Tree Factory dispensary and delivery in Oxnard is the best place in California to find the most legendary strains. The Grape Ape strain is possibly one of the most well-known indica-dominant varieties in the game. This heavy hitter comes from crossing Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani strains. At our shop, we carry a wide variety of Grape Ape products from various top-shelf brands. These come in the form of infused pre-rolls, vape carts, premium flower, and delicious edibles. No matter what your favorite way to consume Grape Ape is, we likely have that option available for delivery or pick-up.

Grape Ape has a distinct grape-like aroma and flavor that has been driving smokers wild for years. Its potentially heavy effects that might produce a seductive carefree relaxation have also made it a favorite among many. For those seeking the best Grape Ape strain, our menu definitely reflects the options to empower you to make that decision for yourself. We carry Grape Ape products from brands like STIIIZY, Jeeter, West Coast Cure, Evidence, and more.

Take a dive with us into the full Grape Ape sensory experience as we explore its look, feel, touch, taste, aroma, and potential effects. We’ll then take a look at the best Grape Ape products available at Tree Factory Oxnard for easy pick-up or delivery. Keep in mind that product availability may vary. So, feel free to peruse our online menu at any point to see what’s currently in stock.

Grape Ape Strain Appearance

Grape Ape displays a captivating appearance with dense, chunky buds exhibiting deep, rich purple hues. These striking dark buds achieve a pleasant contrast with vibrant orange pistils and a glistening layer of trichomes, creating a frosty, alluring allure. Its leaves are a deep green with purple undertones interwoven, and it adheres to the classic indica bud structure. For cannabis enthusiasts, Grape Ape’s visually stunning features make it an irresistible choice.

Grape Ape Touch & Feel

To the touch, the Grape Ape strain has a slightly sticky or resinous feel due to the presence of trichomes. These tiny, hair-like structures cover the surface of the buds and contain the cannabinoids and terpenes responsible for the strain’s effects and aroma. Handling Grape Ape buds reveals their freshness and can serve as an indicator of their potency, thanks to the noticeable stickiness.

Aroma de Grape Ape

Grape Ape’s aroma captivates the senses with its enticing blend of sweet grape and berry notes, complemented by earthy undertones that add depth and richness. It creates a memorable, fruity fragrance with a subtle hint of lingering skunkiness. This delightful scent profile makes Grape Ape a top choice for cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate strains with fruity and candylike flavors and aromas.

Taste & Experience

When smoked, the Grape Ape strain delivers a sweet and fruity flavor reminiscent of grapes and berries. On the exhale, you can taste subtle earthy undertones. Its effects might be calming and utterly relaxing, thanks to its indica-dominant properties. Users might feel euphoric and content, making it an ideal choice for those potentially seeking relaxation, stress relief, and relief from physical discomfort. Grape Ape is known for potentially inducing a “body high,” which can lead to sensations of sedation and classic couch-lock. Many professional smokers still prefer to smoke it in the evening or during times when physical activity isn’t on the agenda. This strain is cherished for its potential to promote a tranquil and mellow state of mind and body.

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

Image via STIIIZY


STIIIZY, a highly renowned brand, garners popularity for its top-tier cannabis oil cartridges or STIIIZY pods. Their extensive selection encompasses a wide array of potent and flavorsome strains, ensuring an impeccable and gratifying vaping encounter. Through innovative features and an unwavering dedication to quality, STIIIZY has firmly established itself as a trusted and respected entity within the cannabis industry. At Tree Factory in Oxnard, our inventory boasts the largest, freshest, and best STIIIZY Pods and flavors.

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

Grape Ape STIIIZY Pod (.5g & 1g, 89.2% THC)

For fans of convenience, potency, and flavor, you can’t go wrong with STIIIZY’s Grape Ape CDT Pods. Available in .5 or 1g Pods, enjoy all of your favorite sweet berry and grape flavors in tandem with high-THC oil for potentially intoxicating effects.

