At Tree Factory, our focus is always on the customer. Whether you’re visiting our dispensary in Port Hueneme or utilizing our delivery service anywhere in Ventura County, we strive to earn your returning business. As a company that’s owned and operated by Ventura County locals, our community is the most important thing to us. When customers sign up for our Loyalty Rewards Program, we thank them with a one-time offer of 20% off their next purchase—no exclusions. On top of that, you instantly receive 100 loyalty rewards points.

Customers that sign up for our Loyalty Rewards Program will have access to epic deals, huge savings, giveaways, and a points program that benefits them. Rewards members also receive the most up-to-date information about promotional sales we may be running during vendor days. On top of it all, we now have a Spin the Wheel feature on our Sign Up page that gives you the opportunity to win a number of outstanding prizes.

There’s always something going on at Tree Factory that allows the customer to save big. Keep in mind these savings are not limited to our storefront at 437 W Channel Islands Blvd, Port Hueneme, CA 93041. When you order marijuana for delivery from us in any city in Ventura County, you’re able to reap the benefits of our Loyalty Rewards Program.

Spin The Wheel Prizes

When you Sign Up and spin the wheel, you have the opportunity to win a number of top-tier promotional offers. New members of our Loyalty Rewards Program may win a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) on an eighth, a pre-roll for a penny, or a gram of wax for ten cents up to a $40 value. Lastly, you have the chance to win either 25% off your purchase, or 30% off if you spend $50.

Call, Text, or Email Our Office And Mention ‘Loyalty20’ To Receive Discount On Your Order

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Redeeming Points

For every dollar spent at Tree Factory, you earn one point. We have a tiered system for rewarding our customers based on the number of points they are redeeming. It’s broken down into eight tiers. Customers receive multiple options for a deal or discount at each tier. There are rewards for every 50, 100, 200, 250, 500, 700, 1,000, and 3,000 points they accrue.

50 Points

Customers receive 5% off their entire order.

100 Points

Options include pre-roll for $0.01, 10% off your entire order, or a Tree Factory dad hat.

200 Points

Free Tree Factory T-shirt.

250 Points

Options include $15 off today’s purchase, $1 510-thread vape battery, or %20 off your entire order.

500 Points

Customers receive $40 off today’s purchase or 1/8th of flower of our choice for $1.

700 Points

Access to 25% off your entire order or $60 off today’s purchase.

1,000 Points

Either $75 off today’s order, or 30% off your total purchase.

3,000 Points

This is the best deal possible! $100 off your entire order!

Rollover Points From Another Dispensary’s Rewards Program

If you are a customer at a different local dispensary and have existing points with their loyalty rewards program—we will honor them when you sign up with Tree Factory! All of your existing points from the other dispensary will be added to your account when you sign up. We are also happy to carry over any existing points customers may have accrued from us from our previous delivery service provider in Port Hueneme. Join the Tree Factory family and let us take care of the rest.

Brand Recommendations


It’s no secret that our customers love their cannabis flower. We carry a wide array of some of the most sought-after brands in California. Favorites include 3C Farms, Elyon, STIIIZY, Monterey Kush Co, Almora Farms, Claybourne Co, Exotic Genetix, Gkua, Glass House Farms, and Pacific Stone.


Cannabis vapes are one of the easiest and most discreet ways to consume cannabis. Many of our customers reach for these products for their potency, flavor, and convenience. Standout brands include Buddies Brand, STIIIZY, Raw Garden, Plug N Play, Kingpen, Cali Heights, Select, Amber, and Brite Labs.


Aside from vapes, pre-rolls are the other easiest cannabis product to grab-and-go enjoy the day with. We carry an expansive selection of pre-rolls that either come infused or feature flavorful whole flower. A few brands customers currently love include STIIIZY, Monterey Kush Co, Korova, Flav, Lowell Herb Co, Triple 7, Cru, Sublime, and Presidential’s Moon Rock Prerolls.


For those that don’t always enjoy smoking cannabis, edibles might be a less intense and enjoyable experience. We offer a number of cannabis edibles in varying strengths to give our customers options. There are low-THC and high-CBD options. Some of our customers’ favorites come from Flav, La Familia, Kiva, Big Pete’s, Breez, Wyld, Emerald Sky, Korova, Kushy Punch, and Kanha.


Cannabis-infused beverages have quickly become a top-selling product at Tree Factory. On a hot day, there’s nothing like quenching your thirst with a tasty beverage that has a pleasant kick of THC. Top-selling brands include Cann, Agua de Flor, Cannabis Quencher, Nectr, Uncle Arnie’s, and Kikoko.


Tinctures can potentially provide customers with more of the medicinal benefits of cannabis quicker. Because you take tinctures sublingually, or under the tongue, they dissolve into your bloodstream faster and may provide quicker relief. Some of our best-sellers include products from Papa & Barkley and Mary’s Medicinals.


For trouble with bodily aches and pains, cannabis topicals might provide relief where you need it. We carry products such as salves, lotions, and even transdermal patches. Customers seeking potential pain relief reach for brands like Mary’s Medicinals, Tikun, Zendo, and Foria.

When you sign up for Tree Factory’s Loyalty Rewards Program you’ll be able to access your rewards by logging in via your phone number on our Sign Up page. From this menu, you’ll be able to see how many points you’ve accrued and what offers are available to you. We invite all customers to call, text, or order online for delivery, in-store, or curbside pickup. Let us be the first to welcome you to the Tree Factory family. We have a lot of great things coming your way!

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