Since 2015, Raw Garden has been producing Clean Green-certified cannabis oils. Today, they indisputably hold the title of California’s best-selling cannabis extract company. Tree Factory proudly stocks the latest and finest products from Raw Garden, which our customers adore for their in-house crafted unique strains, unwavering flavor consistency, and affordable pricing.

Raw Garden is renowned for its Raw Garden Live Resin and Refined Live Resin Products, ensuring that no artificial additives contaminate their extracts. They’ve recently gone even cleaner and brought Live Hash into the mix. Whether it’s their 510 thread cartridges, disposables, 1-gram dabs, or hash-infused pre-roll 3-packs, Raw Garden relies on using zero additives. They exclusively extract pure cannabis oil and terpenes for their product lines. 

A key contributor to Raw Garden’s consistent flavor profile is their cutting-edge harvesting method, involving the utilization of a state-of-the-art Cryogenic freezing technique immediately after harvest. This technique preserves the essence of the cannabis plant, keeping it alive throughout the extraction process, thus preventing any loss of natural flavors or aromas.

Our menu at Tree Factory regularly features a variety of Raw Garden products. We fight to ensure our customers have convenient access to a brand committed to producing the purest products possible. For those seeking the most enjoyable and discreet way to consume cannabis while on the move, Raw Garden’s vape cartridges are unbeatable. Additionally, their dabs offer exceptional flavor and affordability, making them a formidable competitor in the market. They’ve also put out a new affordable brand, Everdrop, that produces infused pre-roll packs that don’t break the bank! Below, you’ll find a complete and up-to-date guide to Raw Garden’s award-winning product range at Tree Factory Oxnard. Product availability may vary, so check online to see what’s in stock!

World-Class Genetics

Raw Garden’s breeding program serves as the cornerstone of their business. Their in-house research team, consisting of Ph.D. and MSc scientists, actively applies decades of academic and industry expertise in plant breeding, genomics, biotechnology, integrated pest management, and data science. They employ these collective minds to select and cultivate strains that meet specific criteria, such as enhancing yields, reducing water consumption, bolstering disease and pest resistance, optimizing pesticide and fertilizer usage, implementing automated harvesting, and more. The consistently exceptional taste of Raw Garden’s products results from a paramount commitment to science and rigorous research throughout the production process.

Updated Guide To Raw Garden Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Refined Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridges & Disposables

Raw Garden’s Refined Live Resin cartridges claim the title of the top-selling vape product in the state of California, without a doubt. These cartridges consistently deliver the utmost in potency and flavor, making them the premier choice for vapers in both Northern and Southern California. Raw Garden achieves this distinction by employing cryogenically frozen cannabis for extraction, utilizing a blend of cannabis oil and terpenes to craft an exceptional product that refuses to compromise on quality. Presently, our inventory includes Raw Garden’s Refined Live Resin cartridges in 0.3g, 0.5g, and full-gram sizes. Additionally, we offer their disposables, each containing 0.3g of ready-to-smoke oil. Here are some of our best-selling strains.

Cloud Cake (86% THC)

The Cloud Cake strain emerges from the fusion of Wedding Cake and Cloud Chaser. This hybrid strain exudes an aroma and flavor profile that delivers notes of sweet flowers, sugar, and a subtle doughy undertone. Users might experience a euphoric, stimulating, yet stress-relieving high when consuming Cloud Cake. Try Raw Garden’s Cloud Cake refined live resin vape at Tree Factory.

Garlic Cookies (84% THC)

The fusion of Chemdawg and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) results in Garlic Cookies, an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts a renowned distinct profile. This strain emits a potent garlic aroma, complementing it with savory undertones for a truly unique flavor experience. A few hits might induce potent relaxation and euphoria. Garlic Cookies’ potentially potent effects might make it particularly effective for alleviating stress, relieving pain, and combating insomnia. Grab your classic Raw Garden Garlic Cookies vapes at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Blue Dream (84.6% THC)

Blue Dream, a renowned and versatile cannabis strain, originates from a cross between Blueberry and Haze strains. It offers a sweet berry aroma and fruity taste. This strain typically contains moderate levels of THC and might deliver uplifting, creative, and relaxing effects. This has made Blue Dream a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts for its versatility and broad appeal. You can’t go wrong with Raw Garden Blue Dream refined live resin vapes at Tree Factory.

