Tree Factory is your one-stop shop this holiday season. To help get you in the spirit of giving, we’ve put together this holiday gift guide with some popular products for the cannasseurs in your life. Whether you’re stocking up for your loved ones or yourself, (no judgment here!) our team of experts is here to help. 

If you know someone who loves weed or is interested in trying it, get ready to check them off your list. This carefully curated holiday gift guide features fan favorites to help you light up the holidays. From top-shelf cannabis products to affordable stocking stuffers, unique accessories, and everything in between, we’re sure to have something that fits your needs. 

Tree Factory’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Baby Jeeter Guide: The Best Infused Pre-Rolls At Tree Factory

Baby Jeeters

These heavy-hitting pre-rolls make for the perfect stocking stuffers. Baby Jeeters come in packs of five, making them the perfect gift for someone that “takes a walk” before and/or after every meal. These premium indoor flower pre-rolls are infused with liquid diamonds and coated in kief, for a total potency that tests above 30% THC. With their unbelievable flavor, potency and purity, Baby Jeeters pre-rolls are sure to score you some bonus points on Christmas Day. So, crack open a container with your friends, or at your next family gathering, for a stoney holiday smoke sesh that’s sure to delight. 

The Top Five Best Big Chief Carts At Tree Factory In Ventura County

Big Chief Vapes

Please the vapers in your life with Big Chief’s extremely popular one-gram carts. Big Chief vapes make the perfect stocking stuffers because they are jam-packed with flavor and will only cost you $20 each after tax! Start the celebrations off on a high note with their Skywalker, Grand Daddy Purple, Biscotti, or Cherry Pie vapes. These potent cartridges are packed with irresistible flavor, making them perfect for coworkers, family members, and even your closest friends. Whether you’re looking to help ease stress or trying to spread some holiday cheer, Big Chief Extracts has something for everyone – without making you break the bank!

STIIIZY Starter Kit!

Give the gift of STIIIZY this year and pick up one of their colorful vape battery starter kits. Perfect for someone new to vaping, build your kit by choosing the battery color and a few Pod flavors for your family, friend, or loved one to enjoy. We carry a robust line of STIIIZY Pods in .5g and 1g sizes, with a variety of strains and flavors for you to choose from. Every starter kit includes a rechargeable vape battery base, USB charging cable, and charging port to support a long-lasting battery life – Pods sold separately. 

Know someone who has the brand’s original battery and is looking for an upgrade? We proudly carry the newest generation of STIIIZY kits as well! The BIIIG Vaporizer Advanced Kit from STIIIZY features a larger battery capacity and higher performance rating than its predecessor. 

Elyon 8ths

Elyon supplies some of the most high-testing (and affordable) cannabis flower at Tree Factory. You can pick up an eighth of some fire flower, bred from Elyon’s exotic genetics, for only $20-$25 after tax! Our favorites are their Cookies N’ Cream, Grapes N’ Cream, Kamikaze, Tiramisu, and Watermelon Mimosa strains. The eco-friendly stoners in your life will appreciate the brand’s intentional approach to cannabis cultivation. Elyon Cannabis plants are sun-grown in enriched soil, and tended to by hand by an experienced team of growers that keep natural resource conservation a top priority. This unique process maximizes the terpene and cannabinoid retention of each strain – resulting in diverse flavor profiles and favorable potency percentages. 

Monterey Kush Co Guide: Premium Eighths And Pre-Rolls From Our Top-Selling Flower Brand

Popular Pre-Rolls

Let’s be honest, when it comes to cannabis it’s not one size fits all. Give the gift of convenience this season with a pack or pre-rolls, perfect for anyone who loves to smoke on the go. Pick up some of your favorite packs, or take the guesswork out of gifting with some of our top sellers. Popular options include premium uninfused pre-rolls, multi-strain variety packs, hash-wrapped infused joints, moonrock blunts, and more! 

Top-Shelf 8ths

If you’re looking for some serious fire to give your family or friends, look no further. Our enormous menu is packed with products from popular top-shelf brands in Cali. You’ll find highly-coveted brands like Seven Leaves, 3C Farms, Times Two, THC Design, Alien Labs, Connected, STIIIZY, and more! 


Whether you’re buying stuffers for your family and friends, or white elephant gifts for your coworkers, Tree Factory has the perfect gift for you. In addition to consumable cannabis products, we offer a variety of paraphernalia and accessories for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Choose from bangers, pipes, carb caps, t-shirts, and more! While you’re checking out all the goodies we have, don’t forget to grab a little something for yourself – you deserve it. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let our experts help! Stop into our Port Hueneme Dispensary for personalized recommendations from our knowledgeable team, or check our online menu to see our full inventory. 

As an added bonus, you can beat the holiday rush by taking advantage of our delivery services for the ultimate stress-free shopping experience! Choose Tree Factory for all of your important last-minute holiday shopping this season!

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