At Tree Factory dispensary and delivery in Oxnard, we specialize in curating the most legendary cultivars, and the Ice Cream Cake strain takes center stage. Crafted from a blend of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, this potent strain stands as an icon among connoisseurs. Our shelves proudly show off an extensive range of Ice Cream Cake weed products sourced from premium California brands. Whether you prefer infused prerolls, vape cartridges, concentrates, or top-tier flower, our selection caters to every palate. No matter if you opt for delivery or pick-up, we’ve got your preferred Ice Cream Cake experience ready to go.

The Ice Cream Cake strain (the most famous cut by Seed Junky Genetics) combines two of the most legendary strains. What you get is a deep trichome density hitter that’s become famous in its own right. Its creamy and sour flavors might create a truly balancing high that provides a comforting uplift. Due to its versatility, many brands like STIIIZY, Raw Garden, West Coast Treez, and Puff have their own potent versions available.

Follow along the complete sensory journey into the Ice Cream Cake strain, uncovering its visual appeal, texture, flavor, aroma, and potential effects. Then, we’ll navigate through the best Ice Cream Cake products offered at Tree Factory Oxnard, all available for pick-up or delivery. Please note that product availability might fluctuate, so feel free to explore our online menu at your convenience to check the current selection in stock.

Ice Cream Cake Strain Appearance

The Ice Cream Cake strain typically showcases dense, chunky buds that glisten beautifully with a generous coating of trichomes. This frosty, delectable appearance is reminiscent of its dessert namesake. The colors of the buds range from deep greens to purples, often interspersed with vibrant orange pistils, creating a visually striking and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Ice Cream Cake undoubtedly looks like a strain worth celebrating.

Touch & Feel: Ice Cream Cake Strain

When you touch Ice Cream Cake nugs, you’ll notice a dense and slightly sticky texture due to their extremely resinous nature. These compact buds are coated in a thick layer of trichomes, leaving a residue on your fingers that feels almost like glue. The strain’s tactile experience is characterized by its sticky and thick feel, showcasing its richness and noteworthy trichome density.

Aroma de Ice Cream Cake

Cream, vanilla, sugar, and fresh sourdough smack you right in the face on your first whiff of the Ice Cream Cake strain. Imagine inhaling a bouquet of vanilla with hints of sugary dough and a subtle touch of earthiness. Some variations might also carry undertones of skunky or herbal scents, but overall, its dominant profile tends to lean towards a creamy, almost confectionary-like aroma that’s both alluring and distinct.

Taste & Experience

On first inhale, the Ice Cream Cake strain provides sweet, creamy, and dessert-like notes on your pallet. As you exhale, you’ll pick up subtle notes of sour, earthy dough that offer a pleasant contrast of flavors. Almost immediately, you might feel a euphoric rush akin to downing an especially sweet treat. 

Smoking the Ice Cream Cake strain might bring about a potent and well-balanced experience. Its high THC levels may induce a gradual euphoria and a calming effect that relaxes both the mind and body. Users might feel a gentle uplift in mood and creativity alongside a soothing body high that can help with pain relief and muscle relaxation. This strain is favored for its potentially harmonious blend of relaxation that doesn’t cause overwhelming sedation. Medical users praise its potential to combat pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety.


In Ventura County, Tree Factory is well-known as the biggest and best STIIIZY store. We carry tons of STIIIZY Pods, flower, edibles, prerolls, blunts, concentrates, and infused preroll packs. STIIIZY has firmly established itself as a trusted and respected entity in the cannabis industry by prioritizing innovation and unwavering quality. Our inventory boasts Oxnard’s largest, freshest, and finest selection of STIIIZY Pods, flower, infused prerolls, and more.

Ice Cream Cake CDT Pod (89-90.1% THC) [.5g or 1G]

STIIIZY took cannabis-derived terpenes and blended them together with high-potency distillate to create a strain-specific pod for all occasions. With cannabis-derived terpenes, you might feel a longer-lasting high and a more honest Ice Cream Cake experience than a normal distillate vape. These CDT Pods come in .5g for $27.99 plus tax, or 1g for $47.18 plus tax. Shop online now and see what’s in stock at Tree Factory.

Raw Garden

Raw Garden leads the industry with its premium live resin products, recognized by every California weed smoker. Alongside their well-known Refined Live Resin vapes and dabs, they’ve been making waves with their Crushed Diamonds prerolls and Hash-Infused preroll 3-packs. Priced from only $22.39 to $23.99 plus tax, these packs not only pack a punch but also offer affordability, catering to a wide range of consumers in the market. Peep our updated brand guide for the full scoop.

Top 5 Best Infused Preroll Packs In Ventura County At Tree Factory

Ice Cream Cake #2 3pk by Raw Garden (58% THC)

Ice Cream Cake, an indica-dominant hybrid, originates from crossbreeding Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. It exudes a delightful sweet and creamy aroma and flavor. This strain might deliver relaxing and euphoric effects, appealing to cannabis enthusiasts seeking relief from stress and pain. At Tree Factory, discover Raw Garden’s #2 pheno, featuring subtle skunk undertones and available in convenient 3-packs of Live Hash-infused prerolls.

West Coast Treez

West Coast Treez has rapidly risen into popularity at Tree Factory. It’s become a regular occasion for us to sell out fresh orders shortly after they arrive, and we believe it comes down to the quality and the genetics. Despite their budget pricing, West Coast Treez crafts some wildly potent cannabis just north of Sacramento. You can pick up 8ths of fire weed from West Coast Treez for only $12 plus tax!

Best Ice Cream Cake Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Raw Garden, & More

Ice Cream Cake Smallz by West Coast Treez (27% THC)

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, West Coast Treez has everyone else beat. Their Ice Cream Cake Smallz 8ths are brimming with THC and terps, and only cost $12 plus tax! This is by far the most affordable way to enjoy everything great about this famous strain.


At Tree Factory, we stock PUFF prerolls crafted by experienced growers who spent years honing their skills. These growers purposefully cultivate top-quality flower, specifically tailored for pre-rolls. Situated on 40 beautiful acres in California’s Central Valley, the PUFF farm benefits from the region’s prime weather and abundant sunshine, directly contributing to the flower’s exceptional quality.

Best Ice Cream Cake Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Raw Garden, & More

Gush Mintz x Ice Cream Cake Bubble Hash Infused Preroll 5pk (48% THC)

PUFF took the Ice Cream Cake strain to the next level by crossing it with the high-potency Gush Mintz strain and wrapped it in hash. What could be better? By combining the potentially balancing uplift of Ice Cream Cake with the pure indica power of Gush Mintz, you get a body-zapping high that puts the mind at ease. Enjoy this infused preroll pack for just $23.99 plus tax and smoke them all or share one with a friend.


Thank you for exploring the beauty and pedigree of the Ice Cream Cake strain and all of the fire products we carry at Tree Factory. There are so many different brands that create this famous strain that we will likely come back and add to this blog! Ice Cream Cake is by far one of the most celebrated strains with tremendous balance. You can always trust that Tree Factory will have at least two options for this standout strain. Download our app via the App Store or Google Play to join our family and stay in the loop. We regularly provide our customers with new blogs, exclusive sales, giveaways, and local events!