Customers at Tree Factory dispensary & delivery in Oxnard have been raving about Kushy Punch’s new line of disposable vapes lately. Well-known for their longstanding line of gummies, Kushy Punch has been taking the spotlight once again with these powerful new vapes. If you’re searching for the best Kushy Punch disposables near me in Oxnard or Ventura County, Tree Factory easily boasts the biggest selection. The average THC on each of these new 1-gram disposables is 85% or higher and they only cost $27.99 plus tax!

In 2014, Kushy Punch underwent a pivotal transformation as CEO Ruben Cross redirected efforts from cultivation to establishing a reliable brand. Unhappy with the absence of consistent dosing and limited nutritious selections in dispensaries, Ruben formulated his organic, non-GMO full-spectrum gummy. This revolutionary gummy rang in a level of uniformity sorely absent in California’s early cannabis landscape, following strict adherence to FDA guidelines. 

Today, Kushy Punch remains steadfast in its commitment. They do so by upholding superior benchmarks with premium oil, natural ingredients, compliant packaging, and cutting-edge manufacturing. Their products are now available across the US in CA as well as AZ, IL, MA, MI, and NY! Tree Factory shares Kushy Punch’s dedication to ensuring customers receive a consistently exceptional cannabis experience.

In this extensive guide, we’ll introduce you to all of the best flavors from Kushy Punch’s new 1g disposable vape line. At any given point, feel free to visit Tree Factory’s online menu to shop for all of the best Kushy Punch products. Follow along to discover your new favorite disposable vape! Product availability may vary.

All Eleven Kushy Punch 1g Disposable Vapes

In the same way that Kushy Punch redefined the edible gummy space, they’ve done the same with these new disposable vapes. Currently coming in eleven different, distinct, and delicious flavors, these vapes contain 1-gram of premium cannabis oil in a unique design. Did we mention they’re also completely USB-C rechargeable? Here’s the rundown on each flavor by category of either hybrid, indica, or sativa…

Hybrid Kushy Punch Disposables

Blue Raspberry (85.4% THC)

The hybrid Blue Raspberry Kushy Punch 1g disposable vape tastes almost exactly like its namesake. Fresh blueberries collide with tart raspberry sweetness to produce a high that might be relaxing, uplifting, and balancing. Shop Tree Factory’s menu now for this delicious disposable.

Guide To All Kushy Punch Disposables At Tree Factory Oxnard

Sour Apple Blast (89.9% THC)

One of the higher THC disposable vapes from Kushy Punch, their 1g Sour Apple Blast hybrid vape smacks. Just like you’d think, one rip tastes like fresh granny smith apples with hints of pure gassy funk. For the daily smoker, this disposable might bring balance, as well as ease their stress and depression. If you’re a little greener, a couple rips of this might smooth out your entire day. Find it on Tree Factory’s menu now.

Guide To All Kushy Punch Disposables At Tree Factory Oxnard

Pineapple Margarita (89.3% THC)

The Pineapple Margarita 1g disposable from Kushy Punch tastes almost exactly like you’d think it should. Refreshing tropical pineapple terps hit you first followed by tart, sugary, and super tangy undertones. The high from this high-THC hybrid might calm your nerves and uplift your mind, ideal for those dealing with daily pain, stress, and anxiety. Discover this unique flavor on our menu now.

Indica Kushy Punch Disposables

Guide To All Kushy Punch Disposables At Tree Factory Oxnard

Peach Mango (87.4% THC)

A popular indica vape from Kushy Punch, their 1g Peach Mango disposable tastes like a fresh peach pie that might put you straight to sleep. This indica vape always goes fast when we restock, possibly for its distinctly sweet and tropical flavors that might also produce relaxing vibes. Visit Tree Factory’s menu if you’re looking for this 1g Kushy Punch disposable.

Guide To All Kushy Punch Disposables At Tree Factory Oxnard

Kushy Berry (87.5% THC)

Another popular indica vape we carry from Kushy Punch, the 1g Kushy Berry disposable vape is gassy yet sweet. You’ll taste notes of fresh berries on every hit with powerful overtones of pure diesel. This sour and sweet combo might produce a high that’s utterly euphoric with undertones of relaxation that slowly creep in. Tap in with our online menu for this tasty vape from Kushy Punch.

Guide To All Kushy Punch Disposables At Tree Factory Oxnard

Kushy OG (87% THC)

Attention all OG smokers! The Kushy OG 1g disposable vape by Kushy Punch does in fact hit like your favorite OG. Enjoy notes of fresh lemons, pine, and pure funk with each rip of this iconic indica. A few puffs on this vape might unleash a high that immediately wipes away stress and sets in a hefty chill. Check out Tree Factory’s menu for this classic strain from Kushy Punch.

Guide To All Kushy Punch Disposables At Tree Factory Oxnard

Watermelon Rush (85% THC)

Watermelon Rush is a potent indica strain from Kushy Punch that might produce relaxation, proving valuable as both a sleep aid and an appetite stimulant. Staying true to its name, Watermelon Rush boasts a unique fruity flavor profile reminiscent of grape, complemented by subtle hashy, tangy, and funky undertones. One of the more interesting offerings from Kushy Punch, customers have been loving their Watermelon Rush disposables. Discover all eleven flavors on our menu while supplies last.

Sativa Kushy Punch Disposables

Guide To All Kushy Punch Disposables At Tree Factory Oxnard

Strawnana Smoothie (88.3% THC)

Any fans of STIIIZY will recognize the notorious Strawnana strain. Kushy Punch has taken it in an even creamier direction with their 1g Strawnana Smoothie sativa disposable vape. Enjoy the same strawberry and banana terps with a nice creamy twist that might spice up your day. A few puffs of this disposable might produce a high that’s sinfully uplifting and enlivening. Find this tasty vape on Tree Factory’s menu while supplies last.

Guide To All Kushy Punch Disposables At Tree Factory Oxnard

Fresh Lemonade (84.4% THC)

For the daytime smoker, Kushy Punch’s 1g Fresh Lemonade disposable vape might be their golden ticket. Tart, sweet, and tangy, just as the name suggests, this sativa vape might kick your mind into high gear. A few hits might produce a high that’s heady and energizing at first but ultimately balances out your nerves. Anyone dealing with daytime stress might revel in this disposable vape from Kushy Punch. Scope Tree Factory’s menu to find all your favorite sativa vapes from Kushy.

Guide To All Kushy Punch Disposables At Tree Factory Oxnard

Tropical Punch (88.9% THC)

Another great strain for daytime smokers, Kushy Punch’s 1g Tropical Punch sativa disposable vape is high in THC and sugary terps. Harkening back to everyone’s favorite original Kool-Aid flavor, this vape is sweet and tangy and might widen your eyes and lift your spirits. A few hits might produce a high that is focusing, energizing, and giggly. Visit our online menu to try Kushy Punch’s Tropical Punch disposable for yourself.

Guide To All Kushy Punch Disposables At Tree Factory Oxnard

Orange Creamsicle (89.8% THC)

A well-known sativa strain, Orange Creamsicle is a result of crossing Orange Crush with Juicy Fruit. This strain might induce feelings of happiness and upliftment, contributing to mental clarity. It is commonly chosen by medical cannabis patients to potentially alleviate conditions like chronic nausea and anxiety. As the name suggests, this strain carries a strong citrus aroma and flavor, adding to its distinctive presence. At 89.8% THC, Kushy Punch’s 1g Orange Creamsicle disposable vape might be your daily dose of chill. Check out Tree Factory’s online menu to see all the best disposable flavors now.


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