Tree Factory is Ventura County’s one-stop-shop for the best cannabis products in California. We offer free delivery to every single city in Ventura County. We only require a varying minimum purchase based on your distance from our dispensary in Port Hueneme. Many cities qualify for same-day 90-minute delivery with minimum purchase orders of only $30 or more. If you’re a tourist visiting any of our county’s beautiful cities during the summer months, we have all of your cannabis needs covered. If you search for “marijuana delivery near me” or “collective near me” we are the local favorite.

Since 2015, Tree Factory has been one of the few cannabis delivery services that cover all of Ventura County. Now that we have acquired our first dispensary at 437 W Channel Islands Blvd in Port Hueneme, we’re proud to offer an even wider and consistently phenomenal menu. Our loyalty rewards program lets us truly give back to our customers in a way that benefits them. When you sign up for our Loyalty Rewards Program you receive 20% off your next purchase with no exclusions! 

No matter what city in Ventura County you are in, we can bring our dispensary to you. Tree Factory is able to deliver cannabis to any residence, hotel, or AirBnB you may be staying at. Simply call, text, email, or order online through our website to secure California’s best cannabis products. 

Port Hueneme

If you’re visiting Port Hueneme, ordering from us couldn’t be easier. Consider our new dispensary at 437 W Channel Islands Blvd. Flower, vapes, pre-rolls, edibles, beverages, tinctures, and topicals from Tree Factory are available for expedient delivery, as well as in-store and curbside pickup. For weed delivery to anywhere in Port Hueneme, we only require a minimum order of at least $30 to qualify for free, same-day delivery within 30-90 minutes.


Oxnard is a beautiful seaside city that serves as a weekend getaway for many tourists. This area is also home to several local traditions, notably Cruise Nights on Saviers Road. Sandy shorelines, gorgeous parks, and panoramic views make this area desirable to anyone seeking sun and serenity. We only charge a minimum order of $30 to qualify for same-day delivery to the Oxnard area within 30-90 minutes of placing your order.


Ventura is a coastal city between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara that features gorgeous beaches, rare wildlife, and a lively downtown area. This area is home to many tourist attractions and local events like the county fair, Channel Islands National Park, and the World’s Largest Cornhole Tournament, Spencer Mckenzie’s The Throw Down. Customers ordering from Ventura need to place a minimum order of at least $40 to qualify for Same-Day Delivery. Your order will arrive within 30 to 90 minutes.

Santa Paula

Santa Paula lies in the rolling orchards of Heritage Valley. It is known as the “citrus capital of the world.” This is where you’ll find a lot of the avocados and lemons that supply the nation. Some say you can even catch a whiff of citrus in the air on a breezy day. We’re happy to deliver California’s best cannabis products to this area for a minimum purchase of only $40 to qualify for free, Same Day Delivery to anyone in Santa Paula. Your order will arrive in 30-90 minutes after it was placed.


Camarillo is a quiet city that’s tucked away from the busyness of the rest of Ventura County. This area is known for its arts and culture, farms and agritourism, and a variety of dining experiences—but not cannabis. We are one of the only licensed cannabis providers in this area. The city of Camarillo has even banned industrial hemp cultivation, showing its overall stance on cannabis products. This is why we’re proud to be able to offer the denizens of Camarillo high-quality cannabis for a $50 minimum order. This will qualify them for Same-Day Delivery anywhere from 45-120 minutes.

Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks is Ventura County’s second-largest city. It’s home to a wide array of gorgeous parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and more. At only 40 minutes away from downtown LA, this area serves as a quiet getaway for many people seeking a suburban feel. We are one of the only consistent delivery services that keep Thousand Oaks in good supply. For a minimum order of $100, we’ll have your Next Day Delivery brought to you between 11 am and 3:30 pm the following day. Just call, text, email, or order online!

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a picturesque coastal city with an entrancing backdrop of the Santa Ynez Mountains. Walking around, you’ll find trendy and delicious restaurants, lovely boutiques, and an iconic wharf that makes this city truly unforgettable. As this is another popular tourist destination, we’re happy to deliver products to any hotel or Airbnb you may be staying at. For a minimum purchase of $125 or more, we will bring your Next-Day Delivery to you between 11 am to 3:30 pm the following day.


Malibu is just west of LA in Los Angeles County and is known worldwide for a number of features. Most notably, there are celebrity homes, surfing, shopping, and even whale watching. When visiting this area, you’ll find countless historical sites, gorgeous trails, waterfalls, canyons, parks, and beaches. For only a minimum order of $200, we’ll gladly provide Next Day Delivery to all of our Malibu customers between 11 am and 3:30 pm the following day.

Ventura County holds endless possibilities for fun activities, scenic vistas, gorgeous beaches, challenging hikes, and local events. Let Tree Factory be your guide to finding the best cannabis products in California. By utilizing our delivery service or visiting our dispensary, you become a part of Tree Factory’s family.

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