Elyon Cannabis still reigns number one as the most popular affordable flower brand at Tree Factory Oxnard. They produce high-quality, organic, and sun-grown cannabis sourced from California’s Sonoma County, nestled within the region’s renowned vineyards. Elyon employs greenhouses and pure sunshine to cultivate large quantities of cannabis that remain budget-friendly for consumers. They’ve since gone on to add some incredible other SKUs including 1.25g pre-rolls, 1g Dank Diamond infused pre-rolls, and 1g Dab Bags.

At Tree Factory, we presently stock a selection of Elyon’s best-selling cannabis flower products, which our customers purchase daily. Our inventory includes various fruity and savory cultivars, each with the potential to deliver robust body highs and enjoyable euphoric experiences. Here are some of the most popular products from each of Elyon’s categories, all of which we maintain in substantial supply at Tree Factory. If you find a product that suits your preferences, please visit our online menu to order your favorite Elyon cannabis product for delivery or pickup. Please be aware that product availability may vary.

Best Strains by Elyon At Tree Factory

The key to Elyon’s popular low-cost cannabis products lies in their meticulous care and time investment in the growth, harvesting, and curing of their flower. They employ eco-friendly cultivation techniques and nourish their plants with organic OMRI Certified Nutrients, all while prioritizing the conservation of natural resources. Elyon harvests their crops at peak freshness and subjects them to a slow curing process. This maximizes the retention of terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in impressive potency levels and a wide range of flavors. Elyon weed has become a staple at Tree Factory dispensary and delivery in Ventura County. Here are a few of our most popular strains that only cost $20 out the door for 3.5 grams.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

GMO (29.8% THC)

The GMO strain is a hybrid cannabis strain known for its strong garlic and onion-like aroma, resulting from a cross between Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Chemdawg. It has dense, resinous buds with potential therapeutic effects, offering both relaxation and euphoria. Users have reported using it to potentially manage conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. GMO strains can have high THC content, so it’s essential for consumers to be cautious about their tolerance levels. The GMO strain from Elyon is chilling at 29.8% THC, so you should definitely be careful how much you smoke in one sitting. Find it on our menu now.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

Gelonade (26.2% THC)

Gelonade is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, resulting from the crossing of Lemon Tree and Gelato strains. It’s renowned for its sweet and fruity aroma and flavor, particularly featuring strong notes of lemon and tropical fruits. Gelonade might create energizing effects, offering feelings of happiness, creativity, and focus. It may benefit individuals dealing with mood disorders like depression or anxiety. A popular daytime smoke for our regulars, you can find 8ths of Gelonade from Elyon at Tree Factory for only $20 out the door.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

Cookies N Creme (29% THC)

Cookies N Creme is a hybrid cannabis strain resulting from the crossbreeding of Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It is widely known for its sweet and creamy aroma and flavor, reminiscent of cookies and cream ice cream. The strain might offer a balanced experience, typically providing relaxation and mental clarity, along with feelings of euphoria and creativity. Cookies N Creme might be useful for managing conditions like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain due to its potential mood-enhancing and pain-relieving properties. A veritable go-to for our local customers, Cookies N Creme 8ths by Elyon might reign in the sunshine on a cloudy day. Grab them at Tree Factory now for only $20.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

Fatso (32% THC)

Fatso is a potent indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain resulting from the crossbreeding of GMO Cookies (Garlic Cookies) and Legend OG strains. It is known for its robust aroma, which combines pungent, skunky, and earthy scents. You may also know it for its potential to create deep relaxation-inducing effects. With typically high THC levels, it is primarily chosen for evening or nighttime use due to its potentially sedating properties. Fatso is popular among individuals seeking potential relief from physical discomfort, insomnia, anxiety, and stress. Fatso is one of the most popular strains at Tree Factory hands down. So, we made a convenient guide to the Best Fatso Weed at Tree Factory ft. Elyon, Panacea, and more!

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

Racefuel (35.1% THC)

Racefuel, derived from the “High Octane” OG phenotype resulting from crossing OG Kush with Face Off OG, is stinky and STRONG. It harnesses the robust diesel fuel scent of “High Octane” while incorporating the potentially deep body effects. Simultaneously, it introduces citrus and pine aromas from Face Off OG. With its strong OG Kush heritage, Racefuel by Elyon offers wild potency and a rich flavor profile. Upon consumption, it might initiate an energetic head rush that eventually settles into a comforting, soothing chill. This strain might be particularly beneficial for managing conditions such as anxiety, ADD, minor pain, and reduced appetite. With 35.1% THC, Racefuel has become a popular choice among our daily smokers at Tree Factory Oxnard.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

Tiramisu (33% THC)

Tiramisu, also known as “Tiramisu Cookies,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #45. The Tiramisu strain might be more energizing rather than relaxing. Many users often highlight potential feelings of upliftment, euphoria, and increased sociability. This strain is typically preferred for consumption in the late afternoon or evening. Regarding its flavor profile, you’ll find sweet and tropical notes, reminiscent of tree fruits. It’s important to note that consuming large doses of this strain may lead to common side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth. Smoking Tiramisu by Elyon throughout the day might provide a nice energizing boost while still taking the edge off. Find it at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

Horchata (23.24% THC)