Updated Guide To Raw Garden Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Sweet Fire Funk (89% THC)

Raw Garden’s Sweet Fire Funk strain emerges from a cross between Sweet Leeroy and Funk N Fire, crafting a hybrid with delightful notes of kush, flowers, and sugar. A single hit of this refined live resin vape might have the power to swiftly alleviate stress and elevate your spirits. You can experience this exceptional strain at Tree Factory Oxnard, where it awaits to potentially enhance your day.

Dojo Kush (89% THC)

Dojo Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid, is created by crossing Dosi Punch and Triangle Kush strains. It might swiftly bring on a sense of happiness and calm, followed by physical sedation, potentially making it an excellent choice for alleviating conditions like chronic pain, cramps, stress, PTSD, and depression. This strain offers a classic flavor profile of sweet and spicy earthiness with a subtle nutty finish, while its aroma combines earthy, herbal notes with a touch of skunkiness. Kush lovers can rejoice in Raw Garden Dojo Kush refined live resin vapes available at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Sour Melon (86% THC)

Sour Melon, a sativa-dominant hybrid, results from crossing Watermelon Zkittlez and 8813 strains. This strain offers a delightful blend of sweet and sour flavors, often featuring fruity, tropical notes with hints of citrus and earthiness. Sour Melon is prized for its potentially energizing and uplifting effects, making it great for daytime use. Users frequently report potentially heightened focus, creativity, and an overall sense of well-being when indulging in this strain. Some individuals might also turn to Sour Melon to manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. A Sour Melon refined live resin vape from Raw Garden might perk your day right up. Find them at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Updated Guide To Raw Garden Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Crushed Diamond & Live Hash Infused Pre-Roll 3-Packs

Innovation never stops at Raw Garden, and they’ve met the recent demand for powerfully infused pre-rolls with their new 3-packs. They’ve given the customer two outstanding options: solventless Live Hash Infused Pre-Roll Packs and Crushed Diamond Infused Pre-Roll Packs. With the Live Hash packs only costing $23.99 plus tax, and the Crushed Diamond packs at just $22.39 plus tax, you can’t go wrong! These 3-packs total 1.75g of premium flower and extracts to potentially pack a serious punch. Check out some of the most popular flavors we’ve been pushing at Tree Factory below.

Ice Cream Cake #2 Live Hash 3pk (58% THC)

Ice Cream Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, resulting from the crossbreeding of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. It is characterized by its sweet and creamy aroma and flavor. This strain delivers relaxing and euphoric effects, making it a popular choice for stress and pain relief among cannabis enthusiasts. Raw Garden’s #2 pheno has subtle hints of skunk and comes in 3-packs of Live Hash infused pre-rolls at Tree Factory.

Apple Fritter Live Hash 3pk (54.5% THC)

The Apple Fritter strain, is born from a cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies strains. This strain emits a sweet, fruity aroma with hints of apple and spices, complemented by a flavor that combines baked goods with tropical fruits. Apple Fritter might deliver a pleasant relaxing body high and a tangible cerebral uplift. Users often turn to it for potential relief from stress, anxiety, and pain, as it promotes relaxation and euphoria. One of our most popular strains, Raw Garden’s Apple Fritter Live Hash infused pre-roll 3-pack has been a top-seller at our shop.

Lemon Cream Cake Live Hash 3pk (54.1% THC)

Raw Garden’s Lemon Cream Cake strain combines Lemonade, Jack Punch, and Kosher Chem strains, resulting in a delightful sativa hybrid with sugary, citrus, and creamy flavors. This strain might deliver uplifting and euphoric effects, making it an ideal choice for a refreshing, energizing, and mood-enhancing high. You can find Lemon Cream Cake Live Hash infused pre-roll 3-packs by Raw Garden at Tree Factory Oxnard while supplies last.

Wedding Cake Live Hash 3pk (56.4% THC)

Wedding Cake, a world-famous indica-dominant hybrid, results from crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies strains. It delivers a sweet, tangy flavor with hints of vanilla and potentially offers relaxing, euphoric effects. This strain is favored for potential stress, anxiety, and pain relief due to its high THC content. A top-seller without a doubt, customers love Raw Garden’s 3-packs of Wedding Cake Live Hash infused pre-rolls.

