STIIIZY is not only a top-selling brand at Tree Factory, but arguably one of the biggest brands in California’s legal cannabis market. Built originally as a premium lifestyle brand based out of LA, they had celebrity endorsements from the jump. Widely known for their sleek STIIIZY Pods and customizable vaporizers, they’ve since expanded to offer flower, disposable vapes, edibles, and more. 

Founder, James Jim, built STIIIZY under the three pillars of “Influence, Innovate, Inspire.” Now after over 6 years in the game, they’ve become a booming cannabis company operating out of multiple states. Currently, they’re in California, Washington, Nevada, Michigan, and most recently, Arizona. They’ve gotten so big that some people even mistake their name for STIZZY, STEEZY, STIIZY, or even more out there.

Tree Factory is the biggest STIIIZY store in Ventura County, hands down. We carry the largest inventory of STIIIZY vapes, STIIIZY Pods, Disposables, Live Rosin, Live Resin, Flower, Edibles, 40s Multipacks, 40s Mini-Blunts, and Pre-Rolls. Our commitment to providing our loyal customers with the freshest and newest STIIIZY products is incomparable. 

If you’re new to cannabis and want to try something easy and fun, STIIIZY products might be the most accessible place for you to start. STIIIZY vapes, LIIIL disposables, and their NEW 1G disposables are incredibly easy to use. Not to mention, we always have a huge selection to choose from at our Port Hueneme dispensary and for delivery.

With any cannabis product that STIIIZY makes, you’re sure to get exactly what you paid for. They maintain rigorous quality and consistency across all of their products. We’ve compiled a simple guide to STIIIZY products at Tree Factory to help anyone get more familiar.

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STIIIZY Battery vs BIIIG vs LIIIL vs 1G Disposable

STIIIZY goes above and beyond when it comes to cannabis vapes and their patented Pod system. Their original battery comes in a huge variety of colors and skins and retains a strong battery life. At Tree Factory, you can always find a wide number of colors for our STIIIZY starter kits. These are available in-store and for delivery. STIIIZY’s BIIIG battery holds a longer charge than the original and is only slightly bigger in size. 

There are now two different types of disposable vapes that STIIIZY offers: the LIIIL .5g disposable, and their NEW 1-gram disposable vape. In either of these disposable vapes, you can find distillate flavors and live resin pods to suit your needs. If you’re just starting out, these might be the easiest and most discreet form of consumption. To any casual onlooker, these look and (nearly) smell like any other nicotine vape. Try either of these vapes for easy smoking on the go and terpenes you can taste down to the last drop.

Tree Factory Carries All Of The Freshest STIIIZY Products

If you’re searching for the best dispensary and delivery service in Ventura County for STIIIZY products, we have the most consistent and sizable selection. Whether you’re looking for STIIIZY flower, pre-rolls, vapes, disposables, 40s products, or concentrates, we are the best local STIIIZY store. Any of STIIIZY’s products are available for delivery from us in Oxnard, Ventura, Port Hueneme, Camarillo, Santa Paula, Santa Barbara, Malibu, and Thousand Oaks. Or, you can stop by our cannabis dispensary at 437 W Channel Islands BLVD in Port Hueneme, CA. Other STIIIZY stores don’t come close to our level of selection and price options.

Product Recommendations

The nice thing about STIIIZY is that they keep it consistent with their products. They’ve stuck with essentially the same roster of strains since the beginning, only expanding on that classic library. STIIIZY produces so many different products on our menu that it may be hard to arrive at a decision. The following recommendations are some of our favorite STIIIZY cannabis products you can easily find at Tree Factory’s dispensary in Port Hueneme and for delivery throughout Ventura County. 


STIIIZY’s Pods go with their original battery and their more powerful BIIIG battery pack and pack unbeatable flavor. Two popular half-gram pods we often sell at Tree Factory include their Biscotti and Strawnana strains. Biscotti is a celebrity indica strain that comes from crossing Gelato 25 and South Florida OG. The flavor is reminiscent of sugary cookies and diesel-like gas. Users note a high that might be relaxing, yet buzzing and creative. Strawnana is a hybrid cross between Banana Kush and Bubblegum and is known for its sweet, devilishly fruity flavors. Users say this strain may produce uplifting and peaceful effects that might help you maintain throughout the day.


