Tree Factory is extremely proud of the individuals that make up our team. From our dispensary to our dispatch and delivery, everyone here is like family. A large number of our staff have been with us for multiple years, some even from the beginning. With several actual family members working with us, we believe in making our employees feel like blood. Monica has been with us since our dispensary at 537 Channel Islands Blvd in Port Hueneme came under our ownership. She has since become an integral part of our dispensary team.

Monica has a long-standing history in the medicinal field that makes her knowledge and customer care, unlike your typical budtender. She has an animated personality that makes everyone laugh, smile, and feel welcome. In this dispensary staff spotlight, we’ll tell you a little bit more about one of our most entertaining and knowledgeable Tree Factory team members.

What’s Your History with Cannabis? Why Did You Choose Tree Factory?

Before making a lasting impact at Tree Factory, Monica spent 30 years in medicine, so to her “this isn’t a far leap.” Working in cannabis has allowed her to continue helping people find their healing for years to come.

To her, she says that means “developing a truly personalized approach to finding products for patients.” Monica’s main goal while working at Tree Factory is to show open-mindedness and awareness of the healing properties of cannabis. She wants to engage the older generations to share in a shared experience and to know it’s more than just for fun.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Working at Tree Factory?

Monica doesn’t just talk the talk. She expressed one of her favorite things is the potential to grow. “Tree Factory will be a household name for cannabis. Apart from the traditionally younger crowd,” she says “it isn’t just for the young folks I want the older group to understand there’s no stigma and plenty of helpful and friendly budtenders to help navigate the process.”

When chatting with Monica, you could say that she sees her job as more than tending a counter. For her, the ability to make an impact and help with healing is a huge draw of working at Tree Factory.

Describe Cannabis Culture in Port Hueneme/Ventura County. Where Do We Fit In?

Monica was confident in her answer, “there’s something special about Tree Factory.” To her, the people and variety from day to day mean she can help more people navigate the medical and recreational process. Although the demographic of consumers tends to skew young, Monica knows there’s room for everyone at Tree Factory. According to her, “it’s exciting to see Tree Factory become a bigger and better name in the California market.”

Most Popular Product Type?

As far as her location, she says “anything infused” you’ll find flying off the shelves. She says that’s due in part to the high-quality infused products you can find at Tree Factory. From joints to blunts and more, there’s something exciting about infused products.

Best-Selling Brands?

“People love their Baby Jeeters!” Monica was quick to explain sometimes people just want an effortless experience. “Another local trend are STIIIZY products. Those go so quickly.” Monica thinks that these brands offer the perfect balance between potency and affordability.

Favorite Types of Consumption? Favorite Brands?

Her personal choices are pipes and flower, and Monica explained to her it’s more than high THC content that draws her in. Monica told us she loves fresh, fruity flavors and recommended Almora for her favorite products as well as Moxie vapes when wanting a discreet experience.

How has Tree Factory Navigated COVID?

While more people settle into a new normal Tree Factory has been committed to doing all they can to keep customers and staff safe. Monica explained, “from sanitizing to following guidelines and providing masks to those shopping we’ve been able to continually provide for our community while being safe.” She said she is proud to work at a place that takes the health of everyone there seriously.

The main point to take away from Monica? “Cannabis can provide profound healing and community and should be respected. It isn’t just for kids, and the stigma surrounding it needs to be squashed.” You can find Monica at Tree Factory serving up wisdom and quality recommendations. Stop in and ask her about her favorite flower or chat about your day.

If you ever have a positive experience with any of our team members, please feel free to leave us a review online. We strive to create the most welcoming atmosphere possible in our dispensary, and the most professional and convenient service for our delivery. Visit our online store to start shopping for your favorites now.

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