3C Farms is one of the original cannabis brands that Tree Factory has been working with since the beginning. The 3C team has decades of collective growing experience that they bring to the table. From growing in basements to masterminding an original cut of OG in the late 90s, 3C is part of California’s famous history with the herb. At Tree Factory, we carry the entire product line from 3C Farms that includes flower, pre-rolls, beverages, and tinctures.

Throughout the history of legal cannabis in California, 3C’s team has been a key player. In addition to their cultivation, 3C has one of the longest-standing dispensaries in Canoga Park—Coast To Coast. Tree Factory actually lent the delivery model to Coast to Coast, making our connection that much deeper. The 3C team is full of tremendously passionate people that care about the plant and how it might have a positive impact on the world. 

Small-batch, indoor cultivation is the secret to their high-THC, high-terpene cannabis flower. By carefully tailoring the growing environment, they are able to ensure complete control of their outcome. Cannabis from 3C Farms is guaranteed to maintain dense structures, as well as diverse terpene profiles and potent cannabinoid percentages. With some of their new products like Liquid Joints and Nano Tinctures, they’re continuing to focus on the patient experience. 

Learn more about products we currently carry from 3C Farms. The menu varies daily so be sure to check out Tree Factory’s online menu to find out what we currently have in stock.


Annunaki OG

Named after our great alien ancestors, the Annunaki OG from 3C might truly be out of this world. This sativa-dominant hybrid comes from crossing Hash Plant with Cannalope Haze and reeks of funky, piney gas. A few puffs might seriously relieve anxiety and tension, sending your mind straight into space. Find eighths of this strain with 31.62% THC available for $58.99 after tax.

Kush Cookies

Delicious and potent, 3C Farms’ Kush Cookies doesn’t mess around with 26.3% THC. This hybrid came from crossing the extremely popular Thin Mint with their Illuminati OG. The smell is a combination of sweet mint, woody dough, and pure gas. The result is a potentially strong, yet balanced strain that might uplift your spirits and put your body at ease. Find eighths of this strain available for $58.99 after tax.

Grape Krush

A true hybrid between sativa and indica, 3C’s Grape Krush strain is decadent and delicious. By crossing Majestic 12 and Kraken, they were able to create a distinct strain with notorious grape notes. Smoking on Grape Krush might produce a gradual high that brings on variably potent euphoria and sedative effects. Our regulars report that this strain might be perfect throughout the day. Pick up eighths of Grape Krush with 24.23% THC for $58.99 after tax.

Liquid Joints

Tree Factory is proud to carry 3C Farms’ newer line of cannabis beverages, or shots, known as their “Liquid Joints.” Using a proprietary nano emulsification process, these Liquid Joints are designed to potentially provide effects in less than ten minutes. Each 30ml shot comes with purified water and 10mg of THC and natural flavors. This low-calorie, low-sugar formulation might deliver a happy head high that dissolves into a warm body buzz. We currently carry their Grape and Watermelon 30ml Liquid Joints for $7.50 after tax.

OpiNot Nano Tinctures

Using the same proprietary nano emulsification process, 3C Farms creates its line of patient-minded tinctures. Nanotechnology might allow for any of these “OpiNot” tinctures to take effect in less than ten minutes. 3C offers daytime and nighttime blends of these tinctures, with varying CBD:THC ratios. If you’re looking for higher CBD and potentially more therapeutic effects from your cannabis-buying experience, these tinctures are a reliable choice. Right now we sell every one of these Opi-Not Nano Tinctures for $37.49 after tax.

3C Farms is a leader in California for both consistency and innovation. We love their potent and premium cannabis products and patient-focused lines of Liquid Joints and Nano Tinctures. Visit our online menu to shop to see what’s fresh. Tree Factory is your hub for 3C Farms cannabis products in Ventura County.

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