Almora Farm is California’s answer to clean, high-quality cannabis that doesn’t break the bank. Tree Factory is proud to supply Ventura County with an array of products from one of the most consistently high-testing cannabis companies for their cost. Almora Farm provides consumers with the best sun-grown, farm-fresh flower and concentrates for affordable prices.

All Almora Farm products are made with rigorous quality standards and testing to ensure you always get a premium product. The result is beautiful buds, simple packaging, and innovative ideas to always keep the industry moving forward. Tree Factory currently carries their flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates. You can find even more Almora Farm in our handy guide to make your next purchase from this family-owned brand easier. 



Almora Farm doesn’t play around with their Indica hybrid of Fatso. This heavy strain doesn’t just give you a potentially sedative high; it also might provide lasting full-body sensations. Fatso offers a robust earthy aroma and a decadent coffee flavor that creates a delightful combination when smoked. This cross of GMO Cookies and Legend OG potentially sends you into a euphoric body high at 31.3% THC. We almost never run out of eighths of this potent and popular strain.

Papaya Punch

Papaya Punch is a delicious tropical treat from Almora Farm. The fruity flower is a high-THC strain that potentially offers a pleasant high. Papaya Punch is a sweet addition to the Tree Factory menu. The effects might leave you floating on cloud nine in a relaxed and blissful state. This is a cross between Papaya and Purple Punch that combines the flavors and THC content of the two strains. Papaya Punch is a spicy strain that potentially leaves you dazed but not confused. This tropical paradise of a strain is sitting at 26.8% THC. 

Legend OG

Legend OG is a powerful and potentially relaxing indica strain that pays homage to OG Kush. A standout among OG Kush varieties, Almora’s Legend OG has notes of crisp pine and sour lemons. A few puffs of this strain might have you happy, hungry, and chill. At 25.2% THC, the potency of this strain isn’t messing around either! This strain is often available in a 6-pack of .5-gram pre-rolls totally 3 grams from Almora.

Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is a long-standing landrace strain that is a potentially introspective experience. Almora Farm has produced a tantalizing Kush that is both flavorful and strong at 23% THC. This is potentially the perfect flower for someone who wants an even, soothing high. Hindu Kush might have mellow mood-enhancing properties to accompany its skunky aroma. With an earthy, spicy funk, Hindu Kush powers through to potentially deliver knock-out level harmony between body and mind. 


Purple Punch Bomb Live Resin

Purple Punch Bombs packs flavor and high THC content into a grenade of explosive power. Almora Farms’ answer to indica Purple Punch Bomb slips in silently to deliver potentially heavy hits of mild smoke. Purple Punch Bomb Live Resin might be best enjoyed in the evenings as a way to unwind. This strain is sure to potentially melt away any stress and deliver a dabbable instant calm. Purple Punch Bomb is a deliciously fruity cross between purple punch and THC Bomb. If the tangy grape ar ma doesn’t pull you in, the sweet berry flavor should do the trick. This live resin is a one-two punch of purple flavor. 


You’ll do be yourself easing into the day with citrusy Papaya Live Resin. When you want your dabbing experience to have both tastes, and THC Almora Farm Papaya delivers. Papaya is a sweet cross between Control #13 and Ice #2. This strain offers a potentially smooth smoking experience layering a relaxed mind with a soothing body haze. Papaya is a well-balanced indica leaning hybrid with a spicy fruit flavor and potentially productive effect after your initial session. Papaya is best appreciated by those looking for a potentially smooth sailing evening spent at home.

If you’re looking for excellent high-quality cannabis products at affordable prices—Almora Farm is your answer. They provide thoughtfully curated genetics that are grown using natural, organic farming techniques. Tree Factory customers love their high-potency sun-grown, hand-trimmed flower. Visit our online menu to find out what we currently have in stock from Almora and place your order for delivery, curbside, or pickup.

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