Summer has come to a close and we hope it was a memorable one. Tree Factory was able to sponsor more events than we can count and further our efforts to connect with and serve our community. This summer was important to us because it was the first with our new dispensary at 437 W Channel Islands Blvd in Port Hueneme. In addition to our delivery service that serves all of Ventura County, our new dispensary showed us even more what customers were reaching for. From June through August, there were several best-selling cannabis brands at Tree Factory.

The following best-selling cannabis brands from summer represent the top three spots from each product category. These categories are also ranked by popularity. Flower and vape cartridges were our customers’ favorites by far, followed by edibles and concentrates. We never run out of these brands to ensure that our customers always have access to their favorites. Visit our online menu for the most up-to-date product availability.


Monterey Kush Co Guide: Premium Eighths And Pre-Rolls From Our Top-Selling Flower Brand

Monterey Kush Co

Monterey Kush Co is our top-selling cannabis flower brand. Our customers can’t get enough of their sungrown-indoor cannabis from Salinas, CA. They craft consistently premium and proprietary strains that come in eighths and pre-rolls. A few customer favorites include their Gelato Pie, OGKB, 707 Headband, and Trop Cookies.

3C Farms

Tree Factory has always had a close relationship with 3C Farms and our customers love their flower products. Their team collectively boasts decades of experience in crafting outstanding cannabis. From growing in basements in Woodland Hills to cultivating an original cut of OG in the late 90s, they’ve become one of LA’s longest-standing vertically-integrated brands. We often sell through their Clockwork Elves, Gelato 33, Crystal Skull, and Element 115 strains that come in eighth jars.

Elyon Cannabis

Elyon Cannabis is one of our customers’ favorite affordable cannabis brands. They produce high-quality organic sun-grown flower from their farm nestled in the vineyards of Sonoma County, California. All of their most popular strains at Tree Factory have sweet, delectable names—Watermelon Mimosa, Goji Berry, Gushers, Cookie Pie, and Horchata. Find any of these 8ths available at Tree Factory for $22.07 before tax.


The Complete Guide To Buying STIIIZY Products At Tree Factory


STIIIZY’s empire began in California and has since spread to other states. We carry their famous vapes, flower, pre-rolls, and accessories. By far their most infamous product is their proprietary STIIIZY vape that comes in countless color options. The accompanying pods are available in .5g as well as disposables (aka LIIIL’s.) Our top-selling STIIIZY Pods are currently their Strawnana, Granddaddy Purp, and Mango (1:1) THC:CBD. 


PLUGPlay is another widely popular vape brand that uses its own proprietary battery and pod system. Customers love PLUGPlay for their exotic strains, prominent flavors, and potent distillate. Right now, our most popular strains from them are Train Wreck, Grape Ape Soda, Pineapple Express, and Syndicate OG.

Raw Garden Guide: Learn About California's Best-Selling Cannabis Extracts

Raw Garden

Raw Garden is California’s top-selling extract brand and is known for its real delicious cartridges and concentrates. Using only cannabis-derived terpenes and fresh frozen cannabis flower, they’re able to consistently deliver flavor and potency. We frequently sell through their Refined Live Resin 510 thread cartridges. All of Raw Garden’s flower they use for extracting is grown and engineered in-house. For the price and the quality, you can’t beat their Lemon Glue, Cookie Pie #20, Clementine Kush, or Leeroy’s Lambsbread Refined Live Resin carts.



Kiva Confections is responsible for several award-winning edibles in California. They house a number of brands for each type of edible confection. Their Camino Gummies are undoubtedly their most popular creation, alongside their Kiva Chocolate Bars, Terra Milk Chocolate Bites, and Petra Mints. Tree Factory carries them all. Customers regularly pick up their Camino Watermelon Lemonade “Bliss” Gummies and Pineapple Habanero “Uplifting” Gummies. Other favorites include Kiva’s Raspberry White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Churro Bars. 


Wyld began in Portland, Oregon and has become one of the nation’s leading edible brands. They use real-fruit ingredients and flavors that embody the true Pacific Northwest culture. Wyld now has over 450 employees, and five production facilities in four states. You can find their THC products in California, Oregon, Colorado, and Nevada. At Tree Factory, we quickly sell through their Raspberry, Peach, and Pomegranate Gummies that each has 10mg per gummy for 100mg of THC per package. 


Breez is California’s premier producer of cannabis-infused mints. With a variety of options for strengths and cannabinoid ratios, our customers reach for Breez’s mints morning, afternoon, and evening. They also craft unique cannabis tablets and breath sprays. Breez’s most popular items at Tree Factory are their Original Mints, Nighttime 2:1 750mg Mints, and Cinnamon 1:1 CBD Mints.


Raw Garden Guide: Learn About California's Best-Selling Cannabis Extracts

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Raw Garden

We brought up Raw Garden’s tasty vape cartridges, but we haven’t even gotten to their live resin concentrates. Since they only use freshly frozen cannabis flower for their extracting, their live resin is able to remain “live” and pack tremendous amounts of flavor. For the price, potency, and terpene-rich flavor, their dabs never disappoint. Not to mention all of the genetics they use are proprietary and engineered in-house. A few top-selling concentrates include the Banana Cake Live Sauce, Orange Dos y Dos Refined Live Resin Diamonds, and Dosi Stomper Live Sauce.

The Complete Guide To Buying STIIIZY Products At Tree Factory


STIIIZY dominates a large portion of the concentrate category in California and beyond for a reason. Their distillate cartridges are one thing, but their Live Rosin and Live Rosin Badder is out of this world. This is STIIIZY’s cannasseur-grade effort to produce solventless concentrates that are brimming with terps. Some of our best-sellers from them are their Appleberry Kush Live Badder, Berry Pie Live Rosin Jam, and Watermelon Z Live Rosin Badder.

710 Labs

710 Labs creates award-winning, pesticide-free, organically fed, small batch, hand-trimmed cannabis flower and concentrates. They are obsessed with making the richest flavors possible, and achieve this goal by hand-selecting and hunting exotic strains from the most renowned breeders. If there’s a brand in California that has a cult following based on product quality alone, it’s 710 Labs. Customers love 710’s lush, solventless dabs, like their 710 Chem Persy Live Rosin, Platinum Huckleberry Cookies Water Hash, and Sour Tangie Persy Live Rosin.

Tree Factory’s menu is constantly changing, growing, and evolving. Each of these best-selling cannabis brands from summer are mainstays though. We will continue to expand our menu to better serve our community and bring you the best, and most cutting-edge cannabis products California has to offer. Visit our online menu to see what’s in stock and get ready for Fall and the holiday season with these trusted and top-selling brands from summer.

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