West Coast Cure

West Coast Cure is a brand that regularly defies conformity and demonstrates unwavering loyalty to cannabis since the days of prohibition. For decades, they have tirelessly sought out and personally selected the most gassy strains while carefully nurturing solid relationships with cultivators and innovative wax artists. They achieved their crowning glory in 2012 by winning the first NorCal Cannabis Cup for Concentrates, solidifying their brand’s visionary status. Today, they boast a complete roster of cannabis products including flower, vapes, edibles, pre-rolls, infused pre-roll packs, and more. Check out our complete guide here.

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

1g Grape Ape Disposable Vape by West Coast Cure (87.8% THC)

A disposable vape is probably the easiest way to enjoy your favorite Grape Ape flavors. Luckily, West Coast Cure produces a powerful 1g disposable that does the strain’s lineage tremendous justice. Grab one at Tree Factory for just $27.99 plus tax while supplies last.

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

West Coast Cure 1g Grape Ape Vape Cart (87% THC)

For those who really want to taste the flavor, a 1g vape cart is a great option. This gives you the power to use a battery with variable voltage and take low-temp hits. Low temp hits of 1g Grape Ape vapes from West Coast Cure are sure to be brimming with delicious sweet flavors. Try this iconic strain in a 510-thread cart at Tree Factory for only $17.59 plus tax while supplies last.


Dreamfields, a vertically integrated company, actively manages Jeeter’s product line and runs its complete operations on a 4.2-acre campus in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Within the campus, there is a 9,000-square-foot facility that diligently houses manufacturing, fulfillment, production, inventory, distribution, and back-office operations. Jeeter consistently produces some of California’s most popular infused prerolls, blunts, vapes, and preroll packs.

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

Grape Ape Baby Jeeters Infused Preroll Pack (38.05% THC)

This is one of the most popular products at Tree Factory, regardless of the product category or strain. Grape Ape Baby Jeeters fly off the shelves for their potent flavors and cannabinoid counts. Possibly the most reliable infused preroll pack on the market, try Grape Ape Baby Jeeters at Tree Factory Oxnard. We carry them for the competitive price of $32.94 plus tax while supplies last.


Evidence is an affordable cannabis brand that customers have come to know and love at Tree Factory. They actively partner with the nationwide Last Prisoner Project, dedicating one dollar from each Evidence bag sold to support the cause. Evidence produces their products within the same prison that previously incarcerated individuals. Many of Evidence’s security personnel, who were once guards at the private prison, now work for the company. Evidence tirelessly strives to produce potent and accessible flower products, cultivating all their flowers outdoors at their former private prison cultivation facility. Today, their expansive line of products includes flower, vapes, and Prison Shortys infused preroll packs.

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

Grape Ape Prison Shortys Infused Preroll Pack (55.7% THC)

If you’re on the hunt for a powerful, yet affordable infused preroll pack, look no further. The Grape Ape Prison Shortys infused preroll 5-pack from Evidence features 55.7% THC. You can find these potent 3.5g infused joint packs at Tree Factory for only $31.19 plus tax.


Lowell Herb Co. is a California-based cannabis company known for producing premium cannabis products, notably their high-quality pre-rolled joints made from sun-grown cannabis. They emphasize sustainable and organic cultivation practices and employ a branding style that reflects a rustic, vintage aesthetic. The company also has a history of supporting social justice initiatives related to cannabis legalization and restorative justice.

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

Grape Ape 14g Littles by Lowell Herb Co. (28% THC)

Attention flower smokers who are on the hunt for the most bang for their buck—this is it! Lowell’s 14g Grape Ape Littles are hitting at 28% THC and aren’t going to hurt your pocketbook. This half-ounce of Littles has all of the grape terps you need plus the potency to potentially get the job done. Try this potentially relaxing bag of 14g Littles for only $55.97 plus tax while supplies last.

