Monterey Kush Company operates out of Salinas, CA, and is currently the top-selling cannabis flower brand at Tree Factory. Since 2018, they’ve been bringing exceptional, high-quality greenhouse flower to the recreational and medical markets. Their secret is years of combined cannabis expertise working in harmony with traditional agricultural resources and personnel. The result is a powerhouse of cannabis cultivation and production in California’s market. Monterey Kush Co is known for producing premium eighths and pre-rolls.

Today, Monterey Kush Co is able to grow massive amounts of cannabis—we never run out. This is possible because of their over 500,000 square feet of commercial light-assisted and environmentally controlled greenhouse space. With such a large cultivation facility, Monterey is able to showcase a large rotating roster of unique varieties that are proprietary and foundational to cannabis culture and its history.

Our customers repeatedly come back to buy Monterey Kush Co products because they provide a consistent experience and affordable prices. When it comes to potent OG strains and trustworthy Gelato varieties, Monterey never misses the mark. Here are a few favorites from our menu that we recommend for any fan of flower.


707 Headband

The 707 Headband strain from Monterey Kush Co is a top-seller for us at Tree Factory. It is a cross between a Mendocino elite clone and True OG. This sativa-leaning hybrid bred by Humboldt Seed Organization may provide strong cerebral highs that are uplifting and invigorating. Cracking open a nug will hit you with a blast of tart lemons and dry wood. 

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Trop Cookies

Monterey Kush Co hit a home run with their take on Tropicana Cookies. This hybrid strain is a cross between GSC and Tangie. First bred by Harry Palms of Bloom Seed Co, this strain has evolved into a mainstay in the recreational market. Intense citrus notes that contain classic cookies flavors and potency make this strain a favorite among regular smokers. Monterey’s Trop Cookies has a similar feel, with their own unique spin on the genetics that may make it hit even harder. 


Chem 4

Chem 4, or Chemdawg #4, is a legendary strain from the medical days that acts as the backbone for several West Coast favorites. OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Stardawg, and more all descend from this cultivar. A 50/50 hybrid, this strain has a woody sweetness that dissolves into an earthy pine with an overarching chemical gas. Monterey Kush Co’s offering of the Chem 4 strain may provide you with a truly uplifting cerebral high that soothes stress.


Gelato Pie Blend

Made from smalls, Monterey Kush Co’s pre-rolls blend together their proprietary strains to produce joints that burn even and taste good. Their Gelato Pie strain comes in their 1.2-gram pre-rolls and has a sinfully sweet and doughy flavor that harkens to its parent genetics. With a total THC of 23.4%, our customers frequently pick up this flavorful and potent pre-roll.

Pie Walker Blend

Pie Walker is another popular pre-roll blend that we carry from Monterey Kush Co. This 1.2g pre-roll combines Pie Face #18 and Skywalker to give it the ideal blend of fruit and pure gas. This strain might provide a soothing high that uplifts the mind, yet calms the body. Customers frequently ask for this proprietary strain blend from Monterey Kush Co, it comes with 19.3% total THC, but definitely doesn’t skimp on terpene-rich flavor.

OGKB #19

Monterey Kush rolls their 1.2-gram pre-rolls with smalls immediately after its ground to ensure complete freshness. Their OGKB #19, or OG Kush Breath strain is the epitome of freshness and is said to be a descendant of GSC. With an earthy and herbal aroma, it shows off hints of nuts, berries, and vanilla. Smoking this strain might get you noticeably high, sending a tremendous calm throughout your body. 

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