2021 was a huge year for Tree Factory. We can’t thank our community and customers enough for the endless support and the opportunity to grow. Since we opened up our first dispensary at 537 Channel Islands Blvd in June last year, we’ve had countless people come in and shop. When December came, we saw several best-selling cannabis brands bubble to the top.

All of these best-selling cannabis brands from 2021 represent the taste of our loyal clientele. You told us all year what your favorites are, and it’s clear that flower, vapes, and infused pre-rolls reign supreme. These are all of the winners from last year, with current recommendations from our menu. Shop online for express curbside pickup or order delivery from us to anywhere in Ventura County.

Tree Factory Best Selling Cannabis Brands 2021 Jeeter Baby Jeeter

Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls

Jeeter has become the premier name in pre-rolls across California. They offer 1g, 2g, and Baby Jeeters that come in 5-packs of .5g infused pre-rolls. Jeeter uses their highly potent plants to create an incredibly strong pre-roll that might leave you remarkably high. By far, their most popular products are their 5-packs of Baby Jeeter infused pre-rolls that are dusted in kief.

Tropicana Cookies Baby Jeeters (5pk)

Tropicana Cookies is a fruity favorite that tops any list. The Tropicana Cookies strain from Jeeter is a cross between GSC and Tangie. You’ll find a potentially focused and energetic experience with Tropicana Cookies. Along with its citrus flavor profile, there are a lush aromas and high-THC content to potentially satisfy any regular smoker.

Blue Zkittlez Baby Jeeters (5pk)

Blue Zkittlez is one of the most popular flavors of Baby Jeeter pre-rolls from Jeeter. This indica-dominant strain is a cross between Zkittlez and Blue Diamond. The terpene profile on this strain by itself is tart, citrusy, floral, and earthy. Jeeter took it to the next level with their infused Baby Jeeter pre-rolls. Bursting with flavor, these mini joints might offer a mellow sedation that weighs on the limbs. Smoking more than one might induce your appetite while combating stress and pain.

Elyon Cannabis

Elyon Cannabis produce some of our customers’ favorite affordable, yet potent cannabis flower. Grown organically outdoors in California’s Sonoma County, Elyon’s greenhouse operation is unmatched. You can find them nestled in the boundless vineyards the area is known for, cultivating both unique and classic strains that don’t hurt your wallet. The custom packaging they create for each strain also makes them easy to spot on the shelf.

Cocoa Pebbles

Cocoa Pebbles is a pungent and aromatic flower from Elyon Cannabis. It has a deeply savory flavor reminiscent of GMO strains. You might find yourself floating away in relaxation from Cocoa Pebbles’s potentially stress-melting qualities. The gassy notes and earthy flavor make Cocoa Pebbles best enjoyed into the evening. For the ultimate mellow experience, keep snacks nearby in case you get hungry.


Fiancé is a potentially creative strain made from crossing Wedding Cake with Mendo Breath. Most find Fiancé to have a syrupy sweet aroma and sugary taste. Smoking this strain tastes like sugared berries and creamy wedding cake. Consuming Fiancé regularly might be ideal for problems with insomnia and acute stress.

Monterey Kush Co Guide: Premium Eighths And Pre-Rolls From Our Top-Selling Flower Brand

Monterey Kush Co Flower

Monterey Kush Co has carved out their niche in a short time. They are focused on quality greenhouse flower for recreational and medical consumers that’s potent and affordable. MKCO uses its passion for the plant and industry to find innovative new ways to grow and manufacture its cannabis products. Monterey are responsible for many of the top-selling flower products at Tree Factory.


J1 is Monterey Kush CO’s spicy strain that is ready to potentially carry you through the day. J1 might leave you feeling clear-headed and calm. MKCO has perfected the potency on this sativa-dominant cultivar and delivered a deep herbal aroma with high-THC. The pine scent and spicy taste potentially leave you ready to tackle your to-do list and get the ball rolling.

MKCO Chem 4

Monterey’s Chem 4 has heavy smoke and potentially bold, energetic effects that are ideal for powering through rough tasks. Smoking some of this strain might quickly light up your brain with bubbling activity. The tart aroma has a sour, gassy nose that’s reminiscent of the strain’s notorious chemical stench. Chem 4 is known for its sticky buds and potentially motivating head highs and might be great to smoke throughout the day.

Big Chief Guide: Delicious and Affordable High-THC Vape Cartridges at Tree Factory

Big Chief Vapes

Big Chief is committed to uncompromising standards for their products. They have worked their way through the industry to develop practices that have elevated them in the vape game and beyond. From vapes to edibles, flower, dabs, and emerging products, they have shown that they are ready to adapt to anything to maintain quality and affordability.

Apple Jack

Apple Jack is a cross between White Widow and Jack Herer. It offers a potentially mellow high. Because of its moderate THC content, Apple Jack might be great for enjoying throughout the day. Apple Jack has a crisp apple taste with a buttery finish. A few puffs might start any day off right with subtle uplifting vibes.

Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is a well-balanced hybrid in both its taste and potentially in its experience too. It has a true kush smell that cuts right through the sweetness. Like its name, Blackberry Kush has a juicy berry flavor and cheesy kush nose. Vaping Big Chief’s Blackberry Kush is potentially best for enjoying before a meal or to unwind into the weekend. The sweet kush flavors might be immediately stress relieving.

