In 2022, the sales of disposable vape carts increased to the second most popular consumption category in legal states, after flower. And in the year 2023, the song remains the same. If you’re a fan of the Big Chief brand, it would make sense for you to wonder if there are Big Chief Disposables as well. The UPDATED answer is YES, there ARE now 1-gram Big Chief Live Resin Disposables available at Tree Factory!!

Big Chief is widely known as one of the leading concentrate brands in California for budget consumers. They have a reputation for producing some of the purest, and most affordable extracts in the state. Their THC-heavy vape carts that don’t break the bank are still their hottest item. But, they’ve since gone on to add a delicious selection of one-gram disposable vapes. Each of these includes full-spectrum live resin oil and real strain-specific flavors. If you want to truly dive in, check out our new complete guide to Big Chief Disposables and Vape Carts HERE.

New Big Chief Live Resin Disposables & Vape Cart Guide: Tree Factory Oxnard

Big Chief Disposables—They Exist & We Have Them!

What you’ve been waiting and searching for is finally here: Big Chief’s 1g live resin disposables. Building upon the acclaim of their popular 1g 510 thread vape carts, these new disposables exemplify a seamless fusion of affordability and robust flavor. At a price point of $31.50 per vape before tax, their inherent convenience is matched only by their potential for elevated experiences while on the move.

Big Chief’s commitment to big flavor and big quality finds its embodiment in the realm of disposables. The new 1g disposable vapes offer convenience and potentially noticeable effects. They achieve this with premium live resin oil, strain-specific flavor, and an effortlessly user-centric design. Every inhale might create pure delight, a testament to the artistry within.

For connoisseurs keen on trying these new 1g live resin disposable vapes, Tree Factory has the widest selection in Ventura County. Visit our online menu to find all of the newest and most powerful flavors and order online for delivery or in-store pickup. The average THC on the following Big Chief disposables is over 77%! Product availability may vary.

Chief OG

Chief OG is a notable indica-dominant strain known for its blend of enduring flavors that command attention from any daily smoker. Upon inhalation, your tongue is tickled with earthy herbal aromas. Rapidly, the strain’s potency assumes a prominent role, potentially creating a headstrong high. Quickly it might engulf the body, gradually alleviating both physical and mental strain. Find 1g Chief OG Big Chief Live Resin disposables at Tree Factory for $31.50 plus tax.

New Big Chief Live Resin Disposables & Vape Cart Guide: Tree Factory Oxnard

THC Bomb

Crossing Big Bud and Pure Afghani has given rise to THC Bomb, an indica-dominant hybrid strain renowned for its potent effects. It might induce a rapid and euphoric cerebral buzz that seamlessly transitions into deep body relaxation. This might make it ideal for relief from stress, pain, and insomnia. While catering to both recreational and medical users, caution is advised for novices due to its high potency. If you’re drawn to sheer power, explore the exclusive offering of Big Chief’s 1g THC Bomb live resin disposables at Tree Factory Oxnard.

New Big Chief Live Resin Disposables & Vape Cart Guide: Tree Factory Oxnard

Triple Scoops

Crossing Super Silver Haze, Grape LA, and Sorbet has given birth to the formidable Triple Scoops, embodying a serious triple threat. Its flavor profile draws from all three parents, delivering an explosion of citrus from Super Silver Haze, a sweet berry essence from Grape LA, and a velvety, creamy finish from Sorbet. The potential for a relaxing high renders it ideal for indulging in a tranquil evening at home in the company of good friends. Enthusiasts should not overlook the opportunity to experience this exceptional and flavorful strain. If you come across the Triple Scoops Big Chief 1g live resin disposables at Tree Factory, be sure to grab them quickly before they’re gone.

The Top Five Best Big Chief Carts At Tree Factory In Ventura County

Alternatives to Big Chief Disposables at Tree Factory

When they were first released, disposable vape pens were non-rechargeable self-contained consumption devices that were praised for being easy to use and ultra-discreet. Today, new technology allows disposable vapes to recharge—similarly to standard 510 batteries and pod systems. At this point, the main difference between disposable vape pens and reusable battery systems is personal preference. 

Most customers tend to bounce between device types depending on strain availability and brand preference. If you’re looking for Big Chief Disposables, we have plenty of flavors available and then some. Check out our new complete guide if you just want Big Chief disposables and vapes. Additionally, we have a plethora of alternative options available for you to try. Not to mention some other disposable and pod-style brands that may spark your fancy.

The Top Five Best Big Chief Carts At Tree Factory In Ventura County

Big Chief Vape Kit

Aside from our selection of Big Chief live resin disposables, it’s worth treating yourself to a Big Chief Vape Starter Kit. This includes a disposable 510-thread-style vape cart and a variable voltage rechargeable battery of your choice. Every cart from Big Chief contains distillate cannabis oil formulated with food-grade cannabis-derived terpenes (CDT) for premium flavor and potency. These reusable battery kits are a great alternative to Big Chief Disposables if you want one. They offer a more earth-conscious consumption method that is equally discreet. Be warned, these vapes are highly-potent and might deliver potent effects in as little as 2-3 puffs.

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STIIIZY POD Starter Kit 

Like the look of a pod-style vape better? STIIIZY offers a variety of starter kits and replacement vape pods for you to enjoy. Build your kit by choosing the battery color and your favorite pod flavor. We offer a variety of STIIIZY Pods in .5g and 1g sizes, with different strains, types, and flavors for you to choose from. Every starter kit includes a rechargeable vape battery base, USB charging cable, and charging port to support a long-lasting battery life – replacement pods are sold separately. 

Sauce Essentials Disposables

If you’re really not sure vaping is for you, Sauce Essentials disposable vapes may be perfect for you. These high-quality distillate 1g disposable vape bars are super convenient and ready to use without an added battery piece. Each Micro-USB rechargeable device contains potent concentrates that are perfect for high-tolerance tokers and slow smokers alike. Sauce Bars even have a built-in window so that you can see the remaining level of oil within. Popular strains include Aloha Express, Aurora +CBN, Animal Mintz, Blueberry Kush, Gelato, Ghost Train Haze, White Widow, and more!      

If you’re looking for affordable and convenient Big Chief Disposables, Tree Factory has a variety of vape options for you to choose from. Be sure to check out our newest guide to all of the best Big Chief disposables and vape carts at Tree Factory Oxnard. Pre-order for delivery today, or skim our online menu for access to our current inventory. 

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