Elyon Cannabis is currently the most popular affordable flower brand at Tree Factory. Their high-quality, organic, and sun-grown cannabis comes from California’s Sonoma County. Nestled right in the boundless vineyards the county is known for, they utilize greenhouses and pure sunshine to grow large quantities of weed that don’t break the bank to purchase. 

The real secret to Elyon’s popular cannabis flower is the care and time they take to grow, harvest, and cure it. They utilize eco-friendly growing techniques and feed their plants organic OMRI Certified Nutrients, all the while keeping natural resource conservation in mind. Elyon harvests at peak freshness and then puts their crops through a slow cure. This maximizes terpene and cannabinoid retention and results in favorable percentages and diverse flavor. 

Tree Factory currently carries a number of best-selling cannabis flower from Elyon that our customers buy daily. The current strain line-up we carry from them consists of a number of fruity and savory cultivars. Each of these might promote heavy body highs and pleasant euphoric buzzes. Here are three of our customer’s favorite strains from Elyon Cannabis that you can find right now on our online menu.

Popular Affordable Strains From Elyon Cannabis At Tree Factory

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Elyon’s Horchata is just as tasty as it sounds. It comes from crossing Jet Fuel Gelato with Mochi Horchata to produce a hybrid strain that may be energizing, but ultimately calming and uplifting. Elyon’s cut of Horchata is pleasantly smooth and has notes of wood, sugar, flowers, and earth. Smoking this strain might bring out more of your talkative side before potentially relieving any pressing stress or anxiety. Those suffering from depression or PTSD may find Elyon’s Horchata strain to be a welcoming companion. Horchata’s total THC is also sitting at 25.33%, which might satisfy anyone with a higher tolerance.

Image via ElyonCannabis.com

Bacio Gelato

Bacio Gelato originally comes from Sherbinskis Gelato line, and Elyon Cannabis has done something special with it. A decadent cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC, this strain has some legendary names to live up to. Elyon’s cut delivers with an array of sweet minty berry aromas with a mild hint of citrus hidden within. Grown right, Bacio Gelato might be the strongest cut of Gelato you can find in California. Smoking it may bring out more earthy tart creaminess, that has hints of sweetness that lingers on the tongue. Daily smokers can rejoice in the accessible price of Elyon’s take on this powerful strain. The more you consume, the lazier your day may become. And with 22.7% THC, Bacio Gelato’s potency is nothing to take lightly.

Image via ElyonCannabis.com

Goji Berry

Goji Berry is a very colorful strain that reeks of berries and gas. By crossing Goji OG and Blueberry, you end up with a seriously enjoyably hybrid strain that may produce a calming euphoria. With notes of sugar, black cherries, and berries, this strain might be great for dealing with stress, depression, or anxiety. Elyon’s Goji Berry also comes with over 24.9% THC for those that like high percentages.

Elyon’s “The Most High” Spotify Playlist

Elyon has taken it a step further to connect with their fans. They have a Spotify playlist dedicated to living an elevated lifestyle. This playlist contains a blend of current and classic hip-hop hits. Listen to Elyon’s “The Most High” playlist below and find some of your favorite songs to listen to the next time you burn one. Shop online for delivery or in-store pick-up to find all of the best-selling affordable cannabis flower from Elyon Cannabis at Tree Factory.  

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