Tree Factory is proud to announce that we now carry many new potent products from Jeeter. They’re known for producing some of the most popular infused pre-rolls in the state of California. Jeeter was born in the city and suburban streets of South Florida. The name “Jeeter” was catchy slag within the local culture as an alternative name for joints. Jeeter’s crew quickly coined the phrase “Pass the Jeeter” and made it their slogan. Built on nostalgic memories, Jeeter has become one of the leading pre-roll brands in California a decade later.

Jeeter does not mess around when it comes to potency with their products. Their Jeeter 1g preroll, Baby Jeeter, Jeeter XL, and Jeeter Juice all boast noteworthy strength and tremendous flavor. Customers rave about how powerful their products are, and come to our dispensary in Port Hueneme specifically asking for them. Their best-sellers are pre-rolls infused with distillate and dusted in kief. Jeeter is a brand that Californians have come to trust for products that may get you incredibly high every time.


Dreamfields is the vertically-integrated company that’s responsible for Jeeter’s product line. They house their entire operations on their 4.2-acre campus in Desert Hot Springs, CA. It comprises of a 9,000 square foot facility that houses manufacturing, fulfillment, production, inventory, distribution, and back-office operations. Their team includes over 75 full-time employees and professional staff members with an in-house salesforce. You can find their operational partners throughout California. Dreamfields has lofty goals in California’s market, as evidenced by their Distributor, Manufacturer, and Event Organizer licenses. With Jeeter as their poster child, Dreamfields continues to stake its claim in California’s competitive market.

Jeeter Joints

The classic 1 gram Jeeter joint is nothing to mess around with and features premium indoor-grown flower. If you’re going with the infused option, which includes distillate and kief, you may want to exercise extra caution. With a smoke time of over 15 minutes, this is a great joint to share with a close friend or significant other. Tree Factory currently carries their 1g Limoncello Infused Jeeter Joint. This high octane hybrid may send your mind happily soaring while hitting you with incredibly lemony and tart cherry terps.

Baby Jeeter

For those seeking a quick dose of pure power, Baby Jeeters are an easy choice. Each attractive jar comes with 5 mini prerolls that are 0.5g each, totaling 2.5g per jar (if they’re infused.) The non-infused Baby Jeeters is 0.35g each for a total of 1.75g of flower for five mini joints. Tree Factory currently stocks their Limoncello (sativa) and Jokerz (hybrid) infused Baby Jeeters. Both of these pocket-sized products will not disappoint on candy-like flavor and potentially sky-high effects.

Jeeter XL

For the everyday smokers that want something with a bang, Jeeter makes their Jeeter XL 2 gram blunt. It features 2 grams of indoor-grown flower that’s infused with distillate oil and kief  (also available in non-infused form.) The XL comes rolled in a hemp blunt wrap with a glass tip for the smoothest smoking experience. This is the kind of product that will keep you busy for upwards of 25-30 minutes if you’re smoking it alone. We carry their Limoncello Jeeter XL at present, and it has a total THC% of 40.3%! Look no further for your long-lasting smoke that may provide the most potent effects.

Jeeter Juice

With so many distillate cartridge brands around, it’s hard to find one that does it right. Clean, high-potency cannabis distillate and rich botanical terpenes—that’s it. Jeeter has a full line of outrageously flavorful distillate cartridges called Jeeter Juice. These full-gram 510 thread cartridges rip big and actually taste like what their name suggests. If you visit Tree Factory’s online menu, you’ll find their Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cheesecake, Purple Punch, Gelato, and Tropicana Cookies for only $40 before tax. 

Jeeter Bites (Coming Soon!)

Jeeter has recently made the announcement that they’ll be putting out their first edible cannabis product. Their Jeeter Bites will be cereal-style crunchy edibles that are made with real indoor-grown flower and concentrates. These look like they’re going to be unique, potent, and tasty! It’s not crazy to assume that Jeeter will have multiple products within every category before too long. 

We are your hub for California’s leading cannabis brands in Ventura County. If it’s on our menu, then you know we’ve put it through our careful vetting process. At Tree Factory, we only bring on the best brands in the state and Jeeter is easily a crowd favorite for high-potency pre-rolls and more. Sign up for our Loyalty Rewards Program and save 20% on your next order. This will also clue you in on any and all vendor days and in-store promos we’re running from any of our outstanding brands, including Jeeter!

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