Not even a decade ago, we were dreaming of legal cannabis being delivered conveniently and safely to our door. Now, this dream has become a reality and Tree Factory is honored to be a part of it. We are the fastest and easiest cannabis delivery service in the Oxnard area and all of Ventura County. Starting back in 2015, we’ve become the local favorite when it comes to worry-free cannabis retail and speedy weed delivery. In 2023, the VC Reporter even named us one of the Best Dispensaries in Ventura County.

Amid a multitude of California-based weed brands, Tree Factory shelves brim with an extensive array of cannabis products, ready for swift delivery across Oxnard. We’re committed to providing top-notch products, from affordable small buds and premium flower to infused pre-rolls, cartridges, concentrates, edibles, and more.

Our customers enjoy free delivery to every city in Ventura County, with the minimum purchase amount for free delivery varying based on your location. Proximity to our flagship dispensary in Port Hueneme (437 W. Channel Islands Blvd) determines this threshold; the closer you are, the lower the spending requirement for free delivery. Additionally, closer proximity ensures quicker delivery of your selected products to your doorstep.

Keeping that in mind, if you are ordering cannabis delivery from Oxnard, you can expect your products within 30-90 minutes if you order while delivery is running. Also, you will only need to spend a minimum of $30 on products to qualify for FREE delivery!

At Tree Factory, we offer cannabis delivery in Oxnard 7 days a week (Monday-Sunday) between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm PST. We’re extremely excited to now be offering local delivery to Port Hueneme and Oxnard on Sundays! If you live outside Oxnard, you can still visit our Port Hueneme dispensary location between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm for the best weed deals.

How to Order Cannabis for Free Delivery in Oxnard

Ordering cannabis delivery from Tree Factory in Oxnard is a completely hassle-free experience. Start by visiting our online menu and selecting the delivery option. Enter your preferred delivery address within Oxnard, an area covered comprehensively by our delivery services. We also offer delivery to ALL of Ventura County, so don’t be afraid to put in your address. If it’s within the county, we definitely deliver weed there!

As you explore our online menu, you’ll find specific product categories to streamline your search. Take advantage of our filter and sort options, allowing you to precisely tailor your choices by brand, price, weight, strains, moods, activities, ongoing sales, and more. Use the search bar to efficiently locate particular products or brands. Or, check our most recent blogs to see what brands we’re currently talking about.

Select products of interest by clicking the teal “add to cart” button. Once you’ve completed your selections, review your cart by clicking the icon at the top of the menu. Here, you can adjust quantities, remove items, and input any special delivery instructions.

When satisfied with your choices and ready for cannabis delivery in Oxnard, confirm your order. Returning customers can easily log in to checkout, while new users have the flexibility to continue as a guest or create an account for future convenience. To make it even easier, download our app via Google Play or the App Store to conveniently access your account. Ensure all necessary fields contain accurate information for a seamless delivery and transaction. Agree to the terms and conditions, click confirm, and await the swift arrival of your order!

Best Baby Jeeters Infused Preroll Packs Guide (Updated)

The Best Weed Delivery Deals In Ventura County

Tree Factory began as a delivery service back in 2015 and it remains an integral part of our business and identity to this day. We like to thank our delivery customers with recurring daily deals on best-selling brands like STIIIZY, Raw Garden, West Coast Cure, Elyon, and more. Every day with Tree Factory is a new day to discover incredible weed deals. We also recently put out our first app to go along with the most valuable Loyalty Rewards Program in Ventura County. 

When you sign up for our Loyalty Rewards Program you immediately receive 100 points and a one-time offer of 20% off your next purchase with no exclusions. On top of that, we give you another 100 instant points when you download our app via the App Store or Google Play. Amazing weed deals, giveaways, local events, and a wide variety of redeemable rewards are yours once you join the Tree Factory family. Earn up to $100 off your order when you order weed delivery or shop in-store with Tree Factory!

Best-Selling Brands From Tree Factory Oxnard Cannabis Delivery

Tree Factory is proud to carry tons of the best cannabis brands in California, all available for delivery to Oxnard and Ventura County. Some of the most popular brands that our customers keep coming back for include STIIIZY, Jeeter, West Coast Cure, Elyon, Buddies Brand, 3C Farms, Evidence, 710 Labs, Raw Garden, Claybourne, and Almora Farms.

When you visit our online menu, you’ll immediately be met with an eyeful of featured products. Each of these products has been hand-selected by our budtenders based on popularity and product quality. Currently, some of our featured products include STIIIZY’s 40’s line, Big Chief vape carts & disposables, Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls, Raw Garden’s vapes, and Elyon’s potent flower.

Tree Factory Is The Biggest & Best STIIIZY Store In Ventura County

STIIIZY is one of the most popular cannabis brands in California, and also our top seller. We pride ourselves on carrying the biggest array of STIIIZY products in Ventura County. This includes their famous STIIIZY Pods as well as flower bags, edibles, concentrates, and STIIIZY 40’s products. STIIIZY 40’s are their new line of infused preroll packs, blunts, mini-blunts, and pre-rolls that all contain 40% THC or higher. We regularly publish new blogs surrounding STIIIZY and any new products they produce. If you’re looking for a complete all-encompassing brand guide, check out our updated STIIIZY guide here. You can trust that Tree Factory has the best STIIIZY products available for delivery seven days a week.


If you’re searching for “cannabis delivery near me” or “weed delivery near me” in Oxnard and are left at a crossroads, you now know what route to take. Tree Factory’s convenient Ventura County delivery service makes buying weed products easier than ever. We cater to our community with more than just outstanding cannabis products. When you order from us or visit our dispensary, you become family. You might even get an invite to our next basketball shootout, charity drive, or buzzing local event. Join our family today and start discovering an unparalleled shopping experience and dive deep into authentic cannabis culture.