Everdrop by Raw Garden

Everdrop is a newer brand from Raw Garden that produces more affordable vapes and concentrates with the same conscious and clean touch. Everdrop cartridges consist of high-potency Raw Garden liquid diamonds infused with natural botanical terpenes. This allows for the same incredible flavor you love from Raw Garden, with the ability to price them at a more accessible price. 

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

Grape Ape 1g Liquid Diamonds Vape by Everdrop (95% THC)

Pure power and a face-full of terps is what you’re going to get with any vape from Everdrop by Raw Garden. Their 1g Grape Ape Liquid Diamonds vape is no exception, boasting nearly 100% THC and containing tons of grape flavors that will have your lips smacking. Grab one of these potent and tasty vapes at Tree Factory for just $22.39 plus tax while supplies last!

Humboldt Origins

Humboldt Origins, a NorCal cannabis cultivator, began its journey about 15 years ago. They were initially drawn to the Humboldt County cannabis community after the passage of California’s Proposition 215. After overcoming the challenge of converting raw land into a cultivation site, they experienced both successes and failures in their early years. With the 2016 legalization of recreational cannabis in California, they got their first license in 2017, officially entering the legal market in Humboldt County. Humboldt Origins continues its commitment to delivering top-quality, clean, and affordable cannabis products to the legal California market.

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

1g Grape Ape Humboldt Origins Vape (91.2% THC)

Thrifty shoppers at Tree Factory will absolutely love the offerings from Humboldt Origins. They produce a bunch of low-cost vapes that use classic and popular strains such as Grape Ape. With 91.2% THC, you can taste a mouthful of grape flavors that might take you to a truly relaxing and peaceful place. And the best part is, this vape only costs $15.99 plus tax. Find it at Tree Factory while supplies last.


Froot Brand specializes in producing a variety of tasty gummies and chews. They have a wealth of options catering to individual preferences for Indica, Sativa, or CBD strains. Their range of flavors, from sweet to sour and more, empowers users with diverse choices. Each edible is thoughtfully crafted with extracts from specific cannabis strains, ensuring well-labeled and accurately portioned doses. Customers at Tree Factory have found that Froot produces consistently delicious strain-specific edibles. They’ve also recently added infused indoor shake and infused prerolls to their roster that don’t break the bank.

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

Grape Ape 1g Infused Preroll by Froot (50.4% THC)

If you’re not in the market for a Grape Ape infused preroll pack, Froot has the answer. Their 1g Grape Ape infused preroll has over 50% THC and is bursting with sweet grape flavors. Grab this potent infused preroll by Froot at Tree Factory and go for only $12 plus tax!

Grape Ape 3.5g Infused Indoor Shake (45.2% THC)

Any fan of rolling up flower on the go knows the woes of grinding your weed. Sometimes the act of breaking down your bud can be stressful. Froot has taken away the hassle with their 3.5g Grape Ape infused indoor shake for only $21.59 plus tax.

Best Grape Ape Strain Ft. STIIIZY, Baby Jeeters, & More

Grape Ape 100mg Gummies by Froot

Not everyone likes to smoke the Grape Ape strain, and we believe in giving you that choice. Froot has a delicious strain-specific 100mg Grape Ape 10-pack of gummies that is potent and low-cost. Pick up a 10pk of Grape Ape gummies for just $9.60 plus tax at Tree Factory while supplies last.


The Grape Ape strain is a delicious cultivar that’s found its way into the hearts of countless cannabis consumers everywhere. At Tree Factory, we like to make sure our customers get exactly what they want. For this reason, we’re proud to offer a diverse array of Grape Ape products to satisfy all smoking needs. Thank you for reading our strain review and brand showcase for this lip-smacking hitter of legend. To discover all of the best brand and strain guides, local event invites, and exclusive sales, download the Tree Factory app! You can download the Tree Factory app via the App Store or Google Play and join our family today.