At Tree Factory dispensary & delivery, we proudly showcase the largest and most diverse menu of cannabis products available in Ventura County. Among this expansive selection, you’ll discover an array of products from multiple brands all showcasing the Apple Fritter strain. This particular strain holds a VIP status on our menu lately, presenting itself in many forms. As you navigate the process of selecting the perfect Apple Fritter strain at Tree Factory, an array of options presents itself. Before we explore these options in detail, let’s take a closer look at the intriguing qualities of the strain itself.

The Apple Fritter strain is a genuine hybrid in the realm of weed strains, known for potentially producing potent and calming effects. Developed by Lumpy’s Flowers, this hitter is said to be a hybridization of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. It seamlessly blends the potentially relaxing attributes of GSC with the invigorating qualities akin to a diesel strain. Apple Fritter cannabis boasts a distinct flavor and fragrance profile, with sweet and earthy notes. There’s a subtle yet noticeable essence reminiscent of a cheesy apple pastry in the undertone.

We’ll delve deeper into the sensory encounters that the Apple Fritter strain potentially delivers, encompassing its visual appeal, tactile qualities, taste, and aroma. Furthermore, we’ll shine a spotlight on the exceptional offerings from each of the brands we feature. Keep in mind that the availability of these products may vary.

Apple Fritter Strain Appearance

The Apple Fritter strain commands attention with its captivating appearance. Its buds exhibit a dense, compact structure, tightly coiled and showcasing a vibrant spectrum of colors ranging from deep forest greens to various shades of purples and blues. These hues are complemented by fiery orange pistils that intricately weave through the bud’s formation. A generous coating of frosty trichomes glistens over the buds, enhancing their allure and highlighting the strain’s potency and complexity.

Best Apple Fritter Weed Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Image via Leafly

Apple Fritter Feel & Touch

Touching the buds of the Apple Fritter strain provides a tactile experience that communicates their density and resinous texture. The buds convey a sense of firmness and compactness, accompanied by a subtle stickiness from their resin-coated surface. Running your fingers over the buds allows you to directly perceive the presence of trichomes, adding a hint of stickiness to the touch. This stickiness is a clear indication of the strain’s abundant resin production, which contributes to its potency and aromatic profile.

Aroma de Apple Fritter

The Apple Fritter strain emanates an enchanting aroma that effortlessly blends the sweetness of ripe apples with subtle earthy undertones. Upon closer inhalation, you’ll detect faint hints of spiciness that add an intriguing layer to the overall fragrance. Notably, the scent of freshly baked pastries gently emerges, conjuring images of warm apple delicacies straight from the oven. In essence, the Apple Fritter strain orchestrates a captivating olfactory experience by harmonizing fruity, earthy, and comforting notes.

Taste & Experience

One hit and you’ll see the Apple Fritter strain offers a delectable symphony of flavors. Upon inhalation, its prominent sweetness reminiscent of ripe apples is balanced by delicate earthy undertones, while a subtle spiciness enhances the experience. Exhaling reveals a gentle hint of warm pastry goodness, creating a harmonious fusion of sweet, earthy, and spicy notes that evoke culinary nostalgia.

The Apple Fritter strain might deliver a balanced experience. It might initiate an uplifting euphoria that enhances mood and creativity. Subsequently, a gentle relaxation may spread, potentially alleviating stress. The overall potential effects harmoniously combine cerebral and physical sensations, making it adaptable for various times of the day. This might be the perfect strain for daily smokers who like to take the edge off throughout the day.


STIIIZY, a highly renowned brand, garners popularity for its top-tier cannabis oil cartridges or STIIIZY pods. Their extensive selection encompasses a wide array of potent and flavorsome strains, ensuring an impeccable and gratifying vaping encounter. Through innovative features and an unwavering dedication to quality, STIIIZY has firmly established itself as a trusted and respected entity within the cannabis industry. At Tree Factory in Oxnard, our inventory boasts the largest, freshest, and best STIIIZY Pods and flavors.

Best Apple Fritter Weed Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Apple Fritter Original STIIIZY Pod (.5g & 1g, 89% THC)

For fans of convenience, potency, and flavor, you can’t go wrong with STIIIZY’s Apple Fritter Pods. Available in .5 or 1g Pods, enjoy all of your favorite pastry flavors in tandem with high-THC oil for potentially favorable effects.

