Buddies Brand is a West Coast cannabis brand we’re proud to carry at Tree Factory. Their products are available in California, Oregon, and Washington State. They’ve made a name for themselves with clean and flavorful products. Known for their single-source Liquid Diamonds Live Resin vapes, they now have an expansive product line. Tree Factory carries Buddies Brand’s vapes, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and THC Soft Gels. 

As one of the few brands that list the dominant terpenes on their concentrate products, customers love the transparency Buddies Brand provides. When you buy products from them, you know exactly where it came from and what’s in it—pure cannabis. Even their Distillate + Cannabis-Derived Terpenes carts utilize materials from the same plant. Find out more about their diverse array of products in this handy Buddies Brand guide. 

Liquid Diamonds Live Resin Vapes

Mowie Wowie 1G

The crown jewel of the Buddies Brand arsenal—their Liquid Diamonds Live Resin cartridges. These 510 thread carts come with one gram of pure, unfiltered, live resin oil. All of their high terpene carts come completely additive-free. Mowie Wowie is a classic sativa strain that might fuel creativity and eliminate negative thoughts. The flavor is tropical, sweet, and gassy with 78% THC to serve as a cherry on top.

Sour Berry 1G

The Sour Berry strain is a mostly indica dominant hybrid that might deliver a ton of terpene-rich flavor. Sweet grapes and berries might tickle your tongue before releasing euphoria-driven highs. Buddies Brand does an astounding job of maintaining high THC levels while still letting the strain-specific flavor shine. This Sour Berry cart comes with 76.2% THC and enough flavor in each hit to keep you coming back.

Red Wreck All-In-One

Buddies Brand provides their delicious live resin oil in all-in-one disposable vapes as well. We currently carry their Red Wreck all-in-one that comes with 300mg of terpene-ridden Liquid Diamonds Live Resin oil. Red Wreck is a sativa leaning hybrid strain with a sweet and smooth taste. The high might be seriously uplifting and stress-relieving.

Distillate + Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

The next most popular item that Buddies Brand produces is their Distillate + Cannabis-Derived Terpenes cartridges. These one-gram carts come with highly potent and clean distillate and strain-specific terpenes. Many other vape brands will put botanically-derived terpenes into their distillate carts. Buddies Brand makes sure that you’re still getting a full-spectrum experience even with their distillate. One of their most popular strains to look for is Clementine. This potentially energizing sativa comes with a wealth of sweet citrus terps that might please any daytime smoker.


Mango Cookies Live Resin

Mango Cookies Live Resin is Buddies deliciously fruity option for those who like their THC high and their dabs delicious. Sitting at a healthy 72% THC, this strain might be ideal for those who want immediate results. This strain starts with a slinky nose that blooms into a fruit salad of flavors. The hash-like aroma and flavor might provide deep relaxation. Mango Cookies also hold a high CBD count, which has made them a favorite among medical patients and general consumers alike. 

Sour Strawberry Live Resin

When you are searching for a genuinely high THC strain, Sour Strawberry Live Resin is the answer. Sour Strawberry is an experience all its own. It boasts a fresh-picked fruit flavor as if you were eating strawberries off the vine. The earthy aroma is a welcoming addition to the ripe fruit flavor. Sour Strawberry is both intense and potent. Its THC count sits at a high 79%, which makes it a strong contender against other high THC live resins on the menu. Sour Strawberry has mysterious origins but a consistently strong flavor and terpene profile across its many iterations.

100mg Live Resin Cannabis Jellies

The newest product line in the Buddies Brand arsenal is their 100mg Live Resin Cannabis Jellies. These delicious edibles come with five 20mg jellies in five different flavors. Try their Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, and Watermelon jellies for only $12.50 after tax. These might be the perfect full-spectrum cannabis jellies to microdose throughout the day to potentially relieve stress.

Buddies Sunset & Sunrise Tincture

When you are looking for potential all-natural relief, the Buddies Sunset Tincture has you covered. Buddies use naturally derived terpenes, coconut oil, and other natural flavors to create a full spectrum tincture. Sunset comes In a delicious vanilla-mint flavor that is the potentially perfect way to unwind in the evenings. If you are an early riser, you may find that the Sunrise tincture is a tasty treat topped with tangerine flavor.

Sunrise utilizes Limonene in its rich terpene catalog to bring bright fruit flavor. Myrcene is found in Sunset to deliver an incredible minty aroma that might aid in its relaxing effects. All tinctures from Buddies are gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan to give everyone the chance to enjoy a high-quality tincture.

1000mg THC Soft Gels

If discretion is the name of your game, you’ll find the perfect pair with Buddies 100mg THC Gel Caps. The soft gels are perfectly portioned, flavorless capsules filled with total spectrum distillate for easy dosing. The Soft Caps are a highly potent option for edibles from Buddies at Tree Factory. They combine their award-winning distillate with coconut oil and a soft gel casing for a sugar-free treat that might provide ample relief.

These precisely measured capsules are great for on the go or a day at home. Each container comes with ten 100mg soft gels. This well-balanced product is just right for new and experienced consumers offering a potential wave of pain relief coupled with a cerebral high.

Fire & Ice 1:1 Roll-On Topical

If you suffer from daily aches and pains, Buddies Brand’s Fire & Ice 1:1 Roll-On Topical might be delightful. Simply rub it onto a troublesome area and wait for the warming and cooling effects to kick in. The 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD might penetrate deep into the skin to relieve inflammation. This might be a great product for athletes or older people with chronic body pain. The topical comes with 250mg of THC and 250mg of CBD with essential oil enhancements to potentially provide lasting relief.

Buddies Brand is one of the most reliable, potent, and transparent brands we carry at Tree Factory. Our customers regularly come back for their high terpene vapes that don’t lack potency. To find out all of the Buddies Brand products we currently carry, visit our online menu. We now offer designated curbside pickup zones for all of our customers in a hurry!

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