Oxnard, California is a beautiful coastal city in Ventura County. Sandy shorelines, gorgeous parks, and panoramic views make this area desirable to anyone seeking sun and serenity. If you’re looking for THC products or vape carts, edibles, or more, Tree Factory Dispensary & Delivery stands out as the most trusted and reliable cannabis service in the Oxnard area. When you search Tree Factory Oxnard, Weed Delivery Oxnard, or even Dispensary Near Me Oxnard, we are the local choice in the area for cannabis delivery and retail.

Tree Factory and Oxnard hold a special connection because it’s where we founded our original delivery service in 2015-2016. In a garage right off of Saviers Rd. in Oxnard, Tree Factory delivery service came to life from the efforts of local brothers David and Angel Garcia.

Tree Factory Is Oxnard’s Most Trusted Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Service

At Tree Factory, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of high-quality cannabis products to the people of Oxnard. Our carefully selected selection includes top-grade flower strains, pure concentrates, delicious edibles, and soothing topicals, catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to cannabis.

In Oxnard, Tree Factory’s friendly and knowledgeable team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about strains, need dosage recommendations, or simply want to explore the world of cannabis, we’re dedicated to providing guidance and support. We believe in creating a welcoming environment where everyone can feel comfortable on their personal cannabis journey. 

If you’re new to the Oxnard area, let us be your local guides and offer some key points and ideas to get more familiar with this beautiful city. We’ll also give you some information on what the local weed culture and scene are like in this gorgeous area.

Tree Factory Oxnard Cannabis Delivery

The Largest Selection Of Cannabis Products In Oxnard

Ordering cannabis online from Tree Factory in Oxnard for delivery is extremely quick and effortless. With just a few clicks, you can explore our extensive range of products conveniently categorized for easy browsing. From premium flower strains, potent concentrates, and tasty edibles to soothing topicals, we have something for every preference and need. Our user-friendly online platform provides a seamless ordering process, allowing you to select your favorite products and schedule a delivery that fits your schedule.

If you prefer a more personalized experience, our nearby Tree Factory dispensary in Port Hueneme is easily accessible, providing a welcoming atmosphere where you can explore our huge selection of California’s best brands firsthand. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in finding the perfect cannabis products tailored to your preferences and provide expert advice to enhance your experience. When you shop with us, you become part of our family.

At Tree Factory, we understand the importance of competitive pricing. That’s why we strive to offer our customers the best prices in the area without compromising on quality. We believe that everyone should have access to top-quality cannabis products at affordable prices. Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without breaking the bank.

Whether you choose the convenience of online delivery or visit our dispensary in Port Hueneme, Tree Factory in Oxnard is dedicated to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. Discover the ease of ordering online, the satisfaction of exploring our diverse product categories, and the unbeatable pricing that sets us apart as your trusted cannabis provider in Oxnard and beyond.

Popular Cannabis Brands In Oxnard

At Tree Factory in Oxnard, we take immense pride in carrying a wide selection of the best-selling and popular cannabis brands. From STIIIZY, Raw Garden, Elyon, Hush, Dabwoods, West Coast Cure, FEELZ, Big Chief, Punch Extracts, Jeeter, to LOLO, we offer an array of products that cater to diverse preferences. Whether you’re looking for vape cartridges, concentrates, flower, or edibles, our inventory ensures that you’ll find the products you love from the trusted brands you know. Experience the excellence and variety of these popular brands at Tree Factory, your premier cannabis destination in Oxnard.

Discounts + Dispensary & Delivery Schedule

Tree Factory’s dispensary at 437 W Channel Islands Blvd in Port Hueneme, CA is open seven days a week from 9 AM to 9 PM. Our cannabis delivery service is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 7PM. We only require a minimum purchase of $30 to qualify for free local delivery to the Oxnard area.

At Tree Factory, we celebrate our veterans by offering them 15% off in-store, and 10% off delivery daily. Seniors are also able to secure 10% off in-store and for delivery every day. Discounts do not stack with any other promotional offers. We even give students 10% off with valid student IDs.