Raw Garden

Since 2015, Raw Garden has been producing Clean Green-certified cannabis oils. Without a doubt, they stand as California’s top-selling cannabis extract company today. Tree Factory proudly stocks the complete range of Raw Garden products. Our customers adore the exclusive in-house strains they create, as well as the dependable flavor and affordable pricing they offer. Raw Garden, renowned for their Raw Garden Live Resin and Refined Live Resin Products, ensures the exclusion of all artificial elements from their extracts. Recently, they’ve been putting out some of our most popular infused pre-rolls, one of which is Apple Fritter! Check it out below.

Best Apple Fritter Weed Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

1g Refined Live Resin Crushed Diamonds (80.7% THC)

Perfect for sprinkling on top of your favorite weed, infusing a powerful joint, or simply dabbing, Raw Garden’s 1g Apple Fritter Crushed Diamonds hit. These live resin diamonds are brimming with terps and high cannabinoid counts ideal for amping up any smoking situation.

Best Apple Fritter Weed Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Apple Fritter #74 1g Live Resin (73.9% THC)

For fans of something a little different than your usual Apple Fritter pastry goodness, Raw Garden has a slightly different pheno. Raw Garden’s 1g Apple Fritter #74 live resin is only $17.99 plus tax and doesn’t miss for a second on flavor. For terp hunters who love Apple Fritter weed, this will always be an affordable and tasty treat.

Best Apple Fritter Weed Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Solventless Live Hash Infused Pre-Roll 3pk (54.5% THC)

In a crowded market of infused pre-rolls, Raw Garden has made the easy solution. Three solventless live hash-infused pre-rolls for only $23.99 plus tax. Share these potent pre-rolls with your friends or enjoy them throughout the day. With three joints, you have something to smoke morning, noon, and night. Be careful, Raw Garden’s Apple Fritter Solventless Live Hash Infused Pre-Rolls SMACK!

Sauce Essentials

Sauce Essentials has built a solid reputation by offering high-quality 1-gram live resin disposable vapes. They provide a broad range of flavors, deliver a smooth draw, and prioritize safety and quality, all contributing to an outstanding vaping experience. Their compact, user-friendly devices cater to on-the-go usage, and their stringent testing protocols guarantee reliability and customer contentment. In the region, Tree Factory outshines others by offering the widest selection of live resin flavors. Check out our complete guide to their disposable vapes.

Best Apple Fritter Weed Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

1g Live Resin Disposable (83% THC)

At only $35.98 plus tax, Sauce Essentials has one of the most convenient and potentially effective Apple Fritter weed products at Tree Factory. Each of these rechargeable disposables rips down to the last drop. This strain especially, shows off some distinctly mouth-watering flavors perfectly reminiscent of your favorite Apple Fritter weed.


Crafted by passionate smokers themselves, Kingpen emerged in 2014 when the creators of Los Angeles’ highly acclaimed dispensary recognized the need for delivering unadulterated, powerful, and dependable products to the cartridge market. Presently, Kingpen stands tall as an exceedingly influential and easily recognizable name within the realm of cannabis. Its extensive distribution network spans across California, underscoring its prominent position in the industry.

Best Apple Fritter Weed Products At Tree Factory Oxnard

Apple Pie x Apple Fritter Infused Pre-Roll 4pk (41.19% THC)

This 3-gram pack of infused pre-rolls combines the deliciousness of Apple Fritter weed with the equally tasty Apple Pie strain. Sitting at only $35.98 plus tax, enjoy cheesy notes of apple pastries and THC over 40% with Kingroll’s Apple Pie x Apple Fritter Infused Pre-Roll 4pk. At Tree Factory, you’ll always find the best selection of infused pre-roll packs.


We appreciate your interest in exploring the diverse array of Apple Fritter strain choices available at Tree Factory dispensary and delivery, right here in Ventura County. Feel free to peruse our menu to discover additional offerings from your preferred California cannabis brands. You can also enhance your experience by downloading our latest app from the App Store or Google Play, becoming a part of the Tree Factory community, and unlocking rewarding benefits along the way!