Tree Factory is proud to have the most beneficial Loyalty Rewards Program in Ventura County. Our customers are our top priority, so we make sure they are taken care of. We love to reward them with outstanding savings, exclusive promotions, and double, even triple, points days. We now even have a “Spin The Wheel” function on our Signup page that gives you a great opportunity to save just for signing up. With all the savings we provide, customers might be wondering how to check their Loyalty Rewards points balance. 

Once you have signed up for our Loyalty Rewards Program, it’s simple to view your point balance either on desktop or mobile. All you have to do is head to and click/tap on the button that says “VIP Program Login/Join.” This will take you into our SpringBig platform where you’ll be able to log in using only your phone number and a 4-digit numerical password. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can also input your phone number to begin the enrollment process. It only takes a minute!

For merely signing up for Tree Factory’s Loyalty Rewards Program, we thank you with 20% off your next purchase. With the “Spin The Wheel” option, you have another opportunity to win a separate, even bigger prize. Once you’re signed up, you can begin getting access to huge savings and epic deals. Rewards members also receive daily text alerts from us about the most up-to-date sales and promos going on at the dispensary.

Customers Receive 20% Off When They Sign Up For Tree Factory’s Loyalty Rewards Program

Logging In/Viewing Points Balance

After you’ve put your phone number into SpringBig, it will ask for your 4-digit pin number password. You will then be taken to your home screen where you can view your personal information. If you scroll down you can check what your interests are for more thoughtful product recommendations. If you click on the ribbon icon with the star in the middle on the bottom menu bar it will take you over to the Deals page. 

Here at the top of the page, it will show you how many points you have available to redeem. Scrolling down will reveal the myriad of rewards that are available based on your number of points. Tapping or clicking on the picture of the deal will allow you to use it if you have the proper points balance.

Redeeming Points

For every dollar spent at Tree Factory, you earn one point. We have a tiered system for rewarding our customers based on the number of points they are redeeming. It’s broken down into eight tiers. Customers receive multiple options for a deal or discount at each tier. There are rewards for every 50, 100, 200, 250, 500, 700, 1,000, and 3,000 points they accrue.

Spin The Wheel And Win A Prize When You Sign Up For Tree Factory’s Loyalty Rewards Program

Spin The Wheel Prizes

When you Sign Up and spin the wheel, you have the opportunity to win a number of top-tier promotional offers. New members of our Loyalty Rewards Program may win a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) on an eighth, a pre-roll for a penny, or a gram of wax for ten cents up to a $40 value. Lastly, you have the chance to win either 25% off your purchase, or 30% off if you spend $50.

When you shop with Tree Factory, we treat you like family. Signup and join our Loyalty Rewards program today to start accruing points. We give you 100 points just for signing up! From the moment you sign up, you have enough points to redeem a pre-roll for a penny. We deliver to every city in Ventura County, so you don’t even have to leave your home to start earning points.

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