Oxnard: The Strawberry Capital Of The World

Oxnard, situated in Ventura County, California, has a captivating history that encompasses various intriguing elements. The city was first established in 1903 by Henry T. Oxnard and his brothers, who laid the foundation for its agricultural prominence through the establishment of the American Beet Sugar Company. Oxnard’s fertile soil and mild climate proved ideal for sugar beet cultivation, leading to the city becoming a flourishing center for this crop early on.

During World War II, Oxnard played a crucial role in the nation’s defense efforts. It was home to the Oxnard Army Air Field, which provided training to pilots for combat missions. Furthermore, the nearby Port Hueneme served as a significant naval port, contributing to vital naval operations during the war.

Embracing its agricultural heritage, Oxnard proudly bears the title of the “Strawberry Capital of the World.” The city’s favorable coastal climate and fertile soil create optimal conditions for growing the most incredible strawberries you’ve ever seen.

Over time, Oxnard has diversified its economy, expanding beyond agriculture. The city has developed into a notable manufacturing hub, particularly in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and biotechnology. This diversification has bolstered Oxnard’s economic growth and provided opportunities for employment and innovation.

Oxnard’s cultural landscape is marked by its diverse community. With a significant Latino population, the city celebrates its multicultural heritage through events like the Oxnard Salsa Festival, which showcases Latin music, dance, and cuisine. These vibrant celebrations reflect the rich tapestry of Oxnard’s unique cultural fabric.

Historical landmarks add further depth to Oxnard’s heritage. Heritage Square, a collection of meticulously restored Victorian and Craftsman homes, offers a glimpse into the city’s past, while the Mullin Automotive Museum displays a remarkable collection of vintage automobiles.

Oxnard’s natural beauty is also a prominent aspect of its visual allure. The city boasts stunning coastal areas and pristine beaches, including Silver Strand Beach and Mandalay Beach, attracting locals and visitors alike. These coastal gems provide opportunities for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, enhancing the quality of life for Oxnard residents.

Lastly, Oxnard has left its mark in the realm of entertainment, serving as a filming location for various movies and TV shows. Productions such as “The Karate Kid” and “Little Miss Sunshine” have utilized Oxnard’s scenic beauty as a backdrop for their storytelling, further enhancing the city’s charm.

Through its history shaped by agriculture, industry, cultural diversity, natural beauty, and even Hollywood connections, Oxnard has emerged as a captivating city that offers a blend of fascinating elements for residents and visitors alike to explore and enjoy.

The Growing Cannabis Culture In Oxnard

Cannabis culture in Oxnard, CA has experienced significant developments in recent years due to the evolving legal landscape surrounding cannabis. With the legalization of recreational cannabis in California in 2016 through Proposition 64, Oxnard residents gained access to legal cannabis for personal use. This has led to a shift in attitudes and an increase in acceptance of cannabis within the community.

Oxnard is home to several licensed cannabis dispensaries, where individuals can purchase a wide range of cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and more. These establishments provide a regulated and safe environment for adults to access cannabis. Additionally, the city has medical cannabis dispensaries that cater to patients with valid medical marijuana recommendations, offering specialized products and services to individuals seeking relief from various medical conditions.

The cultural perception of cannabis has gradually shifted in Oxnard, as it has in many parts of California. While some stigma may still exist, cannabis use is increasingly viewed as a normal and acceptable recreational and medicinal choice by many residents. The legalization of cannabis has also led to the emergence of cannabis-themed events and activities. Oxnard hosts cannabis industry conferences, cannabis-infused dining experiences, and cannabis product showcases, promoting education, advocacy, and community building within the cannabis community.

Oxnard’s proximity to other popular cannabis destinations in California, such as Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, has positioned the city as a potential stop for cannabis tourism. Visitors may explore the local cannabis scene, visit dispensaries, and engage in cannabis-related experiences while enjoying Oxnard’s other attractions.

