At Tree Factory dispensary & delivery, we have the largest menu of cannabis products in Ventura County. Among our expansive menu are a few standout strains that multiple brands produce in numerous forms. One of those VIP cultivars is the Fatso strain. When choosing the best Fatso strain at Tree Factory, you have a few options. But first, let’s dive into the strain.

Originating from the breeding efforts of Colorado’s Cannarado, the Fatso strain is the result of crossing GMO Cookies with Legend OG. This recently popular strain is made for lovers of gas, Kush, and Cookies profiles, and is known for its pungent fuel-like aroma. Notably high in THC content and rich with abundant trichomes, this indica variety is notably great for hash production. The high from the Fatso strain might be incredibly potent, turning you into a comfortable blob on whatever couch or chair you’re planted on.

We’ll dive more into the sensory experiences the Fatso strain may provide such as the look, feel, touch, taste, and smell. We’ll also highlight each of the brands we carry that produce a standout offering. Product availability may vary.

Fatso Strain Appearance

The Fatso strain commands attention with its visually striking appearance, defined by a notable profusion of trichomes. These tiny, glistening resin glands generously coat the densely packed buds, creating an almost frosty and shimmering effect. The color palette of Fatso buds is diverse, encompassing rich emerald greens with intermittent shades of deep purple, a captivating contrast that’s further accentuated by the vivid orange pistils woven throughout the buds.

Choosing The Best Fatso Strain Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Fatso Feel & Touch

When touched, the Fatso strain exhibits a slightly sticky texture due to the abundant trichomes coating the surface of the buds. Your fingers will encounter a delicate yet noticeable resinous layer, which imparts a tactile sensation that’s both velvety and slightly adhesive. This textural characteristic is a result of the trichomes’ resin content, contributing to the strain’s overall appeal and unique feel.

Aroma de Fatso

The Fatso strain releases a potent and distinct aroma characterized by its pungent and fuel-like scent. As you approach the buds, your senses are met with a strong presence of gas and diesel notes, underscored by a subtle hint of earthiness. The olfactory experience is intense, with the combination of these aromatic elements creating a profile that’s both intriguing and bold.

Choosing The Best Fatso Strain Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Taste & Experience

Upon inhale, the Fatso strain delivers a robust flavor profile that aligns with its aromatic characteristics. The taste is dominated by pronounced gas and diesel notes, creating a distinct fuel-like essence on the palate. These bold flavors are complemented by subtle earthy undertones, contributing to the strain’s well-rounded taste. Overall, the Fatso strain offers a sensory experience that resonates with its pungent and flavorful aroma.

Consuming Fatso might yield a potent, relaxing experience due to its high THC content. Physical and mental relaxation might occur, which may encourage a desire to stay comfortable. Its indica-dominant traits may alleviate stress and anxiety, potentially bringing a mild mood lift and subtle euphoria. This strain might be best for evening use with awareness of personal tolerance.


Elyon Cannabis currently holds the distinction as Tree Factory’s best affordable flower brand. Their top-notch, organic, sun-grown cannabis originates from California’s Sonoma County. Situated amidst the expansive vineyards that characterize the county, they leverage greenhouses and pure sunlight to cultivate substantial quantities of cannabis without straining budgets.

Choosing The Best Fatso Strain Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Fatso 8ths For $20 OTD

If you’re looking for a straight-up affordable Fatso 8th to grab and go with, look no further. Elyon’s 3.5g bags of Fatso are always in healthy supply at our shop and only cost $20 with tax. The THC levels on these bags are usually hitting around 32%!

1g Fatso Sugar Dab Bag For $15.99 +Tax

Another great option for budget smokers that love the taste of the Fatso strain is Elyon’s low-cost dab selection. Elyon’s 1g Fasto Sugar Dab Bag is only $15.99 plus tax and it has all the potency you’d hope for. Infuse it into your favorite flower or take a few dabs and enjoy yourself.


Panacea actively upholds its belief in cannabis’s medical potential. The NorCal Cannabis Company brand, meaning “a cure for all ailments” in Latin, embraces weed’s revitalizing and healing capacities across conditions. By prioritizing high-quality, affordable products over exotic grows Panacea ensures wider access to cannabis’s healing potential.

As a standout in California, Panacea has earned recognition for its excellence. Featuring multiple product lines, they cater to diverse medical needs. Panacea offers flower in tons of high-THC strains, price ranges, and quantities through Indoor, MIDZ, and DEPZ product lines. The brand also provides infused pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and disposable vape pens, delivering a comprehensive selection of straight fire.

Choosing The Best Fatso Strain Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Fatso 1g Live Rosin Disposable (65% THC)

Panacea’s 1g live rosin disposables are incredibly convenient, potent, and true to flavor. They hit the mark on the Fatso strain with their newer disposable line. At only $39.98 before tax, this is the most strain-specific dab-on-the-go you’re going to find for the Fatso strain.


Flav, driven by an unwavering commitment to innovation, combines its deep understanding of cannabis science with precise production processes. This synergy results in a diverse product line available to consumers under the trusted Flav brand. Furthermore, Flav extends its expertise by offering white-label production capabilities to partner brands, showcasing its dedication to both quality and collaboration.

Choosing The Best Fatso Strain Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

1g Fatso HTE Disposable (65% THC)

Flav’s disposable vapes are very discreet and last forever. You can’t go wrong with one of their 1g Fatso HTE disposables that contain 65% THC and are completely rechargeable. HTE stands for “High Terpene Extract” so rest easy knowing these flavors are still screaming loud.

Papa’s Select

Papa’s Select, an acclaimed team of Humboldt County hash-makers, holds multiple Emerald Cup awards. They’re dedicated to delivering premium solventless hash and rosin. With lifelong cannabis experts, Papa’s Select collaborates with local farmers for top-quality hash from the Emerald Triangle.

Choosing The Best Fatso Strain Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

1g Fatso Live Rosin Dabs (66.9% THC)

For the true connoisseur, Papa’s Select has an amazing selection of live rosin dabs to choose from. Among which is their 1g Fasto Live Rosin that’s hitting at 66.9% THC along with a whole roster of minor cannabinoids. If you’re looking for the most high-octane yet strain-specific experience, this might be your best choice.


Thank you for checking out all of the different Fatso strain options we carry at Tree Factory dispensary and delivery in Ventura County. We invite you to explore our menu to find any of your other favorite California cannabis brands or products. Download our new app on the App Store or Google Play to join the Tree Factory family and start earning rewards!