Buddies have a longstanding reputation for producing some of the cleanest and more flavorful cannabis products on the West Coast. The brand is most recognized for its expansive vape line. This line includes proprietary blends of live resin and/or distillate oils. Buddies carts are formulated with strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT) so you know exactly what to expect every time. 

Customers rely on the vapes from Buddies for being potent, discreet, and affordable. Their decades of knowledge and advanced extraction techniques enable the Buddies team to curate some of the best concentrates on the market. Buddies carts use CCELL hardware that is compatible with most 510-thread vape batteries. 

Best-Selling Buddies Carts At Tree Factory

Today, we are highlighting the five best Buddies Carts currently available at Tree Factory. However, this is by no means a comprehensive list of what they have to offer. If you don’t see your favorite on the list you can check our online menu. Or, you can always stop in the store for personal recommendations. We have over 20 different kinds of Buddies carts to choose from. So, we should be able to help you find the perfect vape cart to meet your needs! 

Buddies Brand Guide: Live Resin Vapes, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, and THC Soft Gels at Tree Factory

#1. Sunset Sherbert Liquid Diamonds Live Resin 

According to our experts, the Sunset Sherbert liquid diamonds live resin strain is a consistent crowd-pleaser at our Port Hueneme dispensary. These popular Buddies carts are made using fresh frozen Sunset Sherbert cannabis flower, with no cutting agents, for a full-spectrum experience that rivals that of the brand’s live resin liquid diamond dabs. Reviewers often report feeling a uniquely uplifted and social vibe after consuming this potent hybrid strain. Customers choose this cart for support in social situations, tackling creative endeavors, or binge-watching their favorite shows.

#2. Strawberry Mimosa Live Distillate Carts 

Buddies Strawberry Mimosa Live Distillate Carts contain a unique blend of live resin and distillate oils for highly-potent and flavorful, strain-specific effects on the go! According to customers, the effects of this sativa-dominant strain hit almost instantly. You might experience heady effects that leave you feeling upbeat and ready to take on the day. These award-winning Buddies carts might be perfect for people looking for a boost of euphoric energy. If you need to clear your mind and focus on the task at hand Strawberry Mimosa may be the perfect strain for you. 

Buddies Brand Guide: Live Resin Vapes, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, and THC Soft Gels at Tree Factory

#3. Northern Lights Distillate Carts 

It’s no surprise that the Northern Lights ranked as one of the best-selling Buddies carts at Tree Factory. This classic cultivar might be a godsend for pain-relief. If you turn to Buddies carts for help with sleep, this one might help knock you out. Buddies Northern Lights Distillate carts are made with highly-potent distillate oil that’s been blended with strain-specific CDT. The result is a perfect representation of the classic strain. Customers report potentially feeling relaxed, mellow, and couch-locked after only a few puffs of this popular product

Buddies Brand Guide: Live Resin Vapes, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, and THC Soft Gels at Tree Factory

#4. Donny Burger Liquid Diamonds Live Resin 

Although it is a relatively new strain to join the Buddies family, these Donny Burger Liquid Diamonds Live Resin carts have earned their place on our list. This indica-dominant strain is a cross between the popular (and pungent) GMO and Han Solo Burger. The strain’s lineage explains its abundant aroma, flavor, and potency. As always, these popular Buddies carts are made with fresh frozen cannabis flower sourced internally and from Buddies partner farms to ensure consistency and quality. Buddies Donny Burger carts may be the perfect partner in crime for pre-gaming/date night as they potentially leave users feeling giggly, aroused, and relaxed. 

Buddies Brand Guide: Live Resin Vapes, Concentrates, Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, and THC Soft Gels at Tree Factory

#5. Super Lemon Haze Liquid Diamonds Live Resin 

The last strain showcased on our list is the Buddies Super Lemon Haze Carts. These popular liquid diamonds live resin vapes have been known to pack a punch for even the most seasoned smokers. Customers often report feeling motivated, creative, and slightly spacey after smoking this strain. Medical patients may find the potential mood-elevating properties of this sativa-dominant cart helpful in regulating mood disorders, like depression, PTSD, and/or anxiety. 

If you’re looking for affordable and flavorful high-quality vapes, Buddies carts have you covered! Check out our convenient guide to all things Buddies for more info, or visit our online menu to view our current inventory. 

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