Tree Factory is proud to announce the soft opening of our first flagship cannabis dispensary at 437 W Channel Islands Blvd in Port Hueneme, CA. As we continue to take over the former Leaf & Lion building, we would like to thank all of our friends, family, and loyal customers who have continued to support us throughout this journey.

Back in 2015, our founder David and his brother Angel wanted to provide Ventura County with safe access to the best cannabis products in California. After David transitioned away from nine years of cultivation work, he decided to launch Tree Factory Delivery with his brother Angel. At the time, it was illegal for cannabis dispensaries to operate in Ventura County. So, they were left with the option of forming a delivery service under Prop 215, SB 420 (Collective Model.) 

From the beginning, one of Tree Factory’s main goals was to own our own dispensary. This way, we’d be able to build more of an in-person relationship with our customers. The fact that we can genuinely connect with the community and the people where we grew up is powerful to us. We couldn’t be happier to reach this reality and continue to grow with our friends, family, and local clientele. 

“We are sons and daughters of immigrants that came to this country with nothing. We’re endlessly thankful for the sacrifices they made so that we could grow up in the land of opportunity. We really feel like this is our version of the American Dream,” said our co-founder, David Garcia.

A True Underdog Story

Once the Collective Model went away, there was no protection for our delivery service. For three long years, we fought countless obstacles to remain operational. Ultimately, we had to partner with a dispensary in Port Hueneme in order to join the licensed and regulated cannabis industry.

Both of our companies experienced significant growth, and at the end of our 22-month contract, Tree Factory was presented with an opportunity to acquire the failing Leaf & Lion dispensary in Port Hueneme. To find a brick and mortar in our backyard that we can fully own was a dream come true for Tree Factory.

June 1st, 2021

On June 1st, 2021, we acquired ownership of the floundering Leaf & Lion dispensary on Channel Islands Blvd. Within the first month of taking over, we were able to increase sales by over 600%. What began as a crew of five members in a garage has grown to a staff of 25 close-knit employees. We’re proud to now be operating out of a fully functional, legal, and licensed retail storefront. And the best part is, this is just the beginning.

We have rolled out a loyalty rewards program that is sure to benefit all of our customers both dispensary and delivery. Guests can expect collaborations with their favorite brands, unbeatable incentive programs, educational blog & social media content, plus a constantly updated menu of California’s best cannabis products.

Cosmetic changes are currently being made to the former Leaf & Lion dispensary in order to maximize the customer experience and transition into our branded, flagship dispensary. Our vision moving forward is to create a more personable and convenient shopping experience inside the store, curbside, and for delivery.

Tree Factory’s official dispensary in Port Hueneme is our seed that’s finally sprouting. We invite you to come and grow with us.

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