Elyon has crafted a delightful strain known as Horchata that lives up to its enticing name. This hybrid strain is the result of a cross between Jet Fuel Gelato and Mochi Horchata, offering an experience that combines energizing qualities with ultimate calmness and uplift. Elyon has cultivated their own variation of Horchata which boasts a smooth profile. You’ll notice hints of wood, sugar, flowers, and earth with each inhale. Smoking this strain may enhance your conversational side and potentially provide relief from stress or anxiety. Individuals dealing with depression or PTSD may find Elyon’s Horchata strain to be a comforting choice. Notably, Horchata’s THC content is at 23.24%, making it a satisfying option for those with moderate tolerances.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

Bacio Gelato (35.9% THC)

Elyon Cannabis has transformed Bacio Gelato, originally part of Sherbinskis Gelato line, into something truly remarkable. This strain, a decadent offspring of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC, carries the weight of some legendary names in its lineage. Elyon’s cultivation results in a captivating sensory experience, featuring an array of sweet, minty berry aromas with a subtle hint of citrus. When grown correctly, Bacio Gelato stands out as one of the most potent Gelato strains available in California. Smoking it reveals an earthy, tart creaminess with lingering notes of sweetness on the palate. With a THC content of 35.9%, the Bacio Gelato by Elyon available at Tree Factory should not be underestimated.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

Goji Berry

The Goji Berry strain bursts with vibrant colors and emanates a distinct aroma of berries and gas. This hybrid strain, a delightful creation resulting from the crossbreeding of Goji OG and Blueberry, offers a potentially soothing euphoric experience. It features distinct flavor notes of sugar, black cherries, and berries, making it a compelling choice for addressing stress, depression, or anxiety. Elyon’s Goji Berry boasts an impressive THC content exceeding 24.9%, catering to those seeking strains with higher potency levels. Find this elusive yet delicious strain at Tree Factory.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

1.25g Pre-Rolls by Elyon Now Available

Discover the latest addition to our selection at Tree Factory Oxnard – the all-new 1.25g pre-rolls by Elyon, now in stock. These pre-rolls are priced at just $5.60 plus tax, offering exceptional value for fans of high-THC strains like Cookies N Creme, GMO, Cali Cartel, and Guava Kush. We consistently stock a generous supply of these pre-rolls by Elyon, ensuring you can find them on any given good day at Tree Factory. Elevate your cannabis experience today and visit our online menu.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

NEW 1g Dank Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls by Elyon

Experience Elyon’s latest breakthrough with their new 1g Dank Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls, available for in-store purchase and delivery at Tree Factory. Each pre-roll packs a powerful punch, blending Elyon smalls with THCA DIAMONDS in a precise 1:3 ratio, resulting in an impressive average THC level exceeding 47%. These infused pre-rolls are affordably priced at just $12 plus tax, offering unmatched value. Explore our diverse selection of Dank Diamond Pre-Rolls, including popular strains like Elyon OG, The Glove, Grape Ape, Racefuel, Watermelon Mimosa, and more. Take your weed game to the next level with the best from Elyon, available in high supply at Tree Factory.

1g Elyon Dab Bags

If you’re the kind of person who loves to dab but doesn’t enjoy the high cost of premium dabs, Elyon Dab Bags are for you. With a price tag of just $15.99 plus tax, there is a wealth of options from Elyon’s enormous library of genetics for you to enjoy. They’re currently extracting delicious cured and live resin sugars, badders, caviars, and sauces that are brimming with terps and high-THC. Here are a few popular strains that our regulars have been coming back for at Tree Factory in Oxnard.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

Galaxy Mintz Sauce (66.3% THC)

Galaxy Mintz, a strain derived from the crossbreeding of Galaxy and Kush Mintz, is known for its distinct minty herbal aroma. This cultivar has seen popularity among nighttime cannabis consumers. Its flavor profile is characterized by refreshing mint, subtle lemon, and herbal undertones. Caryophyllene is the dominant terpene, providing a touch of spiciness, while Limonene contributes a citrusy note. Additionally, Myrcene complements the overall terpene profile. Galaxy Mintz might offer a reliable choice for those seeking potential relaxation and a unique flavor experience. Try 1g Galaxy Mintz Dab Bags by Elyon at Tree Factory while supplies last.

Tropical Paradise Sugar (76.46% THC)

Tropical Paradise is a sativa strain with a genetic lineage that includes Tangie and Pineapple Trainwreck. This strain presents a multi-faceted flavor profile, featuring fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, and piney notes. When smoked, Tropical Paradise might elicit feelings of euphoria, and enhance creativity. Simultaneously, it might instill calmness, provide mild numbness, stimulate appetite, and offer relief from pain. For a proper daytime dab, pick up 1g Tropical Paradise Dab Bags by Elyon at Tree Factory in Ventura County.

Updated Guide To Elyon Weed Products At Tree Factory

Kamikaze Sugar (79% THC)

Kamikaze is a hybrid cannabis strain derived from the genetic combination of White Widow and Jack Herer. This strain might provide very balancing effects. Users widely appreciate Kamikaze for its potentially stimulating and invigorating properties, suitable for both novice and seasoned cannabis consumers. Just a few puffs might stimulate energy, enhance creativity, and create an overall sense of euphoria, potentially perfect for elevating your mood. Among medical cannabis patients, Kamikaze might relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. Its flavor profile harmoniously blends earthy and herbal notes with subtle hints of pine, while the dominant terpene, pinene, contributes to its potentially uplifting characteristics. You can’t go wrong with 1g Kamikaze sugar Dab Bags by Elyon. Find them at Tree Factory Oxnard while supplies last.


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