Since at least the 1970s, cruising low-riders on Saviers Road has been part of the culture of Oxnard, California. This road in particular holds a significant amount of history for the people of Oxnard, as well as the Tree Factory family. There’s even a song by Anderson.Paak that he named after this legendary road on his 2018 Oxnard album.

Saviers Road has always been a cultural hub and landmark. It’s infamously known as the place to be seen in Oxnard. Not only does the historic one-mile stretch of road divide the city from East to West, but it’s also known as the place to cruise and be seen. It’s not uncommon to find the street covered in customized cars with music blasting and chrome shining. Prior to legalization, this corridor served as a known area to meet up and even pick up cannabis. Saviers Road is one of the main streets in Oxnard, CA. This explains why it has such a rich history of being a hub for people to connect and cruise.

Cruise Nights On Saviers Road

Cruise night is a culture in Oxnard, and car enthusiasts with roots in the city keep it alive. Saviers Road was a place to be seen and show off your vintage wheels back in the 1970s onward. To this day, the city of Oxnard still comes out to cruise Saviers Road for special occasions. One of the last notable cruises was when the Dodgers won the World Series last year.

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Anderson.Paak & Oxnard

Famous singer/songwriter/rapper Anderson.Paak is originally from Oxnard. In 2018, he released an album under the same name, showing love to different parts of the city throughout the album. One song, in particular, has the title “Saviers Road,” and features a funky beat that you could definitely cruise to. Paak details selling drugs to people who no longer believe, weaving a metaphor surrounding the doubt others had in him, and the faith he had in God that led to his success. There’s definite wordplay at hand with the title “Saviers” being easily interchangeable with “savior’s.”

Tree Factory Was Born On Saviers Road

Tree Factory has extremely humble beginnings and they all start on this road. Back in 2015, our founder David and his brother Angel wanted to provide Ventura County with safe access to the best cannabis products in California. We were initially operating out of a garage on this infamous road with a four-light grow when we first established our Ventura County cannabis delivery service. We know this area like the back of our hands and have spent countless hours cruising Saviers throughout our lives.

Saviers Road Pre-Roll

Keeping all of this history in mind, we’re proud to announce the first product from Tree Factory Cultivation—the Saviers Road indica pre-roll. Our Saviers Road pre-roll is only for sale at our Tree Factory dispensary in Port Hueneme, as well as for delivery to all of Ventura County. This one-gram pre-roll currently comes with over 20% THC and is available in limited supply.

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