared goals throughout the 805.

To date, Tree Factory has contributed over 500 volunteer hours and $50,000 to our community

Charitable Donations

  • PAL
  • City Corps
  • Lideres Campesinas
  • Mission FISH
  • Historical Farm Society
  • Eastside Little League
  • Boys and Girls Club


We have a powerful, passionate team here at Tree Factory. As pioneers of cannabis delivery, we are continuously working and building strong relationships with the best, award-winning brands in California. We’ve successfully curated the best menu in Ventura County, complete with a large range of products from flowers and pre-rolls to concentrates, tinctures, and more.

Tree Factory has maintained its status as a family-owned & operated, and locally-owned & operated cannabis dispensary and delivery service since its inception. We’ve brought in amazing talent, who have helped us grow and streamline operations. This talent has also developed standard operating procedures and helped us with the licensing process as well as expand other delivery businesses in California.


Tree Factory was built from the ground up. Long days, sleepless nights, and a lot of dedication and determination brought us here. The partnerships we built with brands and dispensaries have helped us to expand into something bigger than just another marijuana delivery service.

We’ve also contributed to the growth of several other cannabis companies. We helped set up delivery services for 3C Farms and The Roots and continue to work with businesses on all scales. This has allowed them to expand their own businesses and make access to the plant more accessible for all.



    Owner and founder, David Garcia, attends seminars and trade shows and finds a lack of sophisticated Ventura County cannabis delivery services. His intent was to change the drug dealer stigma and improve customer service experience. He sought out award-winning genetics to offer great products to local residents.


    A home-garage setup makes the business official. 20-hour days and lots of networking help acquire exclusivity in the region. Tree Factory is the first to bring in 3C Farms, Cookies, Sunset Sherbert from SHERBINSKI, and Jetfuel OG by Dr. Green Thumb. We strain-hunt to find the best cannabis California has to offer. Tree Factory becomes the first retail delivery service with award winning genetics in the region. A focus on convenient, professional delivery, and great products is established.


    Tree Factory expands into Santa Paula and Ventura, where they receive the most hits on WeedMaps. Nationwide, Tree Factory ranks third on WeedMaps for hits through marketing and customer service. They are recognized as one of the best in the area. Their bonds with growers and distributors grow and sales double. Tree Factory leaves the garage and expands business in a warehouse.


    Sales triple more talent is hired. Expansion consists of hiring management, creating a website, developing standard operating procedures, and strengthening our structure and logistics.


    Continued growth following the legalization of recreational cannabis. The license application is denied for a dispensary and delivery in Ojai, which was the first city with a cannabis ordinance in Ventura County.


    A partnership is formed with a local partner, the top dispensary in Port Hueneme. The business continues to grow and expand beyond the Ventura County region in to Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties.


    Operations continued with a local partner and they experienced a 40% increase in their sales. TDS applies (Tree Factory’s sister company) and is awarded its own delivery license in Port Hueneme. The BCC approves operations in the state of California. We manage other delivery businesses, providing our model to deliveries like 3C Farms and The Roots Dispensary.

  • Aquisition

    Acquired Leaf and Lion dispensary. Applied for license in Ventura. Tree Factory begins expansion plans into Long Beach, San Bernardino, and one of the largest storefronts here in Oxnard.

  • Continued Growth


We’re here to make your CANNABIS DELIVERY IN VENTURA COUNTY as easy as possible! Whether you want weed delivered to your door in under 90 minutes or scheduled next-day delivery, we make it our mission to swiftly deliver your cannabis.


Feel free to reach out with any questions or concersn you may have. Our team will contact you very soon!