Tree Factory’s success is built on the support of our local communities in Ventura County. We go out of our way to sponsor events in our area, donate to charities, give away free haircuts, and hold donation drives. As locals that were born and raised in Ventura County, we care deeply about enriching the area where we grew up. One of the biggest ways that you can help us continue to grow is by leaving us a review online. 

In our current digital age, reviews on major platforms such as Weedmaps, Google, and Yelp help us reach even more people. We want to know how your experience was shopping with us, and be honest! It’s through customer feedback, positive and/or constructive, that we can find out how to better serve you. Tree Factory truly values your business. Learn how to leave an online review for us and the impact it may have on each of the following platforms.


We work closely with Weedmaps to bring you our online ordering service. In California, Weedmaps is one of the largest ways potential customers discover your brand. If you ever have any feedback about your experience using Weedmaps to place an order with us, we want to know! Streamlining the ordering process and total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Visit this link to leave us an online review on Weedmaps about your experience shopping with us.


Google is the largest search engine in the world. People use Google Maps daily to guide them to any given destination. This is also where people often search for goods and services nearby. If you leave us an online review on Google, it will make us easier to find on Google Maps. Those searching for a “dispensary near me,” or “collective near me,” will more quickly find our listing. We want to hear your thoughts! Head to this link to leave us a review on Google and let us know if your needs were fully met.


Yelp is still a huge platform for people to discover the best restaurants, shopping, nightlife, food, entertainment, things to do, services, and more. Entirely built off of crowd-sourced reviews, Yelp is a driving force of new clientele for countless small and local businesses. Taking a moment to leave us a review about your experience using our dispensary or delivery service is tremendously helpful. Go to this link to provide your feedback about Tree Factory on Yelp.

Leaving an online review is free and only takes a second, and it helps us out more than you can imagine. The best way we can get better is by getting feedback directly from you! Let us know how we did so we can continue to grow and better serve our treasured clientele.

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