At Tree Factory in Ventura County, we carry the best selection of cannabis flower for all budgets. Though we are known for our budget brands, Cannabiotix is one of our favorite top-shelf purveyors. If you’re looking for the best Cannabiotix weed, vapes, or dabs in Oxnard and beyond, Tree Factory is your best bet. We have the inventory and selection to cater to your needs perfectly. For those unfamiliar, let us highlight this incredible and high-octane brand.

Cannabiotix, often stylized as CBX, is a longstanding boutique cannabis company that expert cultivators Neema and JB founded in Southern California in 2014. Today, Samari and his childhood best friend Eran Haroni own and operate the company. Neem, known as “Neem the dream,” and Bones grew up together in SoCal, born and raised on the beaches of Santa Monica. They both had the same dream of one day establishing a cannabis company with a single, specific goal in mind. This goal was to provide their friends and family with the most mind-blowing cannabis they have ever seen or enjoyed smoking.

Most known for their famous cut of Cereal Milk, Cannabiotix now has an expansive array of product offerings that are all meant for true cannasseurs. We can help you find exactly what you’re looking for at Tree Factory, where everyone feels like family. Follow along as we dive deep into some of the best high-THC strains, high-terpene vapes, and lip-smacking extracts Cannabiotix offers. At any time, feel free to visit our online menu to see what’s currently in stock. Availability of the products may vary.

Best Cannabiotix Weed Strains

In Ventura County, Tree Factory takes pride in offering the largest and finest selection of Cannabiotix flower. We actively curate the best strains and sought-after varieties, making us the top choice for enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of Cannabiotix’s offerings. If you’re looking for high-THC top-shelf strains that don’t miss on potency or terps, CBX is a solid choice. Check out some of the most popular strains from Cannabiotix we carry at Tree Factory. Each of these strains is over 30% THC!

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Cereal Milk (33.87% THC)

Cereal Milk, a hybrid strain, is renowned for its sweet, creamy aroma and flavor resembling cereal milk. It results from crossing Snowman and Y-Life strains, offering potentially balancing effects—a potentially euphoric, uplifting cerebral high with relaxing body sensations. It suits both daytime and evening use, potentially helping with mood, creativity, stress, and mild aches. By far the most popular strain from CBX, customers grab Cereal Milk 8ths as soon as they hit our shelves.

Complete Guide To Cannabiotix At Tree Factory Oxnard

Jet Lag OG (30.5% THC)

Jet Lag OG, an indica-dominant hybrid, might offer potent relaxation and stress relief. It has a wildly pungent, earthy aroma with hints of pine and citrus in its flavor profile. Known for its potentially calming effects, it’s suitable for anxiety, pain, and insomnia. If you’re looking for a super powerful yet sweet and tasty OG, try Cannabiotix Jet Lag OG 8ths at Tree Factory.

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Whiteout (35% THC)

The hybrid strain Whiteout was developed by crossbreeding the parent strains Super Silver Haze and The White. Whiteout might offer a potent combination of intense euphoria and buzzing alertness, making it an ideal choice for daytime use. The strain’s light green buds feature a layer of glistening trichomes and emit a pungent, zesty lemon aroma characteristic of Super Silver Haze lineage. Whiteout 8ths by Cannabiotix are extremely potent and might be an exhilarating new favorite for any daily smoker at Tree Factory.

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White Walker OG (30.63% THC)

White Walker OG, an indica-dominant hybrid, results from crossing White Widow and Skywalker OG. It might induce a powerful, sedating high, ideal for relaxation, pain relief, and sleep. Its buds have a thick coating of shining white resin crystals. The aroma and taste profile features earthy, pine, floral, citrus, and spice notes. Caution to the novice smoker, especially for those with lower tolerance. For any fans of brawny OG strains, White Walker OG by CBX is a suitable offering for your lungs.

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Tropical Lemonade (34% THC)

Tropical Lemonade, often a hybrid strain with varying genetics, boasts a citrusy, tropical flavor profile. Its effects might be balancing, delivering initial euphoria and mental clarity followed by gentle body relaxation. Buds are typically vibrant green with orange pistils. It’s favored for potentially managing stress, anxiety, and mild pain. Daytime smokers will rejoice in the enlivening tropical citrus flavors of Tropical Lemonade by Cannabiotix at Tree Factory.

Best Cannabiotix Vape Carts

Tree Factory proudly offers the best CBX vape cart flavors, ensuring customers can access a wide selection of Cannabiotix’s finest live resin offerings. Cannabiotix doesn’t compromise on delivering their top-shelf genetics in their delicious .5g (half-gram) 510 vapes. From rich, nuanced flavors to outstanding quality, we consistently carry the pinnacle of Cannabiotix’s vape line. Have a look at some of the most popular Cannabiotix live resin vapes we carry.

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L’Orange (77.93% THC)

L’Orange, a hybrid weed strain, emerges from crossing Oregon Lemon with Orange Crush. It’s an ideal choice for novice cannabis consumers. Users describe L’Orange as potentially promoting focus, energy, and arousal. Medical marijuana patients often turn to L’Orange for its potential to provide relief from stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. L’Orange features enticing flavors of orange, citrus, and menthol, with the dominant terpene being caryophyllene. Try a classic .5g L’Orange live resin vape from Cannabiotix at Tree Factory while supplies last.

