It’s no secret that customers at Tree Factory in Ventura County love their STIIIZY products, and the new STIIIZY 40s line is no exception. This new line of infused prerolls, preroll packs, mini-blunts, and 2g blunts from STIIIZY is naturally brimming with potency and flavor. At Tree Factory, we have exactly what you need regarding STIIIZY 40s products, and the best prices to boot. Our customers love STIIIZY products because they speak not only to recreational consumers but medical patients as well.

After serving in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division during a tour in Iraq, James Kim, the founder of STIIIZY, actively sought a solution for coping with PTSD. This pursuit led him to discover the transformative power of cannabis. Inspired by his experiences, James founded STIIIZY. From there, he began reshaping the industry with exceptional products, empowering individuals on their wellness journeys.

The quality and diversity of STIIIZY’s offerings vividly reflect his vision and unwavering dedication. Their extensive selection of pods and disposables offers a diverse vaping experience that is consistently satisfying. In Ventura County, we are known as the best STIIIZY store. For a deeper dive, check out our updated complete guide to STIIIZY.

At Tree Factory, we regularly stock the freshest and newest products from STIIIZY. Explore our list of the top 10 best STIIIZY Pods if you want a comprehensive look at their lineup of popular vapes. Otherwise, continue reading for the most extensive look at the best STIIIZY 40s products you’ll find anywhere. At any time, feel free to peep our online menu and find your favorite products for pick-up or delivery seven days a week. Keep in mind that product availability may vary.

2.5G STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll 5-Packs & 1G Infused Prerolls

The most popular STIIIZY 40s products by far are their infused preroll 5-packs and 1g infused prerolls. These preroll packs feature .5 grams of premium cannabis flower infused with STIIIZY’s top-quality live resin. All of that is then meticulously packed into kief-dusted cones. Notably, the “40s” label underscores their impressive potency. You’ll notice each infused preroll consistently delivers a rich cannabinoid profile.

Beyond their potency, STIIIZY 40s have become synonymous with quality. They consistently offer a smooth, flavorful, and slow-burning experience that sets a new standard in infused prerolls. At Tree Factory, we proudly carry the latest STIIIZY 40s offerings, including their potent infused prerolls and preroll packs. Here are some of the most popular infused prerolls and 5-packs from the STIIIZY 40s line we regularly stock at our shop in Port Hueneme.

STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll Packs & Mini-Blunt 5-Packs Guide

Purple Punch (41.1% THC)

Purple Punch is an indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its sweet and fruity flavor and potentially potent effects. It’s typically a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, resulting in a strain that reeks of fruity aromas and tastes like grapes and berries. Purple Punch is renowned for its high THC content. A few hits might deliver a powerful, relaxing high. It might induce deep relaxation and euphoria, making it potentially ideal for stress relief and insomnia management. STIIIZY 40s Purple Punch preroll multi-packs and 1g infused prerolls are a top-seller at Tree Factory Oxnard.

STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll Packs & Mini-Blunt 5-Packs Guide

King Louis XIII (40.2% THC)

King Louis XIII is a well-known indica-dominant strain believed to originate from OG Kush genetics. It features potent gassy, sweet, sour, and earthy aromas and typically high THC. This strain might offer a potent, relaxing effect, making it popular for managing stress, anxiety, and insomnia. This is another super popular choice by Tree Factory’s customers. STIIIZY 40s King Louis XIII infused preroll multipacks are reliably potent and classically flavorful.

STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll Packs & Mini-Blunt 5-Packs Guide

Biscotti (40.5% THC)

Biscotti, a world-renowned hybrid cannabis strain, comes from crossing Gelato #25 with South Florida OG. It might deliver a balanced blend of relaxation and euphoria. Most know this strain for its sweet and nutty flavor. Biscotti often contains a high THC content. This makes it appealing to both recreational and medicinal users for its potential to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety. For the daily smoker on the go, STIIIZY 40s Biscotti Preroll Multi-Packs at Tree Factory are easy to smoke all day and keep spirits potentially high.

STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll Packs & Mini-Blunt 5-Packs Guide

Blue Dream (40.5% THC)

Blue Dream is an incredibly famous hybrid cannabis strain, resulting from a cross between Blueberry and Haze strains. It boasts a sweet, fruity flavor profile with underlying earthy notes. With a typically moderate to high THC content, Blue Dream might provide uplifting and euphoric effects. Its versatility might extend to its therapeutic uses as well. A few hits might allow for the management of stress, depression, and pain while still providing a clear-headed experience. Grab a STIIIZY 40s Blue Dream Infused Preroll Multi-Pack at Tree Factory for a potentially classic cannabis experience.

STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll Packs & Mini-Blunt 5-Packs Guide

Pink Acai (42.4% THC)

Pink Acai, a balanced hybrid cannabis strain, originates from a genetic combination of Pink Kush and Acai, exclusively cultivated by STIIIZY. This strain garners favor among professional cannabis users for its potential to induce relaxation and euphoria. Medical marijuana patients often select this strain to potentially alleviate symptoms associated with stress, insomnia, and pain. Pink Acai presents a flavor profile defined by berry, earthy, and floral notes. Featuring a dominant myrcene terpene, this strain might have extra sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. STIIIZY 40s Pink Acai Infused Preroll Multi-Packs are a hot commodity at Tree Factory Oxnard, so check online for availability.

2.5G Infused STIIIZY 40s Mini-Blunt 5-Packs & 2G Infused Blunts

In addition to fire infused preroll packs, STIIIZY offers an array of STIIIZY 40s infused mini-blunt packs and 2g infused blunts, all available at Tree Factory Oxnard. Each STIIIZY 40s mini-blunt contains a substantial half-gram of premium STIIIZY flower infused with live resin. In total, they currently have a choice of twelve strains encompassing Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties. The crafting process involves meticulous rolling of these blunts in 100% tobacco-free, kief-dusted hemp wraps that incorporate a glass tip, ensuring a clean and consistent draw. For all the blunt smokers out there, we put together a list of the top STIIIZY 40s blunt strains at Tree Factory Oxnard.

STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll Packs & Mini-Blunt 5-Packs Guide


Gelato is a popular hybrid cannabis strain known for its sweet and dessert-like flavor profile. It’s a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet strains, resulting in a potentially balanced combination of indica and sativa genetics. Its effects are known for potentially inducing relaxation, euphoria, and creativity, making it a favorite among recreational users. Gelato is also used for its potential to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and chronic pain while providing a pleasant, uplifting experience. You can’t go wrong with STIIIZY 40s Infused Mini-Blunt Packs or 2G Gelato Infused Blunts at Tree Factory.

STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll Packs & Mini-Blunt 5-Packs Guide

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG, an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, originates from the crossbreeding of Skywalker and OG Kush, yielding a potentially potent and relaxing strain. It boasts a high THC content that might induce strong feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and happiness in users. Individuals often turn to Skywalker OG for potentially alleviating symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and pain. Its flavor profile includes earthy, herbal, and spicy notes, making it a favored choice among cannabis enthusiasts for its robust taste. If you want pure power, pick up a STIIIZY 40s Live Resin Infused Mini Blunt 5pk at our shop in Port Hueneme.

STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll Packs & Mini-Blunt 5-Packs Guide


Strawnana, also called Strawberry Banana, is a sought-after hybrid cannabis strain resulting from the fusion of Banana Kush and the Strawberry Bubblegum strain. It boasts a distinctive sweet and fruity aroma and flavor reminiscent of ripe strawberries and bananas. Strawnana might offer users a balancing experience of relaxation and euphoria. It garners favor among both recreational and medicinal users for its potential to relieve stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort while preserving mental clarity. A classic hitter from STIIIZY, try a 2g STIIIZY 40s Live Resin Infused Blunt or Mini Blunt 5pk at Tree Factory while supplies last.

STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll Packs & Mini-Blunt 5-Packs Guide

Watermelon Z

Watermelon Z, an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, is popular for its sweet and fruity flavor profile, featuring notes of watermelon and citrus. It originates from the crossbreeding of Watermelon and Zkittlez strains, culminating in a potentially relaxing and euphoric experience. Watermelon Z typically shows off a fairly high THC content. Regular smokers seek it out for potential stress relief, relaxation, and pain alleviation. This strain is highly regarded for its enjoyable taste and potentially calming effects. Pick up a STIIIZY 40s Watermelon Z Infused Mini-Blunt 5-Pack or 2G Live Resin Infused Blunt at Tree Factory and savor the flavor.

STIIIZY 40s Infused Preroll Packs & Mini-Blunt 5-Packs Guide

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express, made famous by the movie of the same name, is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. Many love this strain for its potentially energizing and uplifting effects. It typically contains noticeably high THC content. You’ll notice a sweet and tropical flavor profile with hints of pineapple, citrus, and cedar. Users may experience a sense of creativity, euphoria, and an overall sense of well-being after a few puffs. Pineapple Express is great for individuals looking for daytime smoke. Partaking in a few puffs may manage stress, depression, and fatigue while still providing mental alertness. Daytime blunt smokers can rejoice in the STIIIZY 40s Pineapple Express Live Resin Infused Mini-Blunt Packs and 2g blunts available at Tree Factory.


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