STIIIZY goes above and beyond to allow its customers access to their potent cannabis oil on the go. Their LIIIL disposable vapes come in half-grams with a huge variety of strains to choose from. These disposables smoke down to the last drop without hurting your lungs in the slightest. Our most popular half-gram disposable from STIIIZY has to be their Gelato strain. This disposable vape packs tremendous flavor and all of your favorite sweet, doughy, and gassy Gelato flavors. A few other half-gram disposables our customers often reach for include Birthday Cake, Blue Burst, Biscotti, Watermelon Z, and Dosidos. You can now find all of STIIIZY’s popular vape pod flavors in their NEW 1-gram disposable vapes. 


STIIIZY’s concentrates are extremely tasty so why wouldn’t their flower be too? We carry a number of eighths of flower from STIIIZY that customers often enjoy smoking after trying one of their vapes. Blue Burst has been a popular strain from them in both vape and flower form. This indica-dominant flower has a sour, fruity, and berry-like flavor that may promote a calming euphoria. Our other most popular eighth from STIIIZY is their STIIIZY Cake. This strain doesn’t miss on piney and earthy flavors and potentially sedative highs.

STIIIZY has totally reimagined its pre-packaged flower line with three new “labels” of flower. You can now find STIIIZY flower (in addition to their original 8ths) in three tiers of quality and price point: White Label, Grey Label, and Black Label. As it seems, the White Label bags contain their more affordable sun-grown cannabis. While the Grey Label is their mixed-light, and the Black Label is their premium indoor.

A few favorites from the White Label line include Cereal Milk, Cupcakez, Cookies & Cream, Rainbow Kush, and Orange Kush. These bags typically go for $15.99-$16.47 plus tax. Some of the best Grey Label strains include Banana Cream Cake, Frozen Grapez, Jealousy Pie, and Bubblegum Gelato. You can grab these bags for typically $22.39 plus tax. And finally, a few premium hitters from the Black Label are London Purpz, Grape Sorbet, Apple Mintz, and Blackberry Gelato. Black Label bags run for around $27.99 plus tax. Shop STIIIZY flower now.

NEW STIIIZY 40’s Infused Pre-Rolls

STIIIZY has once again set the standard with their new 40’s infused pre-rolls and blunts. These high-potency cannabis-infused joints are coated with an even layer of kief. Then, using their proprietary live resin infusion methods, they’ve made sure each pre-roll offers 40% cannabinoids (THC) along with a unique flavor. You’ll notice smooth inhales with each puff along with tasteful exhales. Premium cannabis flower is the source for each 40’s product to ensure potency and potentially long-lasting highs.

At Tree Factory, we have all of the newest 40’s products from STIIIZY. These include premium infused 1-gram joints, .5G pre-rolls, .5G multi-packs, and now even 2-gram blunts, and .5G multi-packs of mini-blunts. Some of their most popular 40’s strains include Biscotti, Blue Burst, Purple Punch, Pink Acai, and Strawnana.

LIIIT Pre-Rolls

STIIIZY’s whole flower pre-rolls are called LIIITs and we sell a ton of them. These are full-gram pre-rolls that come with all of the same potency and flavor as their eighths of flower. Biscotti continues to be our most popular strain whether that’s pre-rolls, flower, or disposable vapes. This delicious strain has been keeping our customers happy with its potentially relaxing highs and fruity berry taste. 

Our other top-selling pre-roll is the STIIIZY OG full-gram that’s brimming with sweet, piney, and diesel-like aromas. Perfect for smoking on the go, these two pre-rolls might spice up your evening or help you wind it down effortlessly.


Daily dabbers that are looking for something that consistently presents flavor, potency, and visual appeal in one place should consider STIIIZY’s concentrates. Tree Factory currently carries an array of live resin and live rosin concentrates from STIIIZY that are brimming with terps and never let you down. Hands-down, a customer favorite is their Bubblegum Gelato live resin diamonds and sauce. Big, potent THCA diamonds rest in a pool of bubbly, candylike, and sugary terp sauce.

Our second most prominent concentrate from STIIIZY is their Ice Grape Sorbet Live Rosin. This creamy, fruity, and sweet live rosin is brimming with delicious terpenes that will paint a smile on your face. A few dabs of this solventless live rosin might make you feel incredibly blissful, relaxed, and happy.

Tree Factory is your hub for all of the best STIIIZY cannabis products and accessories in Ventura County. Other STIIIZY stores always fall short. We deliver to every area in the county and now have a dispensary in Port Hueneme off Channel Islands Blvd to better serve our customers. Visit our online menu to see what’s available before you place your order for delivery, curbside, or express in-store pickup. We now even offer cashless Debit Card transactions for delivery customers! Order online and discover your new favorite STIIIZY store today.

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