Sweeties Live Hash 3pk (58% THC)

The Sweeties strain results from crossbreeding The White, Tahoe OG, and GSC, which was subsequently bred with Face Off Bx1. With an array of influential genetics, Sweeties exhibits a diverse range of aromas, encompassing sweet, ginger, honey, and lemon notes, along with distinct OG fuel undertones. When consumed Sweeties might deliver a euphoric and uplifting high, making it an excellent choice for a relaxed Saturday afternoon. Pick up Sweeties Live Hash infused pre-roll 3-packs by Raw Garden at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Updated Guide To Raw Garden Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Gelato Clouds Crushed Diamonds 3pk (51% THC)

Raw Garden’s Gelato Clouds is a robust indica hybrid born from the fusion of Gelato 41, Skywalker, and Sour Stomper strains. This genetic amalgamation yields a distinctive flavor profile with fruity and floral notes, underscored by the unmistakable presence of Kush. Gelato Clouds might deliver a relaxing and euphoric experience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking something powerful yet potentially balancing. Snag your Raw Garden Gelato Clouds Crushed Diamonds infused pre-roll 3-packs at Tree Factory in Port Hueneme now.

Updated Guide To Raw Garden Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Live Resin Concentrates

Raw Garden prioritizes terpenes, a fact evident in their live resin concentrates. They achieve this by utilizing cannabis grown in-house, immediately freezing it upon harvest to safeguard flavor and potency. They employ butane gas as a solvent to extract full-spectrum live resin and THCA diamonds, a method renowned for preserving abundant terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. Customers enthusiastically endorse their Live Resin, Refined Live Resin Diamonds, Refined Live Resin Crushed Diamonds, and Live Sauce. At Tree Factory, we consistently stock multiple options of these concentrate types. Here are some of the best-sellers we carry.

Chem Diesel Live Sauce (79% THC)

Chem Diesel, a potent hybrid strain resulting from the crossbreeding of Chemdawg and Sour Diesel, boasts a high THC content and a pungent aroma with diesel and chemical notes. It might deliver an uplifting and energizing cerebral high, enhancing creativity and focus while also providing mild relaxation. This strain is popular for both recreational enjoyment and potential relief from conditions like stress, depression, and pain. It carries legendary genetics from its parent strains, making it a well-regarded choice in the cannabis community. Discover potentially classic highs from Raw Garden’s 1g Chem Diesel Live Sauce at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Key Lime Refined Live Resin Diamonds (84.8% THC)

Key Lime is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, typically made by crossing Key Lime Pie with other strains like Girl Scout Cookies or Durban Poison. It might offer a balanced high, providing an uplifting and euphoric mental state along with a relaxing body effect. For these reasons, it is often a favorite of daytime smokers. This strain is well-known for its zesty citrus aroma and flavor, resembling its namesake fruit. A few hits might provide relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. Put some pep in your step with a dab of Raw Garden’s 1g Key Lime Refined Live Resin Diamonds available at Tree Factory.

Garlic Cookies Live Resin (71% THC)

As we brought up earlier, the Garlic Cookies strain comes from crossing Chemdawg with GSC. A few hits might induce a highly potent relaxation and euphoria. Garlic Cookies’ potentially potent effects might make it particularly effective for alleviating stress, relieving pain, and combating insomnia. Raw Garden also produces some incredible 1g Garlic Cookies live resin dabs that we carry at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Apple Fritter Crushed Diamonds (80.7% THC)

Apple Fritter might be the strain of the year. Sweet pastry flavors and highs that might be purely uplifting, regal, and stress-relieving. If you haven’t had Raw Garden’s 1g Apple Fritter Crushed Diamonds, you don’t know true power and flavor yet. Find this popular strain on our menu at Tree Factory. Check out our guide to the Best Apple Fritter Weed we carry featuring Raw Garden if you want to learn even more.

Dragon Glue Live Resin (81% THC)

Dragon Glue, also known as “Dragon Glue #4,” is a potent indica-dominant hybrid resulting from the crossbreeding of Gorilla Glue #4 and Geist OG strains. This strain is celebrated for its high THC levels and potentially robust effects. The strain contains a pungent aroma with earthy, diesel, pine, and citrus notes. It delivers strong relaxation and sedation, making it valuable for alleviating pain, muscle tension, and insomnia. Discover the potentially powerful sedation of Raw Garden 1g Dragon Glue Live Resin at Tree Factory in Oxnard.

Raspberry Strudel Live Resin (89% THC)

Raspberry Strudel, a newer strain with a lesser-known lineage (Raspberry Punch x Lemon Spice), is an indica-dominant hybrid celebrated for its delicious earthy berry aroma and flavor. Users commonly report potentially experiencing euphoria, happiness, and relaxation when consuming this dessert-like strain. Get your hands on 1g Raspberry Strudel live resin dabs by Raw Garden at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Updated Guide To Raw Garden Products At Tree Factory Oxnard


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