The Complete Guide To Buying STIIIZY Products At Tree Factory

STIIIZY  Vapes + Live Rosin

STIIIZY is at the forefront of innovation in the industry. They began as a vape-focused company that has evolved into multiple product lines. STIIIZY’s expansive genetic line and proprietary technology help to make them a favorite across California and beyond. Our customers love their proprietary vape Pods and Live Rosin dabs. This industry-leading brand was an obvious choice for our best-selling brands of 2021.

Blueberry Space Cake Live Rosin Badder

Blueberry Spacecake is an out-of-this-world Live Rosin Budder from STIIIZY. STIIIZY knows their way around more than just Vapes and Blueberry Space Cake is proof. This Live Rosin has an intense berry aroma and creamy consistency. It is a cross between Outer Space and Alien Dutchess.

Strawberry Cough Pod

Strawberry Cough is the super sweet Sativa leaning pod from STIIIZY. It is a cross between Strawberry Fields and Haze. Most find that Strawberry Cough provides a potentially energizing experience. This strain might leave you talkative and tingly with each puff. Strawberry Cough is sweet, tangy, and fruity with a deep flowery aroma that might satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Complete Guide To Buying 3C Farms At Tree Factory

3C Farms

The minds behind 3C Farms put respect for the community and cannabis above everything else. 3C Farms has an extensive, in-house genetic library spanning original creations and unique profiles. With a focus on connection and experience, 3C Farms is one of the premier flower brands at Tree Factory known for their wildly potent cannabis.

Anunnaki OG

Named after our great alien ancestors, the Annunaki OG from 3C might take you to another planet. This sativa-dominant hybrid comes from crossing Hash Plant with Cannalope Haze and reeks of funky, piney gas. Regular cannabis users turn to this strain to potentially relieve anxiety and tension. If you smoke too much it might send your mind straight into space.

Cherry Lime Runtz

Cherry Lime Runtz is a tart and gassy experience unlike any other. This strain from 3C Farms is a lip-smacking burst of sour and sweet. Much like the name implies it has a tart Cherry and zesty lime aroma alongside the fresh berry flavor. Cherry Lime Runtz is a hybrid explosion of potential creativity and body melting relaxation.

Almora Farm Brand Guide: Affordable High-THC Flower And Concentrates At Tree Factory

 Almora Farms

Fresh, sun-grown flower is the name of the game for Almora Farms. Almora Farms utilizes the California climate to its advantage when growing all of its plants. They use storied outdoor growing techniques to produce some of the most favored flowers on our menu. Almora Farms uses their knowledge of growing along with their ideal location to produce potent and budget-friendly flower and concentrates. Customers love their flavorful and affordable 8ths, pre-rolls, and dabs.

Platinum Purple x Zookies Fusion Pre Roll

Almora Farms offers up this Fusion Pre Roll as your answer to everyday stress. Platinum Purple and Zookies are crossed to create a pungent and potent smoking experience. Zookies has a potentially numbing body high and diesel aroma. Platinum Purple is a burst of grape flavor alongside a sedative effect. Platinum Purple x Zookies Fusion Pre Roll is the perfect punch for potential total relaxation.

Cherry Punch Flower

Cherry Punch is a Sativa-leaning hybrid that takes you on a joy ride and potentially leaves you uplifted. The bold, fresh fruit flavors of tart Cherry are paired with an earthy aroma. Cherry Punch is a cross between Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch. It is a great addition to any busy day to keep you on your toes and rolling with the punches.

Evidence Cannabis

Evidence is a new California cannabis brand with a powerful cause that we’re proud to carry at Tree Factory. They have disrupted the industry with their simple yet admirable mission: “We Grow Weed At A Prison To Help Get People Out Of Prison For Growing Weed.” Over 40,000 people are currently incarcerated for marijuana offenses. For every Evidence bag sold, they donate $1 to the Last Prisoner Project.

Animal Mints

Animal Mints is a creamy mint combination of Animal Cookies and GSC x Blue Power. It is a higher THC strain running at a heady 27%. Animal Mints has a spicy, tobacco taste that is complemented by lush strawberry and mint flavors. This strain packs a punch leaving you potentially uplifted and mentally buzzing. Animal Mints is a name known across the industry and Evidence’ is no different. The cool, minty, and herbal smoke might fill you with creative energy.

Mango Sherbet

Mango Sherbet is Evidence’s take on Sunset Sherbet. A cross between GSC and Pink Panties, this indica-leaning strain might provide supremely relaxing effects. Bright, skunky notes emanate from this strain that has deeper aromas of tart, earthy citrus. Smoking some of Evidence’s Mango Sherb might produce a heavy high that is incredibly uplifting at first, then resolves into pleasant relaxation.

Tree Factory couldn’t be more thankful for the customers that visit our store and utilize our delivery service. Without you, none of this would be possible. These best-selling brands of 2021 are based entirely off what our customers were craving. For the best products at the most affordable prices, Tree Factory is the only dispensary and/or delivery service you need in Ventura County. Shop online now for any of the brands above and see what we currently have in stock.

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