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GM-Uhoh (81.1% THC)

GMO, also known as GM-UHOH or Garlic Cookies, emerges from a unique cross between Chemdawg and Forum Cookies. It boasts an exceptionally distinctive terpene profile and delivers a potentially soothing high. This indica-dominant hybrid matches its strong aroma—a fusion of garlic, onion, mushroom, and gas. GMO’s light green, spade-shaped buds sparkle with crystals and sport orange hairs, occasionally accented by streaks of violet. Known for its potency, GMO is favored for potentially inducing relaxation and tranquility. For medical users, it may ease chronic pain, anxiety, and nausea. Daily vape smokers will love the potency and funky flavor of CBX’s .5g GM-UHOH live resin vapes at Tree Factory.

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Blueberry (87% THC)

Blueberry, an indica-dominant hybrid originating in the 1970s, blends Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai genetics. It features a sweet, fruity flavor reminiscent of ripe blueberries and might deliver a classically calming high. Recognizable by its deep blue and purple hues, it’s chosen for its strong potential to provide relaxation, anxiety relief, pain management, and insomnia aid. A great nighttime vape, find .5g Blueberry live resin vapes by Cannabiotix at Tree Factory.

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Tropicanna (82.23% THC)

Cannabiotix’s strain, Tropicanna, is a two-time award-winning Sativa dominant hybrid. In 2015, it was chosen by High Times as one of the top ten best-tasting strains. This strain boasts a rich and distinctive terpene profile, evoking the flavors of fresh-squeezed orange juice blended with tangy pineapple. This tropical powerhouse might deliver invigorating and uplifting cerebral effects. Tropicanna might be ideal for boosting energy during the day and sparking creativity. Try .5g Tropicanna live resin vapes by CBX at Tree Factory and let the sunshine come pouring in.

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Kush Mountains (85.94% THC)

The Kush Mountains strain might offer a relaxing, sedative high ideal for daytime pain and stress relief. It gained recognition as one of High Times’ top ten strains of 2018 and won the High Times World Cup 2018’s Best Hybrid Flower award. A phenotype (#4) from the Cannabiotix White Walker OG x Blue Flame OG cross, it features a truly unique aromatic profile. The flavor is a delightful blend of candy and gas, making it a quick favorite for cannabis enthusiasts. Any fans of gassy yet sweet vapes will love toking on .5g Kush Mountains live resin vapes from Cannabiotix available at Tree Factory.

Best CBX Live Resin Terp Sugar Dabs

Cannabiotix produces some incredibly tasty full-spectrum live resin terp sugars, and Tree Factory stocks all of their best strains. Whether you crave mouthwatering flavors or a diverse range of strain options, Tree Factory is the ultimate destination. Anyone looking to indulge in the exceptional terpene-rich delights that Cannabiotix offers may cease their search. Feast your eyes on our curated selection below of lip-smacking terp sugars from CBX.

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Blue Flame OG (83% THC)

Cannabiotix’s Blue Flame OG, a cross of Thicc Mint Cookies and Private Reserve OG, stands out in the CBX Genetic Library. This high-THC vape is known for its potentially intense OG experience that might put your body and mind at ease. A few hits might offer soothing and sedative effects, perfect for insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain relief. Grab your 1g Blue Flame OG live resin terp sugar dabs by CBX at Tree Factory while supplies last.

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Grape Gasby (80% THC)

The Grape Gasby strain, a cross of Kush Mountains and Blueberry might deliver a unique Indica experience. It boasts a candy and berry aroma with a hint of fuel, creating a delightful gassy and fruity profile with pronounced grape undertones. A few hits from this unique vape might offer a soothing, sedative, and euphoric high. This strain might be ideal for bedtime relaxation and potential elevation of one’s state of being. Look for 1g Grape Gasby live resin terp sugar by CBX at Tree Factory on our next restock.

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L’Orange (82.8% THC)

If you thought you loved the .5g L’Orange vapes from Cannabiotix, you’ll go nuts for their live resin terp sugar dabs. Boasting a much higher THC of 82.8%, these sativa-dominant dabs will give you all of your favorite citrusy L’Orange terps, and a potentially even STRONGER high. Find them today at Tree Factory before they’re gone.

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Tropical Heat (79% THC)

Cannabiotix’s Tropical Heat strain is a cross between two Cannabis Cup award-winning CBX staples, Tropicanna and Super Silver Haze. This high-octane cultivar fulfills the dreams of sativa enthusiasts everywhere. This delicious vape delivers a remarkable fusion of cheesy haze, pineapple, and orange flavors. The smoke offers a tropical fruit essence within its hazy profile, whisking users away to a beachside paradise. This vape might produce a euphoric, energizing, and creative high, making it an excellent choice for individuals grappling with depression. Don’t sleep on the potent sativa hitters from Cannabiotix, such as their .5g Tropical Heat live resin vape at Tree Factory.


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