Recognizing the need for social equity and diversity within the cannabis industry, Oxnard has implemented programs to promote equal access and participation. These social equity programs aim to address past injustices related to cannabis prohibition and provide opportunities for individuals from marginalized communities to enter and thrive in the industry.

While cannabis is legal in California, it is important for individuals to be mindful of regulations and restrictions. Adhering to age restrictions, consumption guidelines, and respecting public spaces where cannabis use may be prohibited is essential. As cannabis culture continues to evolve in Oxnard, staying informed and practicing responsible engagement with cannabis-related activities is crucial. Tree Factory has always been Oxnard’s most trusted cannabis delivery service, providing legal cannabis products to the area since 2016.

Cannabis Delivery & Retail On Your Terms

Tree Factory is one of the oldest and most trusted cannabis delivery and retail services in Oxnard, offering a unique experience tailored to your preferences. With the fastest local delivery in the area, we ensure that your cannabis products reach you promptly. What sets us apart is our commitment to convenience. We have the lowest minimum purchase requirement to qualify for free delivery, making it accessible for everyone. At Tree Factory, we understand that your time is valuable, which is why we allow you to order ahead and schedule your delivery for a time that is most convenient for you. Whether you’re at home or on the go, our goal is to make your cannabis shopping experience seamless and on your terms.

Best Places To Eat In Oxnard

Oxnard, CA boasts a vibrant and diverse food scene that caters to various culinary preferences. If you just picked up some incredible cannabis products from Tree Factory and are looking for a place to grub down, Oxnard has options. From waterfront seafood establishments to authentic international cuisine, here are some popular places to eat in the city of Oxnard.

Located at the Channel Islands Harbor, The Waterside Restaurant and Wine Bar offers not only breathtaking waterfront views but also a delightful seafood-focused menu. Indulge in fresh oysters, grilled fish, and hand-cut steaks while enjoying the upscale ambiance and exceptional service.

For a taste of Brazil, Moqueca Brazilian Cuisine is a must-visit. This restaurant specializes in traditional Brazilian dishes, including feijoada (black bean stew), picanha (grilled beef), and moqueca (seafood stew). With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Moqueca brings the flavors of Brazil to Oxnard.

In downtown Oxnard, La Dolce Vita Ristorante takes you on a culinary journey to Italy. This family-owned eatery serves authentic Italian cuisine, featuring classic pasta dishes like lasagna and fettuccine alfredo, as well as mouthwatering veal and seafood preparations. Enjoy the inviting ambiance and exceptional service while savoring the taste of Italy.

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, Ichiban Japanese Restaurant is a popular choice. With an extensive menu of sushi rolls, sashimi, tempura, and other traditional Japanese dishes, Ichiban satisfies the cravings of sushi enthusiasts. The cozy setting and friendly staff contribute to an enjoyable dining experience.

For a unique culinary adventure, visit Tierra Sur at Herzog Wine Cellars. This farm-to-table restaurant combines locally sourced ingredients with innovative techniques to create flavorful dishes. Pair your meal with Herzog’s award-winning wines, enhancing the overall dining experience.

If you’re seeking a classic breakfast or brunch spot, Mrs. Olson’s Coffee Hut is a beloved local institution. Known for their generous portions and homemade dishes, this charming eatery serves hearty breakfast classics such as omelets, pancakes, and famous cinnamon rolls. Start your day right at Mrs. Olson’s.

For burger fanatics, Hook Burger is a go-to destination. Offering a variety of gourmet burgers, including options for vegetarians and vegans, Hook Burger satisfies cravings with its flavorful creations. The casual and laid-back atmosphere adds to the enjoyment of a delicious burger.

These establishments represent the diverse culinary offerings in Oxnard that appeal to any stoner. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood delicacies, international flavors, or comforting classics, the city’s food scene has something to please every palate. 

Oxnard Interesting Fact!

Oxnard is home to the annual California Strawberry Festival, typically held towards the end of May. This is one of the largest strawberry festivals in the United States. During this massive event, the city celebrates the region’s storied and booming strawberry industry. They also feature live entertainment, contests, delicious local food vendors, and other strawberry-themed activities.


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