There are just as many cannabis brands in California that are fighting for the top shelf as there is the bottom shelf, if not more. If you’ve been buying legal cannabis for a while, it’s no secret that countless affordable brands have come and gone. There seems to be constant competition over who can sell the most cannabis for the cheapest price. Unfortunately, quality control has fallen by the wayside as many of these affordable brands have cut corners to bring these products to market.

Everyone should have safe access to quality cannabis, no matter how much money they’re working with. Tree Factory’s menu reflects a careful curation of California’s best brands to fit every budget. What sets us apart is that our critical vetting process comes into play for every single product we carry. This especially includes affordable products like ounces, small buds, and bags of shake. We feel like it’s important to speak up on this matter because we’ve encountered some less-than-favorable products in the past and refuse to settle.

Affordable Does Not Mean Cheap

Just because you’re getting an ounce of flower for an accessible price doesn’t mean you should be expecting lower-quality weed. On the cultivator side, they shouldn’t be putting less effort into the cannabis they’re growing on the premise that it’s bottom shelf. We have come across mold in some affordable ounce bags, and even in some cases, animal hair. Without naming any names, this shouldn’t be acceptable for any consumer, even if it allegedly passes lab testing.

Falsifying Lab Results

In the past, and still today, there are cases of labs and growers falsifying lab results. There have been cases against labs and brands popularized in the media since 2018. There are stories after that in 2019, as well as recently in 2021. In many cases, labs are falsifying test results for hundreds to even thousands of products. When you combine lackadaisical lab practices with subpar growing standards, it breeds a serious problem with accountability in this industry.


We’re calling for more accountability in this industry when it comes to quality control. Just because people will buy cheap weed doesn’t mean that you need to cut every corner possible to give it to them. Tree Factory believes in standing behind products that are carefully and thoughtfully made, no matter their price bracket. If you see something, say something! We can’t keep letting moldy or untested cannabis products reach the consumer.

Affordable Cannabis Brands In California Need To Raise Their Standards

Feelz Flower

Feelz Flower is a Sonoma County grower that carries affordable cannabis products. These include full-sized nugs or high potency smalls. Their smalls are surprisingly potent while their full-sized nugs may be a little more mellow. Through careful vetting, Tree Factory has found a favorite to perfectly fit the bottom shelf bracket. Feelz Flower produces clean, tested, and flavorful cannabis without a hefty price.

When you stop by Tree Factory, ask about Feelz Flower and their premium yet affordable products. Never settle for defective, moldy, or hairy cannabis products just because they’re affordable. If you’re going to buy weed in bulk for accessible prices, you still deserve clean, potent, and tasty products. Tree Factory is happy to guide you on your journey to finding the highest quality flower for the most affordable price if that’s what you’re looking for! Stop by our dispensary at 437 W Channel Islands Blvd in Port Hueneme or order online for delivery to anywhere in Ventura County.

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